mother_and_child_silhouette_clip_art_23538“Every common miracle which the child sees with his own eyes makes of him for the moment another Newton.”
~ Charlotte Mason

This list will change over time. Sometimes, I will keep something as reference. If you click a link and it is not available, a decent option would be to use Archive for that link.
Where a * follows a link, it is free at the time I posted it!


Parenting Encouragement
Was Charlotte Mason a CM Purist?
Focusing On Habits Rather Than Results
Atmosphere Begins with Me
Homeschooled Weirdos and the Culture of Conformity


Managing Your Kitchen AND Your Child’s Education
The Child Housekeeper*
Body Safety Coloring Page*
The following are for my older children, not younger.
The Female Price for Male Pleasure
How we train people to think sexual assault is no big deal


Vital Enrichments
Hymns At Home*
Sight Singing School
Fiddler Man lessons *
Cottage Press artist study packs *

Language Arts
Queensland Italic curriculum (this only teaches print, that I know of), including desk and wall mounts! *
Italics, Beautiful Handwriting by Penny Gardner (print and cursive, not free, but affordable! I laminated ours for reuse by many children)
Discover Reading
A Dictation Guide – this is good for when you are starting and might not have a solid understanding of CM’s works on your own yet
Charlotte Mason’s Approach to Grammar


Cloud Inspector/Viewer*
Cornell Lab of Ornithology – Bird Identification*
DIY flower press
Kids Love Rocks!

The Math Page*
Multiplication Clock
Center for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching – complete K-12 math program with teacher guides, printables, workbooks, and more*
Delayed Mathematics

Woodworking With Kids
Kids & Embroidery
Teaching Kids to Knit

Social Studies
DontFallacy.Me is a free, collaborative, multiplayer mind game! It provides a statement, you select the clearest logical fallacy (a flaw in reasoning). There is a large set of fallacious statements submitted by players like you, with their best attempts to name the most obvious fallacies included. There are optional discussions for each crowd-sourced statement to allow for debates and corrections to poppable fallacy answers.
Viking History
Maps of War
Global Prayer Digest