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Gallbladder: How to Keep It, What Can Be Done When You Didn’t Keep It


gallbladder-removal-open_thumbThe following is a smattering of information I gathered, when looking up information for someone I love, who had their gall bladder removed after a few attacks, and at the last hospital visit, found out they had the start of Type 2 diabetes. Encouraging them to go keto or Paleo for their diabetes, I knew I had to find information about that, without a gallbladder.

Some of the following shocked me, because of the links between different health issues. But it shouldn’t shock me.
This is for my future referral and you, the reader to take and use as you will. I am not an allopathic doctor and make no claim or hold any belief that I am your health authority – you are responsible for your own health and choices.

So, this was an interesting and unexpected find. At least… something to be mindful of:

‘K, so my notes. This is where I noted gallbladder is linked with celiacs disease (so… you will probably continue to have issues until the root issue is dealt with)…. but I followed some of the links in this article, and that sense of “won’t really get better until the root issue is cared for” (diet) made total sense and I found info about diabetes/high blood sugar and gallbladder stuff connecting (because… diet), which I’d never thought to connect before:
It also mentions a drug that QUICKLY dissolves gallstones (not my preference and I know it’s too late for you, but info to tuck away to share with others?), so that someone could get rid of the stones and then immediately go Paleo with high veggies and work on gut health and keep their gallbladder.
Then there’s this, about digesting fats better, but it reminded me that not only do you need bitters, but you would probably also need ox bile, if you don’t have it already:
Since I am really convinced about getting nutrients through foods as much as possible, that offer a range of variety within each food individually rather than lab-made isolated nutrients without any protective co-nutrients, this led me to find a list for you about enzymes from foods, to help you digest fats and foods better!
And there’s this about enzyme supplements to consider:

Also, that article from Bulletproof reminded me of a few articles I had pinned a long time ago. I don’t have a settled mindset on HCL, I am just presenting different bits of information about it that I have come across:

(This one could apply for people with heartburn, too.) http://divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com/2012/03/should-you-be-supplementing-with-hydrochloric-acid/



Random but not-so-random. Natural way to get a daily “multi-vitamin” (I do this, with the exception that I watch my green smoothies pretty closely because of kidney issues – I’m learning about foods that deal with oxalates too, so I don’t have to keep such a strict eye on my oxalate intake) :
http://heal-thyself.ning.com/notes/14_Steps_for_Healthy_GutsFollow-up email:

I went looking for a picture I could share with the post, and ended up finding this article:

Uhmm…. diabetes, hypothyroid, gallbladder problems…. sounds familiar!

Because of all the issues connecting together and that they would all be healed or avoided by eating low-processed carbs and higher fat, I would think that Paleo or Keto and the Yasko nutrigenomic protocol would be highly valuable for a person struggling with these things.
This is how I go about it:  https://4beautyinthechaos.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/genetic-shut-offs-through-food/

And, tagging along with the nutrigenomic stuff, my friend just sent me this link a few days ago. Eat the liver!

Placenta, Stem Cells and MTRR mutation


To save myself a little bit of time, I am going to mildly edit an email I sent to a friend, relating to why I am so much more excited about eating placenta in the postpartum time, than ever before. When a person tells me ingesting placenta postpartum has “no proven benefits,” (this is one of the far kinder renditions of the spiel!) I’ll happily send them the studies showing stem cell healing for countless serious health issues – which are proven more ample in placenta than in cord blood, aborted babies, or adult stem cells! Forget nutrients and hormones (that are present) – stem cells, people!!

“I have been researching more and more about my family’s genetic defects and successfully working to shut of these mutations through nutrigenomics following Amy Yasko’s protocol in order.
I have been hit with something that you may find interesting (or gross… or both!), so I thought I would share it with you even if you don’t use any of it!

Recently, a friend of mine who has a child on the autistic spectrum learned about stem cell therapy. She had been expecting another baby, and through her own researching learned of people whom were using placenta for stem cell therapy. She has been doing this for the last few weeks after her baby was born, with her 10 year old daughter on the spectrum and is watching her daughter improve drastically.
Her daughter could never make it past the letter H in the alphabet, but with only three prompts, made it through the entire alphabet last week. She is engaging with her siblings, something she has not done much before, trying to get them to do head/hand stands with her (also something she hasn’t tried to do before, apparently). This is with her placenta frozen in chunks then mixed in a smoothie. That’s it.

I’ve seen raw, frozen placenta work wonders in my postpartum time, giving me the most euphoric babymoon ever, with Leela.

As I was going through our genetic mutations, I was astonished to find in Dr Amy Yasko’s recommendations for supplementing the MTRR defect with these supplements (she recommends finding what works best, not all of them):

_ 1-3 VitaOrgan
_ 1-3 AminoAssist Capsules
_ 2-4 sprays AminoAssist Spray
_ 1 to 2 Placenta
_ 1 to 2 Royal Jelly *only if NO bee allergies*
_ 1 Adrenal Concentrate
_ Egg Protein 100% Powder

She sells placenta as a supplement on her site! I was amazed – I had not seen it before.
So, I am mentioning this to you for a couple of reasons.

First is that I vaguely recall that possibly one of your daughter’s in on the autistic spectrum? And perhaps you would find this information, if not awe-inspiring in God’s healing through our wombs in every sense, at least intrigued at the possibilities.
Second, a different article I came across mentioned genetic blood disorders and I remembered you have _______ disease (genetic blood disorder), which is exactly what I decided to send this to you about!
So, take this or leave it, think I’m crazy or whatever, but I felt compelled to share this info with you. I am not sure if you will be having more babies, but if so, it would be a free and harmless option to try for health healing. 🙂

Here are some of the links I thought you may find useful or interesting, if you want to read them:
https://www.theguardian.com/science/2009/jun/23/stem-cells-placenta-cord-blood (I LOVE this, because it makes me feel sick to think of people taking precious cord blood from the baby who needs all of that in their bodies to stay healthy as an infant, and save it for a later date when they might be sick… perhaps prevented by having all their blood allowed to them at birth… cord blood is far less ample in stem cells and less versatile than placenta stem cells! No need to keep blood from the baby!)


My friend who is doing the placenta smoothies shared this link with me and told me, ‘This one made me realize that ingesting them did not prevent them from getting in the bloodstream and honing in on damaged areas of the body.’ : https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26492-breast-milk-stem-cells-may-be-incorporated-into-baby/


Folic Acid Needn’t Be Villainized…




Nor does folate!

I have seen many, many articles about “why folic acid is bad for you.” Basically, the articles go, the stuff is poison to your system because it is synthetic, cannot be processed effectively, and builds up in your system. AKA – it’s basically the devil. (Never mind that the folate supplement many of these articles suggest in place of folic acid is also not natural, is synthetically reproduced in a lab, and made into pill form, as well. Shh.)

Here are some good examples of this all/nothing approach to folic acid:

I always wondered then, why Dr Ben Lynch seemed to see a prevalent response to the addition of folate in his protocol. A response I had, and following his advice, began yet another supplement (“natural” … errr… synthetic niacin powder) to deal with the side effects of folate added to my supplement regimen. But, it worked for me for a time, so I didn’t wonder for long.

In his Methylfolate Side Effects article, he says there are three categories of people who take methylfolate. The first are folks who seem to do well from the beginning and always do well. The third are people who don’t do well, immediately.

The second category (this was my experience):

“A person starts methylfolate has an amazingly incredible week where they are happy, interacting and alert. Then the second week comes and they switch to wanting to hide in a room by themselves or literally throw dishes across the room out of anger. Or they may become bed ridden from muscle aches, intense headaches or joint pain.”

None of those issues seem like something good and wholesome is going on in the body. It sounds quite like your body is in revolt… because it is.

Now, I didn’t think too much about this when I moved from (the mostly synthetic) Lynch protocol and my natural thyroid treatments to Yasko’s protocol (it’s been quite easy to find food/herb sources on her list, and make natural substitutions when there have not been natural options). I was just trying to survive at that point (read the link at “my experience,” above), and couldn’t have mentally processed it at the time. I continued to think that folic acid was not good for anyone.

When I started taking Dr Amy Yasko’s All-in-One vitamin, it never occurred to me that there was folic acid in it. In fact, close to a year of taking it with no side effects, and I still didn’t realize! It wasn’t until someone told me that Yasko recommended folic acid for very specific reasons in the autistic community, that I took a look on the supplement and saw NO folate! {horror of horrors!}

They shared, basically, a clip from this article (the whole thing is really a must-read!), which says:

Now I am going to be very specific with regard to why I use low dose folic acid rather than folate. Folate is basically a chain of glutamates. The difference between folic acid and folate is the stability and the length of their glutamate chains. So, if you are MTHFR C677T++ and you take high dose folate, you potentially have a chain of unused glutamate molecules left in your system. You cannot process it efficiently to 5 methyl THF because of your SNPs. You run the risk of folate breaking down to release glutamate into your system. STEP 1 of this program is focused on glutamate/GABA balance. I have made significant progress for some individuals merely by getting their glutamate and GABA into balance. Thus, I am not choosing to add high doses of a form of folate that could break down into glutamate, especially in the population I work with.”

The Linus Pauling Institute goes over this in the “Bioavailability” section on folate/folic acid:

“Dietary folates exist predominantly in the polyglutamyl form (containing several glutamate residues), whereas folic acid—the synthetic vitamin form—is a monoglutamate, containing just one glutamate moiety. In addition, natural folates are reduced molecules, whereas folic acid is fully oxidized. These chemical differences have major implications for the bioavailability of the vitamin such that folic acid is considerably more bioavailable than naturally occurring food folates at equivalent intake levels.
The intestinal absorption of dietary folates is a two-step process that involves the hydrolysis of folate polyglutamates to the corresponding monoglutamyl derivatives, followed by their transport into intestinal cells. There, folic acid is converted into a naturally occurring folate, namely 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, which is the major circulating form of folate in the human body (see Figure 1 above).
The bioavailability of naturally occurring folates is inherently limited and variable. There is much variability in the ease with which folates are released from different food matrices, and the polyglutamyl “tail” is removed (de-conjugation) before uptake by intestinal cells. Also, other dietary constituents can contribute to instability of labile folates during the processes of digestion. As a result, naturally occurring folates show incomplete bioavailability compared with folic acid. The bioavailability of folic acid, in contrast, is assumed to be 100% when ingested as a supplement, while folic acid in fortified food is estimated to have about 85% the bioavailability of supplemental folic acid.”

So, what is happening for those that cannot handle an overload of glutamates and not enough GABA? Why is that pertinent for Dr Yasko, and in the context of the discussion of healing genetic issues?

Well, here are some symptoms of a GABA/glutamate imbalance:

  • Hyperalgesia (pain amplification)
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • ADHD-like symptoms, such as inability to focus

Huh. That sounds similar to Dr Lynch’s observations of people when using folate… with it’s long chain of glutamates.
Both Dr Yasko and Dr Lynch have areas of lacking knowledge – not only is it impossible to know all things, nutrigenomics is still a fairly new and growing field of science and understanding. We know very little.

It just seems odd that one can see a reaction to folate and dismiss that for some, it is harming, not helping that individual. Instead of opening up discussion about why synthetic folate supplementation may be the wrong choice for some people and synthetic folic acid supplementation is needed instead, Dr Lynch’s advocacy is to add yet another supplement to cover over the symptoms of the problem… all the while, glutamate is literally killing your neurotransmitters, killing your brain cells. Now, it’s just doing it quietly under the covers.

I don’t think either folate or folic acid needs to be villainized. I think we need to make as much information available as possible to the community that is struggling health wise, and remember that a one-size health plan only fits… one.

Folate supplementation can harm or it can heal – but it’s obviously not healing when taking it causes you to recluse, lose eye contact, have intense bouts with pain, or rage for no reason.

If you want to dig into more about GABA/glutamate, this is a very readable article, How to Increase GABA and Balance Glutamate.


Learning about the different chemical makeups of folate and folic acid has been very good for me as a Type 4. While I know there are many issues in life that are black/white, right/wrong, all/nothing… there’s generally more we can know about a situation before figuring out exactly what that is. Jumping at the first bit of data and making a conclusion helps no one. I need to take my time and continue researching, acknowledging that something as complicated as genetics has more options for healing, than one.

Genetic Shut-Offs, Through Food



I am no medical anything. I don’t pretend to be, nor do I pretend to be an expert on any of this. I am going to simply share with you the things I have found that have helped me on my Yasko protocol journey.
Some may say I am a medical luddite – I’m okay with that. I appreciate some understanding that the medical community has realized and shared with others, but I am wary of the entire system and how it effects humanity as a whole and as an individual.

That said, genetics is one area I find beautifully fascinating and am grateful for. It is not the end-all-be-all of healthcare decision making. It’s a clue-guide, for me. Yet, to see down to the fabric of our being we are intricately woven and knit together… just, beautiful. One little thread being out of place can change the design entirely. Gently nudging it towards its proper place can make profound differences to the fabric. How can I not be fascinated and in awe of this creation of God’s?!

I will update this post as I can, to maintain my best knowledge from this wide world of gene expression!

So. Take what I say knowing I am absolutely a novice, I am not offering you medical advice, but I am willing to share the food supplements I take to shut off certain genetic defects.

This is the protocol I have been slowly following since January 2014. Here is the list, with a little less info, just bullet points really. I’ve printed this off and have it in my Bullet Journal. This is also another, simpler to read list, at the Yasko forums.

Edited March 18, 2019 – At this point, between seeing how/”why” these foods/supplements work so gently while powerfully and the fact that if you have your genes tested a pharmaceutical company owns them and will use them for… anything…. I would not do the gene test if I had to do this all over again. I would go through the protocol, with the simplest things added first, in the order things need to be added to switch off mutations in the correct order. Here is a mother, who recovered her children from serious symptoms that led to a diagnosis of autism, who agrees with not needing the gene mutations list.

I add things low and slow, generally. When I tried adding in an enzyme supplement at 2 pills with a meal, it didn’t go well. It was too much for my system. Upon researching what could be done or why I could be responding the way that I did, I found many people in the MTHFR-struggling community have to start at about 1/8 of a capsule, as more causes issues to start with. Usually, however, I start low. This was unusual for me to start at a recommended serving of anything!

I am mindful of doing as much through food rather than supplements, but I do have three things that are not food based. I am also mindful of cost, because we are on a really insanely tight budget. But Daryl nor I are willing to throw my heath to the wind, so these are done as needed. If I run out of funding, I choose lithium orotate and potassium through food over the Bs, since lithium needs to stay in balance for Bs to even work properly anyway.


These things are what I can currently find them the cheapest for, but if you know of cheaper sources, please do share!!

Here’s what I am currently doing, added in the approximate order needed to add in (edited October 16, 2019):

  • cod liver oil (First Step Support) – be mindful that for some, this can cause issues)
  • coconut oil from either Azure Standard or Aldi (First Step Support)
  • probiotics – (gut health addressed first thing) I seem to be able to tolerate ferments well despite glutamate being higher in them, so I rotate through fermented foods, drinks, and condiments (First Step Support – see my Second Breakfast page above for recipe links)
  • Salt water Sole – I use this in place of mineral drops or Bioplasma; I purchase Celtic sea salt through Azure Standard, $2.88/lb (First Step support)
  • acerola powder – I get this through Frontier co-op for (currently) $20/lb. It lasts a very long time! It is super high in vitamin C (especially if you make it liposomal vitamin C with sunflower lecithin) and easy to add to to smoothies (First Step support)
  • mag-a-hol (for CBS mutation) I purchase the magnesium chloride for this VERY cheaply by looking outside of the bath/body section of life! Take a look at pet-safe salt melt!
  • diatomaceous earth – purchased through Azure Standard for far more affordable than I’ve found anywhere else, $1.35 or less/pound (for CBS mutation)
  • activated charcoal (for CBS mutation) want to make your own? I add this to raw honey, and eat a small scoop before bed.
  • BeCalm spray, I was fortunate enough to have made a HUGE batch of Sleep Sound tincture when I was pregnant with Leela, equal parts valerian, passionflower, and skullcap, and the herb mix is macerated in a 1:2 ratio with the cheapest vodka I can get. I have used BeCalm spray with great effect, but the Sleep Sound tincture I make is equally effective and MUCH cheaper. It happened that I ran out of BeCalm at one point, couldn’t afford more at the time, dug into researching, and found valerian and passionflower are on the GABA/glutamate list… wonderful little trouble! The herbs are all ordered through Frontier co-op. Skullcap $18/lb, valerian $14/lb, and passion flower $11/lb. (This is connected to the COMT mutation for me mainly.)
  • matcha green tea OR the higher content, more affordable carob powder!! I get carob through Azure Standard (for COMT mutation)
  • lithium orotate (for the MTHFR mutation, a precursor to B vitamins, so they can actually be used) – (1/17/18 update: unless I am having a health strain like a miscarriage/postpartum, I have rarely needed lithium orotate pills when I am carrying lepidolite stones on me all day! I have tested this out for over 6 months now, before I posted on this. This was a fantastic finding, for me. I spent $12 on a supply of stones and that will keep me going well over 6 more months. 🙂 ) More info on lithium (started with potassium, before Bs).
  • potassium – through food (there are a LOT of foods that are much higher in potassium than bananas). This is non-negotiable to have with lithium. You MUST do this. I am acquainted with people who have suffered the consequences of not taking potassium with their lithium. Please do not muck about with this aspect at all.
  • Adenosyl/Hydroxy B12 (MTHFR)
  • Folic Acid* (MTHFR)
  • Methyl-folate – NOT added in the beginning. VERY low and VERY slow with this. A picture below, shows why. (MTHFR)
  • yucca powder – I order this through Azure Standard (to decrease ammonia issues, with high protein meals)
  • Moringa powder – I was using Amino Assist spray, with very good effect, but budgeting constraints, again, forced me to look for alternatives, and again, very happy result to that challenge! (for MTRR mutation) I get this through Azure Standard in 5lb bags when it goes on sale.
  • royal jelly (for MTRR mutation)
  • placenta – post about this, here! (MTRR mutation)
  • Enzymes – I can’t tolerate the enzyme pills Yasko recommends, even at 1/8 of a capsule per day. I make an enzyme smoothie once every other day. (Makes 1 serving: 1 cup coconut water kefir, 1/2 cup pineapple, 1/2 cup non-GMO papaya, 1 banana, 2-3 soaked dates for sweetness, a splash of lemon or lime juice, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, and any other fruits I feel like adding.)

Some other good options for enzyme-rich fruits that are affordable are kiwi, grapes, figs, and avocados.
You could also incorporate more cucumbers in the summer, throw in some flax meal to your smoothies and baked goods, eat a bit of royal jelly, bee pollen or raw honey from a local source (the bee foods are in order from most to least expensive), make yourself some pau d’arco tea (this is useful for many ailments, as well)….

*On the folic acid in the Seasonal Support (and by extension, the All-In-One), Yasko has this to say (source):

“I am going to be very specific with regard to why I use low dose folic acid rather than folate as there are some MAJOR MISCONCEPTIONS out there regarding folic/folate.. Folate is basically a chain of glutamates. The difference between folic acid and folate is the stability and the length of their glutamate chains. One of the main differences between folic acid and folate is that folic acid has a SHORTER glutamate chain than folate. Folic acid is also more STABLE, so it is less likely to break down into glutamate. So, if you are MTHFR C677T++ and you take high dose folate, you potentially have a chain of unused glutamate molecules left in your system. You cannot process it efficiently to 5 methyl THF because of your SNPs. You run the risk of folate’s breaking down to release glutamate into your system. STEP 1 of this program is focused on glutamate/GABA balance. I have made significant progress for some individuals merely by getting their glutamate and GABA into balance. Thus, I am NOT choosing to add a form of folate that could break down into glutamate, especially in the population I work with. I am using only a TINY bit of folic acid, to allow FIGLU to be processed. I am NOT using high dose folic acid, as that is not going to bypass MTHFR in any event. I understand there are other programs out there that use higher doses of plain folate. Perhaps those programs are less concerned with the glutamate issue. I have specific reasons for the choices I make in terms of supplements and the forms that I use. AGAIN, natural folate has MORE GLUTAMATE residues and can break down more easily to release those glutamate molecules into your system, so I prefer to use a VERY low dose of folic acid. The use of LOW dose folic acid is a choice, to limit the risk of increased glutamate in your system. The RDA for folate/folic acid is 300 micrograms for a child that is 1 year old, up to 1,000 micrograms daily for an individual 19 years of age or older. Thus the 67 micrograms used in Seasonal Support is super low dose, especially since the body does need some folate/folic acid aside from the need for 5 methyl THF and folinic. To put this in an easily understandable perspective, a bowl of cheerios has 400 micrograms of folic acid, as compared to the 67 micrograms used in Seasonal Support. FINALLY B vitamins play a role in helping to limit viral issues. A number of viruses bind to empty B vitamin receptors and THAT is why Seasonal Support has low levels of a number of B vitamins.”

Want to read more about folic acid? Go here.

Methyl-folate information:folate

Food Grieving


I gave up gluten half a decade ago, wondering if it was causing my arthritis – it was. I remember being in a kind of fellowship “mourning” for a time.


“I am used to cooking most things from scratch, so cooking at home isn’t a big deal. But, there is literally no more eating out for me, not even to friend’s houses, really.
There’s gluten in everything. Bread, muffins, cakes, cookies, cream soups, soy sauce. *sigh*
I won’t miss gluten. I’ll miss the fellowship that surrounds food so often, foods that contain gluten. Even at Bible study last night, everyone was mowing chocolate chip cookies someone else made, and while my mouth was drooling, I know what it will do to me if I chance it too much. So, I tried to distance myself from the cookies for a bit.
I know I need to get to a point where I can sit and talk, eating nothing, while everyone else eats some goodies… I’m not there yet. I feel like I should be there immediately.”

Then, I got over it… I just prepared food before going places, in case there was nothing for me.

Sometime between then and when I went Paleo (I’ve only been doing Paleo just over a year), I really started seeing every single get together be food-centric… but, not in a pleasant way. More like this: No, Your Kid May Not Have a Snack.

I stopped having any inkling of missing out and wondered… why are we eating so often, even when we just ate a meal, even when we may not really be hungry in any way, even when we’re about to have a meal.

Then I went Paleo. I really didn’t have a mourning period with this. In fact, I was so appreciative to see my body get healthier, not just symptoms I knew were present (like mood issues), but things I’d just thought were normal for my endocrine disorder (like weight gain despite having no appetite and barely eating anything), that “missing out” at get togethers was no longer a thing. It was more like a blessing to avoid it!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing a response, much like my response to dairy, to foods with decent glutamate content. This brings mood disturbance.

I find I am feeling food grief all over again. I wonder… “what will be left to eat when I find all the things my body does not do well with?” It’s not fellowship-related this time. It’s logistics-related. It’s easy enough to find Paleo recipes… but no- or low-glutamate on top of this? This eliminates many of the nourishing foods I love so well… bone broth, gelatin, fermented foods, among many others, including a variety of nuts.

In the midst of this mourning, I am finding myself grateful that I live in a place where not only knowing what makes me sick is a reality because of anatomical/genetic understandings, but I can afford to avoid these foods, as difficult as it can be emotionally.

This all leads me to wonder about things such as NAET and BioSet. I just purchased Ellen Cutler’s Kindle book and am contemplating it. I will be updating on home-working as I go, as I can.

More Journeying with Epigenetics…


After sharing my Nutrigenomic Journey here, I thought I’d give an interesting update, one which cemented for me how important shutting off mutations in order really is:

I ran out of diatomaceous earth for the first time ever, about 4-5 weeks ago. I kept taking everything else. Within a few days, I was internally jittery, like electric buzzing. I was agitated and cagey. Then I realized, “Duh, my DE isn’t shutting off my CBS mutation, so everything is now pooling up in me, dumping all my nutrients into my inflammation pathway.”
I stopped taking all other supplements and, instead of waiting for my very cheap DE to come through my co-op order a week and a half later, I overnighted an Amazon delivery. Within a few days, I was obsessive and very emotional.

As soon as it came, I immediately started up the entire protocol again. I “normalized,” was not angry or weepy, but nothing settled quite right.
Last week, I decided to reset. Just DE for one week. This week I added in my activated charcoal, and so on. I was exhausted, napping a LOT that first week, but I felt it working with my mood and connective abilities again. The one thing I’ll do differently, knowing what I know now, is making sure lithium is in place before B supplementation, to support the Bs.

So, the thing to note is order of dealing with things is very important! (Don’t run out of supplements, if at all possible.)

I feel kinda proud, because after my first post here, I felt very convicted that my “thrift” that has cost my health so very often. While I don’t like spending more money, I do like that I made a clear and deliberate choice to spend money on rushing this supplement to myself, doing what I can to honor God’s temple. Now, to keep my eye better focused on the stock of supplements so I don’t have to rush it again. 🙂

Order of care is very important with genetic mutations!

Nutrigenomic Journey


I wrote this for a forum where I’d been asked by a few people to share about genetic healing.  It will probably seem long to you… but I assure you it’s shorter than my actual experience. 😉 My story can hopefully spare others from such a long journey! It all connects. 🙂
*Note* after reading through this the day after writing it, I felt incredibly convicted that I was miserly with my own temple in a way I never am with other people’s health. Frugality is  not always a virtue.

In 2002, I had my first baby at the age of 20. Before this, I was energetic and full of non-stop movement. I was up at 7-8am and jogging at 2am, many nights… {smh}
Around 2005, after gaining weight despite running 3 miles almost every day and eating one small meal most days (I wasn’t hungry until dinner most days), feeling tired ALL THE TIME, and having despression that would not leave, I asked people in the discussingNT Yahoo group if something was actually wrong with me. They led me to learn about hypothyroidism. I took my temps and they were ALWAYS low, never going over 96.8. I started taking care of myself with this understanding in mind, but no supplementation. I stopped jogging, as I saw it debilitating me for longer and longer stretches.

After awhile, I started using kelp, with mixed results. I crashed, then burned. I went back to the yahoo group, and they said I probably had adrenal issues that needed to be addressed first. I stopped kelp and started schizzandra (sp) berries, milky oats, and a few other adrenal adaptogenic botanicals.
I eventually found Stop The Thyroid Madness and had most of their “necessary” recommended tests done – everything that was suggested to me, and more, was wrong with me. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone…. all wrong.

In 2010, I went gluten free and really got focused on healing my adrenals and thyroid. Arthritis left me and I felt better overall.

Around this time, I felt a small lump in one of my breasts. I was aware of it and kept gently checking it every few weeks. It never grew larger.

Daryl and I married in the fall of 2011.  A few months before we married, I started kelp again and did well.
I conceived my second child soon after we married – finally carrying a baby to term for the first time in 9 years (I had 3 miscarriages with my ex and 1 with my husband before this). The lump in my breast disappeared. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I started raging, so at my midwife’s suggestion I stopped kelp. The rage completely subsided.

I took the STTM recommended tests again while I was pregnant, everything but the B12 and vitamin D… “why spend money on that when EVERYONE has D deficiency?”

Halfway through my pregnancy, just a few weeks after getting the test results back, I had my first severe B12 deficiency symptoms – numbness in extremities, time lapsing, muscle weakness, and constant hysterical crying (I am not a “crier,” so this was alarming to me to be unable to control it). I high-dosed methylB12 after researching what would be best, and within less than a day, I was recovering.

After I had Leela, I decided to use ThyroGold instead of kelp – it worked REALLY well, for longer than the kelp could. I used the T3C method to take it, after daytime use stalled out, to deal with my adrenal dysfunction at the same time (adrenal fatigue is when cortisol is low all day and night, dysfunction is when it is low during the day and high at night).

The lump in my breast reappeared, the same size and location. I felt confident that it was hormonal and not cancer, but I wanted to make sure. I had two thermograms 3 months apart. One of my favorite medical expenses ever – not joking. (If anyone wants information on the negatives and harm of mammograms, I can share that here, as well.) I educated myself beforehand on what normal and cancerous thermograms looked like, so as I looked at the screen, it was easy and FAST for me to see that I did not have cancer at the lump site (or anywhere, praise God). A dr confimed it a week later, but I was relieved AS I was being screened. 🙂 Another interesting thing that came of this was seeing the heat reading from my thyroid – it was DARK blue… almost black. It should have been a nice, warm shade. Lastly, the technologist who screened me (no touching me, pressing delicate tissue, chancing spreading it), gave me a pamphlet with a LOT of helpful information, including a massaging technique that can eliminate little fibrous bits as I had (it is pictured here). Within a few days of following the specific massage pattern, the lump was gone and has never come back.

I also decided to do one of the “optional” tests on the STTM recommended tests page, the 23andme genetic tests. It came back with a fun host of defects, but I was too foggy to wade through what it all meant, so it sat unused for awhile.

The B12 worked for a year by itself, when I realized I had to add folate (NEVER folic acid .  June 2016: I have now learned fuller information about folic acid vs folate, and choose folic acid with pleasant results. Read why, here. This gives me understanding about why the following happened… so I now don’t advocate for Lynch’s recommendation to add yet another supplement to counter the effects of an issue that can be avoided by using folic acid instead). I was better, but only for a few weeks. Then I raged. Ben Lynch gives good info about this. TG worked for a little while, but it too stopped working, and I was worse than ever. I started digging through my genetic results, feeling VERY overwhelmed and hopeless.

At this point, about late Nov2014, a friend in a free birth group encouraged me to not only go Paleo for my genentic issues, but to do exactly what I was feeling I needed to do… get off all of my supplements (at the end of 2014, I was on 23 “natural” supplements), and start doing a VERY simplified version of Amy Yasko’s protocol. Going off of my B12 terrified me, as I had seen myself very sick without it, but I did it Jan2015 and had excellent results. I started drinking green smoothies every day, too.

The first week with no supplements, I added a couple of tablespoons of diatomaceous earth to a large glass of water, upon waking. One solid week.

The next week, for one week, I continued the DE, and added activated charcoal in honey at night, before bed, on an emtpy stomach.

The next week, for one week, I continued the other two things, and added in matcha about 20-30 minutes after the DE.

The next week, I added a B-complex cream. I felt the most calm and peaceful I ever have in my entire life. I literally never knew serenity except those few months. They genuinely keep me going on discouraging health days!

That was all I did for 4 months. I used 1 pump instead of 2-3 as the bottle recommended, as I had raged before, when taking too much of other brands… and aside from that, I couldn’t afford to use more pumps than that. {smack my head}

I had absolute peace and calm for 3 solid months. Little and big things did not unsettle me – ever since the criminal trial, *everything* unsettled me… my mother in law, CPS, my midwife from my second birth… everything that once would have been sad and upsetting and move-through-able, had become nightmarish to me since the trial. But, during the three months following that new routine, I was serene.
Things started shifting around April. I was feeling agitated for no real reason. I had mental focus though, and that is when I dug into Yasko’s information on my own more, and learned that I should have worked on ridding my body of candida and doing a DEEP gut-healing… more than just the fermented food at every single meal.

Then, in May or June, I had a HUGE B12 crash. Worse than ever before. I looked and felt like an Alzheimer’s patient. I was scared… and for the first time, I saw fear on my husband’s face. I could not find a high enough dose of B12 this time, and I was taking a sublingual B12 as well, to help alongside the cream, in order to come out of the haze. Nothing helped… I was just getting worse. Paranoid, irrational, slow to move or think.

Then my friend came over and taught me a “hoakey” thing called muscle testing (I don’t think it’s hoakey, but I know many might). I was astounded that my body was telling me to take ELEVEN pumps of B cream, and several tabs of sublingual B12. It was higher than I’d ever taken! But, by muscle testing for each day and even each time I applied, I was out of my fog in a couple of days. My friend took 5 minutes with me and saved my life. I will never low-dose myself again, even if it’s a financial struggle.

About a month or two later, hubby and I had been noticing that my tummy which had gotten AMAZING from doing Restorative Exercise, was looking strangely postpartum again. He even took pics of it for me, it was so weird.


That very night, I had my second kidney attack and a terrible UTI. Like… urinating on myself all night long, throbbing in contraction-like pain, and getting a killer migraine… for days on end. The first bout sent me to a dr for diagnosis for the first time in a decade, about two months before, but they missed it because the UTI test came back negative… so of course I didn’t have a kidney infection. They didn’t know what was wrong with me (I was suspicious of kidney, and stopped my green smoothies… I’d recently started them back up.) Anyway, I started taking D-mannose for the UTI along with probiotics (I resisted this for a long time because I was eating so many fermented foods and it seemed a financial waste… what a theme for my life… frugality at the expense of my health) that also did double-duty on the kidney infection. I also drank a LOT of heavily lemoned water for the kidney pain (it always subsisded within 15 minutes and lasted for hours). It was all cleared up in about 6 days.

I then saw my natural health practitioner, and she said it sounded like I had candida, describing the kidney issues AND my tummy-bloat. She recommended I start taking an enzyme and within a week, my tummy was gone… and I started dropping inches. As in… my underwear went from being a little loose, to the next size down being too loose. I stopped weighing myself in July, so I don’t know the weight difference, but with clothing dropping off, I don’t much care. 😉 I am close to finishing up that bottle, and will not need any more.

Since April, I have found a new normal. There’s rarely any rage days, no depression, and there are many days of utter joy. I have added some new things from the Yasko protocol into my routine (namely, lithium orotate), but not many. I am contemplating a total halt again, to “reboot,” as I had before, so that I can follow the protocol more fully (gut healing, namely), and allow what I have seen to work so well… work its best.

About my thyroid: only working on my genetics, and no longer my thyroid… I am now, and have been since mid-January, at  a consistent 98.2 – .5!! I have clarity, stabilized mood, and can lose weight (even eating MUCH more on Paleo – protein filled breakfasts boost my hunger).

Here is a lot of very helpful information, and I am willing to answer any questions, with the caveat that I am NOT a healthcare professional, and do not give advice, but only offer up my own experiences for others knowledge-growth and spurring on to research more for themselves:

Summarized Yasko Protocol (there are some additions here, but I think they are helpful expoundings, rather than contrary. I did not use the 4R gut protocol, for example, but reading through it helped me get a much better picture of what I wanted to do for myself in gut healing than I had been already) : http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/yaskos-simplified-protocol-summary-and-question-about-her-supplements.28641/

Phyllis Wheeler, a lady out of MO or KS, using the Yasko protocol to heal her children of Autism signs (this is useful in many ways, but again, I did not follow all of it) : http://phylliswheeler.com/CuringAutismBlog/?page_id=2

Dr Yasko’s forums: http://www.ch3nutrigenomics.com/

All of Yasko’s materials are free to download, at this below site (I recommend starting with Feel Good Nutrigenomics – it’s the very basic understanding… and then working o the Pathways books).

Also, you can enter in your genetic results and this can guide you to recommended supplements (factoring in genetic defects messing with each other, too) as well as a brief “dummy” guide to understanding what some of it means: https://knowyourgenetics.com/

Methylfolate side effects (scroll down to this titled post, but all of these articles are helpful) : http://mthfr.net/read-this-first/2012/01/25/

23andme offers genetic testing. This is my referral link – use it or not, I still recommend it highly! They no longer are allowed to give suggestions, as knowyourgenetics.com can, but they test your saliva, then give you the raw data. It was well worth the $99 (If you order more tests at the same time, subsequent tests are a little cheaper) : http://refer.23andme.com/v2/share/6192278495607826942

T3CM for NDT: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/t3-circadian-method-for-adrenals/

List of recommended Stop the Thyroid Madness Tests (seriously, just T3 or T4 is *NOT* adequate): http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/recommended-labwork/

Discussing Nourishing Traditions yahoo group: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/discussingnt/info

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