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Adam Ruins Voting



I loved Adam’s short clips when he was going through CollegeHumor. I think he might be a playful Type 4, much like Stephen Colbert… and because he is direct and bold, his humor shines. (Where as Jimmy Fallon playing a “cutesy” Type 1 isn’t quite as funny.) I kind of envy Type 4s who have such an exacting way with humor…. stating obvious, difficult things in a way that people actually end up appreciate them in some way!

Adam Ruins Everything videos are very short – about 5ish minutes – but are packed with information and evidence pointing towards truth contrary to cultural belief. Whether he talks about engagement rings, death, video games, wine, or voting, there’s a lot to take note of.

Anyway, with voting season already upon us in various ways, as a Christian anarchist, I found these rather enlightening and humorous… and confirm the reality of my own experience with voting!

Why the Electoral College Ruins Everything

Why Rigging Elections is Completely Legal

Adam Ruins Voting – list of sources

Flash-Back posts


I’ve been contemplating that, long before I knew about Dressing Your Truth, my God-given nature was very apparent to myself and others! I thought I’d link some of my older posts here, from my older blog, that I still believe generally in, and show so clearly I am a Type 4.

I used (and still do) terms like “God is black and white,” “a God of order not chaos.” “I know who I am.” And other little gems that made my Type 4 shine out in that wonderful way that many assume is judging, perfectionist, or unyielding! ūüėČ

I want to share these because as I’ve been reading the free DYT things available, I can’t help but see how true this is: God has instilled a part of His perfect nature into each one of us. We can take it, twist it, and pervert it, or we can trust Him with the nature He instilled in us, and live it out in a way of love for Him and others.

As a Type 4, I’m trying to find that balance of speaking the truth boldly in LOVE. What I often mean with beauty, love, and support for others, is often not taken that way… partly because I can say things bluntly and partly because most people aren’t black/white and don’t appreciate truth bombs like I do (it takes me a day or two to let it sink in, but it’s the most effective way), and partly because when I see something in “grey,” I am genuinely abhorred… even when I am the one living grey! This often comes off as judgmental (despite that I feel this way about myself more strongly than anyone else).

It’s *very* difficult for my mind to know how to speak truth softly and subtly (despite that 2 is my es, but it’s a quality I seek after nonetheless, while still honoring being bold and intuitive. As I add these past posts, I’ll link them here.

I’m Going There, Part 1

Who I Am

A Month of Something Different

Who I Am


In February of 2010,¬†after I became a single mom, I wrote this. It’s a pretty keen example of my Type 4 nature… ¬†comment here if you can detect the key passages to detecting my Type 4!

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting the last several days. Digging deep into who I am, what I truly desire for life, whom I have sinned against, how, and examining if it is habitual. You’re probably going to see a lot more transparency here in the coming months¬†(I already know of a few people who are cringing at that. Considering how many people have come to me because of my openness, have asked for prayer, advice, godly wisdom… which I¬†fearfully pray¬†God will grant me for their sake… there’s nothing in me that regrets the level of transparency I have shown. There are things that will be/must be veiled, and I am okay with that, too.)

Searching into a troubled past as a little girl who witnessed some terrifying things, a teenager who struggled to find her place, ran away from home, and married for the first time to someone who manipulated and wrecked her spirit, and a young woman who has also been through a fair amount of turmoil. Some of it was put upon me by others, and much of it self-inflicted.

Before I ran from home as a teenager, I was already strong-willed and determined. I remember my parents telling others pretty much that I would stand toe to toe with the burliest, nastiest trucker and put him in his place if he was out of it. So, I’ve always had determination… just not always for myself. I think I could boldly tell other’s what God had for us as humans because I cared so much for them. Myself, different matter.

I came out of¬†my first marriage¬†19 years old, abandoned by my husband, who sought to divorce me for a car breaking down among other ridiculous things. When the annulment was finalized, I made up my mind to never let a man walk over me like that again. I determined to find out and know who I was, to find out what God’s Word says about life issues, to stand up for what I believed in, and never back down from that.

I’ve always known¬†who I am¬†from the age of 19, forward. Every year when I have a birthday, I laugh a little bit when I think of the 30+ year old women I’ve heard say, “I never knew who I was until I was in my 30’s.”

Even as I changed, grew, fell short, struggled, succeeded – I recognized that process, knew where I was at and who I was at that point, and was willing to change if God wanted me to.

The description of me, at the top of my blog says:

A giver of gifts and time. Lover of music, especially big band, swing and jazz. Rescued widow. A dancer in the rain. A tea drinker. Compassionate friend. An internet junkie. Sudoku player. A mother to one beautiful girl. A scrapbooker. Hostess & party-planner. A woman who stands up for what she believes in. Fan of off-beat comedy.

All of it can be changed or blown away (and some of it has been altered, in life and in the reflective description here) with the exception of one thing: Daughter of the King!

God does not define me by what kind of wife I have been. Nor the type of mother I am to Melody. How frequently or well I play Sudoku. How many gifts I make, or how much physical time I devote to others.¬†He doesn’t care if I listen to swing and big band or country and rap.

He sees me as His child.

Surely He is delighted in me when I have done right, when I have obeyed His Word. But He loves me and defines me solely as His daughter, regardless of my life and all that’s contained within it.

I could get into the very true issue of faith being evidenced by works, but right now, I simply need to remember these words from my Father, the Words He gave to Jesus:

“You are the child that I love, in You I am well pleased.”

~ Mark 1:11 ~

There are two notes from this, that are serious to me (perhaps not to you, reader). First, there is now much I regret sharing during that time period. Not because any of what I shared was wrong, but because my open heart was used against Melody and I at the criminal trial against Doctor Horrible, my words twisted, taken out of context, and abused. I have a lot of struggle with regret and remorse over this.

Second, after watching¬†DYT videos, it doesn’t make me laugh anymore to think of a woman not knowing herself until she’s in her 30s! It wasn’t really a laugh, as in making fun of them… it was more astonishment, because I almost didn’t believe it, and it sounded impossible to me. I almost thought they were joking with me or something. Now, I feel sad, because not knowing who you are is genuinely heartbreaking for a woman (and probably for men, too), and it leads to so much frustration and wasted years of trying to be what you think others want you to be. Not funny. Something to be seeking to alleviate for others!

A Month of Something Different


As you’ll see towards the end, I wrote this several years back, when I was still a single mom. I was looking through old posts and was encouraged by this – so much so that we’re going to do this again, starting the beginning of October.

So, I notice that Melody¬†and I when we are home, have gotten into a horrible rut. We do not have one of the antennas on our t.v., but we have been watching movies a¬†lot. There is usually something on if we are in the living room, even if we’re not watching it, just for background noise. I am pretty good about keeping it off if neither of us are in the living room, but still, it bothers me that I allow it on so much.

I am a hot-cold, black-white kind of woman. So when I see something wrong in my life, I tend to go the polar opposite direction. I’ve decided to make a slight compromise. Instead of selling my t.v., DVD player, the Wii Melody¬†was blessed with last year, and our small DVD collection… I am starting a trial, month-long television experiment.

I am unplugging my television, every day of the week, except for Friday night for a few hours to watch one movie together. Then it gets unplugged again.

I think by doing this, I will do several things.

First, money will probably be saved on the electric bill. {wink}

Second, without having the television on, we will not feel compelled to sit down and zone out so much. I do not mind sitting down, but perhaps now our sitting down time will more often be productive than not. I’ll learn with Melody how to embroider. Or we can learn to knit together. Break out a game of checkers. Read to ourselves at the same time. Paint. Scrapbook. Journal. Study the Bible.

Third, we’ll probably get up more. Cook. Play outside. Take nature walks. Visit friends. Bike around town.

So, starting at at 11:00pm, September 30, 2010, we’re going to take this 31-day challenge.¬†I am not replacing t.v. time with internet time, either. {laughs}

While I don’t agree with everything in this article, it is a really good, interesting read:¬†Those Who Don’t Build Must Burn.