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Rot, Part 2



So, what’s all the stuff about my therapy session have to do with my one rotten tooth?

Well, it led me to studying why only this tooth is rotting.

Between my therapy session, seeing such obvious physical responses to emotions, and something I recently reread in Move Your DNA, I felt compelled for the first time that my rotten tooth was not only a food/supplement issue, but because it was only one tooth, it probably came from something other than or along with physical input.

Katy Bowman, in Move Your DNA, says,

“I’ve heard disease – like an osteoarthritic knee, for example – casually explained away with statements like ‘your knee just got old and wore out.’ Why, then (in this case), is the other knee fine? Aren’t they the same age after all? In the same way, people are always surprised to learn that if they do have plaque in their arteries, they don’t have it all over. So, why in one place and not the other?”

I eat the same food with all of my teeth. I brush all of the teeth, oil pull all of the teeth, and pick food from between all of my teeth. There’s no real reason why, if one tooth is rotting, the others have not as well, when you factor in only the physical input upon my teeth.

So, I looked up emotions related to tooth decay, and found something far more interesting. I first found information about healing modalities I’d never learned of before. I’d read multiple times about protocols like Cure Tooth Decay, and using essential oils, but nothing like laser therapy or using the energy from magnets.

I then found what I was looking for, but even more detailed then I expected. I was astonished, though I’m not sure why, that each tooth has its own emotional connections. And for my tooth, the one labeled #4 (I had this side’s wisdom tooth removed long before I knew better), it had 4 possible negative emotions connected with it, but 1 immediately stood out as relatable… being my Type 4 self. Critical. My critiquing nature can, without my being mindful of it, turn to a critical one. During pregnancy, it happens far more often.
Interestingly, the pattern I have found, from all my natural health practitioners, emerges through my teeth again: thyroid/thymus issues.

In her book, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, Carolyn Mein says that the essential oil for releasing criticism is lavender (the other side is unconditional love and acceptance, and the way out is “I receive”). It is applied to the “skin” points, which is the tips of the inferior-most ribs, on the posterior. Grateful this is lavender, as I always have some on hand and it is an affordable oil.
I’ll begin adding this to my dental regimen (which is similar to Cure Decay, sans dairy), and see what happens.

Interesting to see rot coming from the inside, out. The positive thing is, I can change it to blessing!

Dental Abscess Healing


Daryl recently had a cavity that had decay, form into a massive abscess, which included extreme swelling of his left cheek.

We are already living a mostly Nourishing-Traditions (soaking nuts, eating a LOT of fermented goodies)/paleo lifestyle, but it is not as diligent as I like. We may go a week or so without having a cup of nourishing bone stock. We may hit and miss with the cod liver oil. Sometimes I don’t change up my ferments at meals as often as I would like. Maybe every few weeks, we will oil pull.
I knew that we needed to become consistent to save not only his tooth, but potentially his very life. I dug through as much information as I could about holistic dental care in the case of emergency, finding some gems, and decided I may need to order some gentle, holistic medicines. We discussed everything together, as I was going through information, and decided that if we saw no improvement within 48 hours, he would go into the dentist and have the tooth removed – not our favored option. Between a couple of sites and the Cure Tooth Decay book, I chose specific items.

Dr. Wolfe’s Homeopathic Dental Remedies
British Homeopathic Association – in the dentist’s chair

In the meanwhile of waiting for the order, he took homeopathic arnica we have had (I obtained this while pregnant with Stryder, in the rare event of hemorrhage)  for the swelling. It definitely helped, but we noticed the most improvement when he added large quantities of fermented garlic into his day and put in a poultice of chewed up plantain (my favorite botanical medicine). He began oil pulling three times a day.

As to the new-to-us homeopathic medicines, I ordered Hepar Sulph. and Silicea, after gauging what Daryl’s biggest needs were and factoring in what may be used for a broader scope of issues in the family later on, if need be. Finances are rather tight right now and I also did not want to pile on a multitude of medicines into his already taxed system, despite how gentle they are.

Before the homeopathic medicines arrive, we followed this advice for releasing an abscess from the gums, with no ill effects, but also nothing released, despite multiple incision points.

After 3 days of garlic, plantain, oil pulling, and some homeopathic remedies, the swelling was so diminished, it took a careful look over to notice any.
Daryl continues the healing tooth decay protocol diligently. I am hopeful of an even more positive update in the next few months!