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Vocation Vision


As time goes on, my knowledge base grows and shifts and I realize what things tend to consistently work for most people and what things are less common in aiding people, but are still useful.
This leads me to understand, “I need to add this to my clientele offerings; I need to find a reliable source past the few books I have that have aided me and my friends.”

Right now, my vision for Forever Young Movements is to encourage in others a healing, to bring us back to a place of childlike wonder for ourselves and the world around us. This requires that we work through trauma, in our mind, body, and spirit.

With Nutritious Movement training/certification, I’m encouraging others to take self-ownership of their bodies, to move more and as naturally as possible in a technology-laden environment. This – that we are autonomous be-ings connected with one another in community – is the foundation of my beliefs and was the needed first step (pun intended!).
With craniosacral therapy, I will be offering support through releasing both physical and emotional patterns we don’t even know need to be released.
And now, I’m understanding that aromatherapy training needs to come, as aroma connects us deeply to our whole selves, helping us to make new rhythms, inviting us to experience life in a new, connected and intentional way.

Forever Young Movements is the name I chose because I truly believe we need to seek out life as little children, wise, but unencumbered by the traumas and harms we will encounter in life, delighting in the people and world around us. And I would be blessed to walk these journeys with you and help serve you.

Fantastic Fascia


As I am reading through Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman and The Roll Model by Jill Miller, I’m being challenged and encouraged. In my MYDNA reading this week, I’m going (partly) over how repetitive patterns create deformations to our bodies, over time, and that over time, those unhealthy deformations can be “deprogrammed” by a varied movement lifestyle.
Then, later that same night I read in The Roll Model about fascia and… how it can retain deformations if used in repetitive situations, over time. (Seriously, you need these books! They are wonderful resources for understanding how and why our bodies work the way they do, and are very focused on caring for ourselves through simple means.)

What I found the most helpful in my Roll Model reading was this little section where Miller has you do a small test to see fascia in action, with your fingers.

(These pictures are taken by Melody, with my dinosaur iPhone. She did the best she could, which is much better than I’d do!)

From chapter 4 of The Roll Model, “Fascia: Your Seam System:”



“For an example of fascia in action, hold out your left hand, palm up, and let your fingers display their relaxed, natural curl.


Then, using your right hand, stretch your left index finger as straight as it will go. Hold for 30 seconds, then let it spring back into its curl.


It may take several minutes for your finger to return to its normal resting tone, but eventually it will.

You have not misshaped your index finger’s fascia forever. This temporary reshaping is due to the viscoelasticity of fascia (viscous: like dripping honey + elastic: like a rubber band).

The viscoelasticity of your fasica allows your body to morph into different shapes. But when you choose to hold one position constantly, your body starts to re-form to that shape. This is known as creep. As Joe Muscolino points out in his book Kinesiology: ‘The concept of creep may be negative such as when a client changes the tissue shape and structure over time because of poor posture, or it may be positive when bodywork and exercise are done to change and correct a client’s poor tissue shape and structure.

When you roll with the balls {Yoga Tune Up balls}, you induce local stretch into stiff and overtightened tissues and improving the flow of their fluids. These taut tissues need your help in restoring their optimal positions. The balls are like little rubber scalpels that can reform you without incisions or stitches. The pressure and grip of the rubber helps you remodel yourself.”


The Roll Model and using Yoga Tune Up balls, alongside Nutritious Movement can do so much to restore your body to it’s biological normal!! Click any of the links above to look over ways to purchase classes, books, DVDs, or equipment.