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At the Baggins’ household lately, things are settling down from summer antics, play, and leisure, as we prepare to start Year 8 of Ambleside Online.

I’m finding that utilizing some concepts in Dressing Your Truth is helping me understand my family and how to work with each one of them.

Daryl has had a few weeks of layoff through his company, but they were deliberately staggered one week at a time each month. Most of the employees treated this as a vacation/free time and we really weren’t different. We spent time doing some fun things and took the opportunity to fix some bigger things around the house. He is definitely a Type 3, which I am very grateful for. He works hard and is very loyal and loving, even when his vision is strictly on the to-do list.

Melody is growing up and discovering changes are not as scary as she thought they would be and are rather pleasant when she accepts them. She often makes me think of Katy in Stepping Heavenward and that is an encouraging, lovely thought for me, especially on the days where I feel like I’m “in the trenches.” She is a Type 1. So, with her being Type 1 and me being Type 4, can feel very overwhelming sometimes… we have completely polar opposite energies and ways of thinking. I tell her regularly that she’s the best first child I could have imagined – she helps me grow!

Leela really wants to join in with us as we have more formal learning moments, so I decided to institute Morning Time this year. We’ll see how she does with it. She is a constant comfort to others and loves helping. I am certain she is a Type 2, so I am mindful to let her know how much I see her and value her, and how strong her presence is for all of us.

Stryder is playing games to tease us, walking well, communicating with about 10-15 words/sounds, and *loves* snuggling with us. I have no idea what Type he is yet. I just know we love him and he’s also a blessing to the family.

As for me, I’m almost through the 3rd semester of year one (in a two-year program) in Restorative Exercise, to become a certified personal trainer. It’s intense, but I am loving it!
I had a severe UTI (not found with testing at urgent care) that led to a massive kidney infection, but I’ve been amazed to see natural supplements and botanicals work wonders, at yet another point in my life. Between probiotics and d-mannose, the UTI has gone and I am no longer hurting from kidney pain. I am taking a bottle of enzymes too, to deal with candida, and I’m impressed. I hope the one bottle is all I ever need to take! I’m about to add pau d’arco tea for candida as well.
I’m choosing to let my 4th semester of Mother’s Feast rest for now, after being convicted by some CM-inspired articles I’d read. For my Type 4 self, letting that 4th planned semester rest is going to be a feat of will! I am going to write more about letting the 4th semester go later, but for now, thus suffices.

Coming up soon on the blog, I have a really AMAZING blog-related development. I can barely wait to make the announcement!!

A Few of My Favorite Things


I am excited to participate in the July Blogging Challenge, hosted by Jennifer and Lynn, to get the blogging “mojo” flowing. Thank you so much for hosting this, ladies!

I have missed a little bit of the challenge – 10 days in fact! I see a few that I want to catch up on, so I will definitely make sure to blog through them later. 🙂 But, for today, I’m excited to tell you about some of my favorite things.

1) Time in God’s Word. There was a longer period of my life recently, where getting into God’s Word was intermittent and forced. I was broken, hurting, and running from El Roi… Who was waiting for me every step I ran. I wanted to have a genuine heart to be in communion with Him, but each time I would sit and open the Word, my life felt like a lie. While I was pregnant with Stryder, I allowed my more opened emotional state to carry me to the feet of Christ, and have been running TO Him again, since. It is my favorite thing, and I missed it despite choosing to run from it. Right now I am reading through Charles Stanley’s Seeking His Face, plus reading through various Scripture with Melody.
2) Family snuggles. For a long time, this was just Melody and I. Now, it’s a lot more family to snuggle. ❤
3) Books. Bibliophilia is strong within me. ;P
4) Knitting.
5) Bullet Journal.
6) The sound of a well-played violin or saxophone.
7) Planning parties (but *never* having them for myself, SERIOUSLY panicky to have that much attention on me). I may be considered a Pinterest mom when it comes to this… *ahem*
8) Botanical medicine.
9) Nerdy shows: Firefly, LOTR, Doctor Who, etcetera.
10) Last, but not least, Restorative Exercise. My internal organs are no longer falling out between my diastasis recti (it’s healed!), since I started implementing natural movement into my days – I am so excited about becoming a Restorative Exercise specialist! I can’t wait to write more about this favorite thing in the next few weeks!

I limited myself, to spare you, to my top 10 favorite things. I could go on a couple sets more!

What are some of your favorite things? I would love for you to share here!