The Kidnappers At Your Door


doorknockYour day is average. You wake up, get dressed, have some quiet time. You then wake up the children, have breakfast, get ready for the day.
Maybe you homeschool, maybe you send them off to public school – but you get on with your day.

Later, you hear a knock at your door. You or one of your children innocently opens the door, ready with a smile and a “hello?”

There are two people before you, dressed nicely, with slight smiles across their lips. They look friendly enough.
They begin to tell you who they are, and as they speak, you realize that they wield a power over you and your children that no one should be able to. They tell you that they are paid by others to take children from families – that your family is under their watchful eye and they will take your children from you at a moments notice, if they see any opportunity arise for them to do so. They tell you they have helpers who whisper things about your family to them, making sure you are aware that anyone in your sphere of friends, family, or neighbors could be a willing pawn in a sick kidnapping ring. They leave, giving you no closure, no awareness of an end. Only the grim reality that you should trust no one, even when you are being trustworthy… because you never know for sure who it is that could turn on your family and help your children be stolen.

As days and weeks drag by, you worry about letting your children play outside – what if that choice makes the people at your door desirous to take your children?. You worry about having them playing inside and they make loud noises – what if that makes the people at your door desirous to take your children? You worry about if they fall from their bike and get hurt… should you stay home and deal with it or take them to a doctor?… either choice can leave your family vulnerable to the eyes and minds of the kidnappers at your door.

Finally, a random detail of your life, one normal and regular to the people in your community, results in the people at your door, breaking into your home in the middle of the night and dragging your crying, screaming, terrified children into their vehicles, while you are crying, begging and pleading for your children’s lives to remain healthy and intact with you. They tell you that someone higher up demanded that this happen now. Your screams, and those of your children, fall on greedy, deaf, uncaring ears.

They give you a ransom note, a list of demands you must meet for them to return your children to you. In the meantime, your children are placed into a secondary holding facility/location, with hostage-holders who are paid with advanced ransom fees from those in charge of the kidnapping ring. The secondary hostage holding location is run by people who have been told they are watching a child who needs help – and they don’t ask questions.

As the weeks horrifically drag on, you scramble and claw your way to meet the requirements of the ransom, but at each single advancement, they place two or three more new demands to the ransom list. You slowly begin to realize they will ensure at every step possible, that your children will never be with you again. You continue to obey ridiculous ransom requests, desperate for a chance to be reunited with the perfectly imperfect children you have been the perfectly imperfect parent for… even knowing you will probably never see them again, you will do anything for them.

As the months drag on, you realize that your children, traumatized, indoctrinated, and seeking any sense of normalcy, have begun to trust their hostage-holders. Over the phone, you hear them call one of them “mom.” You heart shatters, as you realize the life-long damage and trauma the kidnapping ring has caused your entire family, even if you can ever get your children back.
While in the kidnapping ring’s clutches, your children are drugged into compliance, making the situation even scarier – your children may be forever altered mentally, emotionally, or physically from these drugs. The drug cartel profits from these kidnapped children, and have no problems supporting the kidnapping ring.
Several times, when you are allowed a proof of life phone call, your children begin to tell you they are being abused by their hostage holder in some way, but the phone goes dead or the hostage holder starts talking instead. Your screaming, angry, terrified words to protect your children, with the hostage holders and the original kidnappers, falls on deaf ears again. They are profiting by your children’s kidnapping whether your children are now safe or being abused, and compassion only makes their job more difficult.
You reach out to anyone who will listen, to tell them of what happened, that your child is being abused by their kidnappers and hostage holders, but you find the insanity has spread to most other’s around you, as no one does anything and says nothing can be done. They tell you no criminal action will be taken against the kidnappers, the hostage holders, or the drug cartel.

Months and months go by… you may find your children finally back with you, devastated, war-torn, broken but grateful to be back with you…. or you may be forever stripped away from the children you only ever loved.
Either way, Child “Protective” Services has profited by taking your children, as have the foster workers who housed your children, the drug companies who treated your children’s depression, aggression, and fear from being kidnapped, and the court system who pretends to be “for the people,” so it doesn’t matter to them what you or your children’s end result is.
Even if that is death.

In honor and memory of the thousands and thousands of children who have died in foster “care”

at the hands of their foster “parents” or “siblings,” and their devastated, true FAMILY left behind.

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