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“Shaken Baby Syndrome”

Something is fishy to me about vaccinations on many counts, but here is one that truly unnerves me.

The fraud, myth, lie of “shaken baby syndrome,” is something which even “experts” that once helped put people in prison (whose babies had vaccinations a few days before they died of “SBS”) are now recounting their stance on:

When a human being of any age over 2-3 is found, who has been assaulted so severely that it causes them brain trauma – there are always external signs as well: bruises, cuts, etc. The reason for these external indicators, is that to physically (not medically) inflict enough force to someone to cause the internal issues, one must put a vice-like grip onto someone to hold them while shaking them with enough force, which WILL leave evidence. Now, throwing someone down a flight of stairs, of any age, has been shown to be enough force… but again, there are also always external indicators in that situation, too.
Those under 3, who have brain swelling and bleeding from the eyes, but no external indicators, have been inflicted by internal, medical issues… but not physical assaulted (aside from a pharmaceutical shill who injects them)… or, do those under 3 somehow have non-human bodily responses?
Further, the triad of symptoms needed to diagnose “S. BS” are all listed as vaccine reactions in many of the vaccine package inserts, on the CDCs VAERs site (oh, and don’t worry… you the taxpayer get to pay for that system if a child is injured or murdered from a vaccine – the manufacturer cannot be prosecuted, unlike any other drug on the market), and in the CDC Pink Book.
Have you read the vaccine package inserts before? They are a disturbingly enlightening read, from the vaccine manufacturer. I’ve found most vaccine supporters don’t read the vaccine inserts nor the CDC Pink Book, unfortunately. It is not ridiculous, nor made up. If you do a search, you will see people once convicted of “S. BS” are now being exonerated, as the “science” was failed and now honest parents, nannies, and caregivers are now being released and shown as innocent.

How many children have to die before we allow even the sliver of a possibility that vaccines, as ANY drug, can cause serious harm? Vaccines are the untouchable medication – if you say anything against them, you are a “quack.” Yet all supposedly gentle over-the-counter pain meds each have proven (and accepted) ramifications, contraindications, and side effects. Interesting that a category of drugs that do nothing to heal an issue but supposedly prevent an event you never know if it will happen or not, are legally untouchable, untouchable to talk about side effects without harassment, and yet… can and do as much or more damage than any other category of medication – because a drug manufacturer’s cover-up of their guilt can rip families apart and put innocent people in prison.

But, I’m just a quack, because I am open to the fact that any medication, including vaccinations, have side effects.

 Lord, protect these families from the true quackery of people refusing to look beyond their cognitive dissonance or financial gain, to protect our children.

Of Meat and Men


Sometime a few July’s ago, my cousin asked a really great question that prompted me to write down what I have been thinking about for several years.

Her question was, “How does one view veganism through the lens of christianity? I understand vegetarians/vegans use the original plant based diet of eden as a model, as well as the vision of the lion in the lamb in revelations, then there are scriptures in the new testament deeming all foods clean to eat. Take into consideration the issue of compassion, the meat industry’s mass production/greed and impact on world hunger and waste. I eat meat, but i am wondering if anyone has any insight or opinion on this?”

Take it for what it’s worth (not much, I am a fallen human being), but here are some of my thoughts after reading Scripture.

We are fallen human beings. I see every generation suffering health problems, but in increasing percentages and degree of severity. There’s Scripture that talks about how there’s nothing new under the sun. It also speak to how things will be increasingly worse as time goes on.

I believe it was when I was reading through a book called One Blood, by Ken Ham, several years back (I promise this links together) that things started clicking for me about food keeping our bodies healthy. Anyway, basically, the information goes through how foolish the theory of evolution looks in the light of Scripture when looking at health concerns alone. The theory of evolution proposes that we are constantly evolving to be better physically. Yet, it is very clear that Scripture comes true – that the human body is corrupted from sin, degrading more and more with each generation.

Okay, so here’s what I’ve thought about since reading that thought. Our bodies ARE degrading more than generations before us. Issues such as autism, cancer, heart disease, and more are drastically on the rise.
With our bodies degrading, I see more and more people desperately needing animal fats and protein to sustain them. (Lots of great info at that article!!) It effects muscles atrophying – every muscle, including the brain and heart (which seriously worries me that folks with heart issues are put on fat-restrictive diets. Their hearts need fat to stay healthy and pumping strong!) It keeps our brains active (Alzheimer’s patients recover a great degree with adding in a lot of animal fats).
I see that people can and did survive and thrive off of vegan diets far back in history, but as time has gone by, God clearly loosens up laws and restrictions, step by step. Now, I have not yet met a vegan that lasts more than 13 years in that lifestyle. I am sure they are out there, but I have yet to meet one. Everyone I have met has begun craving meat anywhere from 7-13 years into the diet. I think it’s because veganism and vegetarianism are overall very detoxifying ways of eating. Eventually, the human body needs nourishment – it can’t exist on constant detoxing. Thus, an uncontrollable craving for meat that often results in shame-based eating, rather than joyfully nourishing the body with the animals God allows us to have: http://alexandrajamieson.com/im-not-vegan-anymore/

Our goal is to find/buy humanely-raised, grassfed beef, pork, chicken, and (zoinks) goat and eat only that. It’s a very slow work in progress as Big Ag and the generations before us have made it quite difficult in sourcing these things through their food choices. I know that God tells us we are stewards over the earth and we have dominion over the beasts, but I do not believe for one moment that gives us right or room to pillage, beat, and torment His creation, neither in life nor in their death. I truly believe their lives and deaths can be humane.
I have seen our raw milk farmer’s cows and how well they are cared for. They are well-loved animals, not really a profit-making venture, just loving animals. I see that with pastured chickens, too. They are just truly loved and cared for.
I don’t feel bad or guilty for eating these animals that were cared for and treated with goodness while they were alive and killed in the most humane way the farmer knows to. Not for a moment. I do feel guilty for eating animals that were shoved together without airflow, sunlight, or a way to poop without getting out of it.

I see, through sin degrading our bodies, that we need more food with animal fats and proteins. I think each person requires different amounts than another, so it’s basically learning to listen to your own body and the Holy Spirit’s guiding on when to say no, but I see very few people who can live healthfully on an all-vegetable diet for very long.

After saying all that, I also don’t think that sin effecting our bodies is a “personal sin” issue, but a “general sin” issue. It’s not a baby’s fault if they have birth defects from an alcoholic mother, but they are effected by the sin none the less and may have to work to heal or maintain because of this. We have more chemicals, plastics, birth interference, medications that have no long-term testing and are being shown decades later to harm people, synthetic foods, and other harmful things… our bodies being effected by sin are from ourselves and generations before us. I don’t want anyone to think I am saying that bodies failing us are caused by our own personal sin, but it cannot be denied that often, it is because of collective/cultural/generational sin. (I hope that made sense.)

Oh my gosh, I hope that wasn’t a bore. I’ve had all of this muddling around in my mind for several years now, been meaning to blog it, but never done it. Hope it made sense, too. Sorry it was so long – at this hour, I have no capacity to shorten sentences or thoughts!

Looking Ahead to High School health, some more



I was looking over Jeanne’s site for a microscope post I may be imagining I once read, when I came across a post she’d written before or slightly after the AO Year 8 science was redone.
She listed off a bunch of great books, including one she’s mentioned on the forums before, about “our immune system.”
I’ve had this on my Amazon wishlist for awhile now, but wasn’t sure what kind of bias would be present – and there always is one when it comes to conveying how the immune system works and talking about vaccines. To say otherwise would be deceptive.
I don’t think this bias to see it from one side or another is right or wrong – it just IS. (Unless, of course, you hide information for your own profit, that’s questionable to me and outright wrong to not allow informed consent.) I don’t hide my inclination at all (not written by me, I just find much value in it) and I’m amused when others pretend they are not biased.
I digress.

Anyway, I was really glad for her short description of these books, because while I’m more than willing to have us reading books outside of my own belief system, I also want to make sure I give both sides to an issue when it comes to “science” topics that are debated, like creation/evolution, vaccinated bodies versus those with intact immune systems, etc. I enjoy reading both “sides,” even when I choose a side to stand on. 🙂
So, I am interested in Why Aren’t We Dead Yet by Idan Ben-Barak, finding another pro-injection source, and adding in a few things, not quite so CM “living” sources, and some living books.

I’m going to try to obtain vaccine packet inserts for Melody to look at that list the vaccine manufacturer’s own known list of side effects (oh, actually not totally true. It’s the list they are forced into providing by law, and omit anything not mandated to) and “ingredients,” the CDC Pink Book with the ingredients and what they actually mean, an article about Scripture and the ingredients within vaccines, Bought the movie, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Childhood Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave and Suzanne Humphrey’s Dissolving Illusions.

I’m not sure where I’ll place these yet in the context of health selections, but at least one will definitely be read alongside Ben-Barak’s book. Possibly just Scripture, and the other books will fill in later.
It’s a little more to add to the later years, but not much. It is something important to me, that my children are fully  informed about, to make their own decisions, even if they choose something different than what I have. ❤

Fantastic Fascia


As I am reading through Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman and The Roll Model by Jill Miller, I’m being challenged and encouraged. In my MYDNA reading this week, I’m going (partly) over how repetitive patterns create deformations to our bodies, over time, and that over time, those unhealthy deformations can be “deprogrammed” by a varied movement lifestyle.
Then, later that same night I read in The Roll Model about fascia and… how it can retain deformations if used in repetitive situations, over time. (Seriously, you need these books! They are wonderful resources for understanding how and why our bodies work the way they do, and are very focused on caring for ourselves through simple means.)

What I found the most helpful in my Roll Model reading was this little section where Miller has you do a small test to see fascia in action, with your fingers.

(These pictures are taken by Melody, with my dinosaur iPhone. She did the best she could, which is much better than I’d do!)

From chapter 4 of The Roll Model, “Fascia: Your Seam System:”



“For an example of fascia in action, hold out your left hand, palm up, and let your fingers display their relaxed, natural curl.


Then, using your right hand, stretch your left index finger as straight as it will go. Hold for 30 seconds, then let it spring back into its curl.


It may take several minutes for your finger to return to its normal resting tone, but eventually it will.

You have not misshaped your index finger’s fascia forever. This temporary reshaping is due to the viscoelasticity of fascia (viscous: like dripping honey + elastic: like a rubber band).

The viscoelasticity of your fasica allows your body to morph into different shapes. But when you choose to hold one position constantly, your body starts to re-form to that shape. This is known as creep. As Joe Muscolino points out in his book Kinesiology: ‘The concept of creep may be negative such as when a client changes the tissue shape and structure over time because of poor posture, or it may be positive when bodywork and exercise are done to change and correct a client’s poor tissue shape and structure.

When you roll with the balls {Yoga Tune Up balls}, you induce local stretch into stiff and overtightened tissues and improving the flow of their fluids. These taut tissues need your help in restoring their optimal positions. The balls are like little rubber scalpels that can reform you without incisions or stitches. The pressure and grip of the rubber helps you remodel yourself.”


The Roll Model and using Yoga Tune Up balls, alongside Nutritious Movement can do so much to restore your body to it’s biological normal!! Click any of the links above to look over ways to purchase classes, books, DVDs, or equipment.

Words are Powerful and They Mean Something


The term “unvaccinated,” its definition, and usage can feel wrong to many.

For some, like myself, it’s bypassing the scientific process and terminology.

Breastmilk vs formula is also skewed this way.

In honest science, we don’t compare the normal human body to a drug reaction, we compare a drug response to the normal human body.

With feeding an infant for example… Honest science would compare the experiment (formula) with the biological norm (breast milk). Being honest, we should state that, compared to breast milk, formula lowers IQ, reduces healthy gut flora, and increases the risk for many proven diseases later in life.

However, we are influenced to talk about this from a statistics perspective, which can take data and skew it to whichever viewpoint the company, organization, or individual wants us to “see” this from. Instead, we hear that breastfeeding “raises” the IQ, “increases” gut flora, “reduces” the risk for diseases… Which sounds lovely.

However, the reality is, it offers biologically normal/average health, intelligence, and disease resistance, while formula puts our children at risk.

So, too, does the term “unvaccinated” (meaning not vaccinated) take our biologically normal selves and imply that the vaccines are the “thing” to which we should be comparing normalcy, instead of being scientifically honest and using a term that notes vaccines are the experiment to which we are subjecting our biologically normal children.

That is why I don’t appreciate the term unvaccinated, and find it very wrong. It’s disingenuous.

All bodies simply BEGIN – then parents either choose to respect that biological normalcy, or they choose to place something inside of the human body without any existing medical reason in the individual.

When referring to whether or not my children are vaccinated, I respond that they are biologically normal, biologically whole, or biologically intact (except for my first child, whom I vaccinated until she was 3, and I recognized she is now biologically compromised because of the vaccines).

The CDC’ s Pink Book on vaccines is one huge reason I won’t vaccinate my children. Their own words clearly show immoral ingredients (aborted fetal cells), harmful ingredients (mercury and more), and admit to a host of vaccine reactions (including, but not limited to, death) that I’m not willing to inflict upon my children, especially when there is nothing wrong with their health.

Add to that the words omitted deliberately about vaccinations, now verified by whistleblower William Thompson, and there’s not much reason for me to trust this “health” organization.

Foremost, it’s my faith in God, His Truth, and His design of the human body, that prevents me from inflicting vaccines on another human being who has no current health issues. God Does Not Support Vaccines.

All of this because… words are powerful, and they really do mean something.