What can a Charlotte Mason home education look like?
I think if mother’s could see another family’s CM-inspired day lived out, it would not seem so overwhelming. It could be seen that this is an education attainable for anyone and beneficial for everyone.

This thought brought me about to gathering some amazing, beautiful everyday mommas, who are willing to share with others what their very human lives look like, implementing Charlotte Mason’s philosophies.

There are many videos online of singular aspects of a CM education. A video of narration here, a video of nature study notebooks there, a video of dictation somewhere else… but I know in my beginning days of CM (and even now, several years in!), I would have been helped to see a general idea of the flow of one subject to the next in a given day. To actually see the beauty, truth, and goodness lived out.

So, we’re putting it all in once place for you. Single subjects, to get into it a bit more “meaty,” and welcoming you to our Open House to show the spreading of the Feast each day is not only attainable, but enjoyable, challenging, and can be peace-making.

~ Form 1
~ Plutarch
~ Charlotte Mason With an Only
~ Nature Study 1 and Nature Study 2
~ Multiple Children
~ Folk Songs
~ Copywork
~ History & Timeline
~ Multiple Forms
~ Memory Work
~ Poetry, Forms 1-3
~ Elementary Math
~ Exams, Form 1