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AO Year 8 Schedule Bookmarks



Update 6/2/17 – I need to update these to reflect AO’s work, booklist, etc, but I honestly don’t have time to do that. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but these are no longer available!

Each year I am making these bookmarks, I find myself a little later in getting them made, and taking less time to format and play!
These are quite bare-bones, but they will certainly help us – or you – keep track of where we are at in our readings.

I felt very pulled in putting the weeks into this, after reading so much about atmosphere this summer, and recognizing that not just as a homeschooling mother, but specifically as a Type 4, I am a list-checker, while Melody (my Type 1) almost wilts under as much structure and stringency as I flourish in… so I am trying to help find our middle ground, to ensure a rich and varied Feast that we nourish ourselves upon daily/weekly, but we don’t allow the tools to master us.
Still, I continued the weekly notes for those that prefer them, and I am choosing to print them and work on not allowing myself to be mastered by a list, but to use the tools to enrich our days.

Soon, I will include an alternative bookmark list here, as well, which includes the alternative AO suggestions and a suggested schedule for the alternative justice and economics books we are using this year.

Until then, please enjoy these simple little bookmarks!

Education Is An Atmosphere



There are so many wonderful posts about Charlotte Mason’s belief that “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.” (See bottom of the post for many of them.)

I don’t have any new thoughts or ideas on this right now, but I do have a little glimpse for others of what our external atmosphere is, flowing from a bit of the internal.

This month, after paying off our mortgage (!!!), I decided to create my own Pinterest pin, inspired by a wonderfully creative momma, Carla. I’ve had this pinned for a little while and loved it, but with our finances well beneath paycheck-to-paycheck, it was way at the bottom of a want list, which was way beneath a growing need list.

image It ended up costing about $2. I had the frame, a pillowcase, the baker’s twine for the bunting, the scrapbook paper, and the push pins. I bought foam board ($1 at the Dollar Tree), ribbon ($1, but I used well under 1/4 of the roll) from Hobby Lobby, and printed off everything else (I’m thinking, with our inkjet, it’s under $1 for all the printed stuff).

The pillowcase fit JUST over the foam board, which fit JUST inside the frame. I then put a layer of cardboard on the back and tacked it in with brass tacks, adding the ribbon for a way to hang the frame.

Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophies are what we mostly follow, so it was easy to be inspired by the goodness, beauty, and truth on Carla’s wall! I did make a simple CM’s children’s motto (it really is good human conduct, for any age) in my own colors and fonts (and I avoid “country” for a reason). If you like the font/color that I used, I’ll link my free PDF below.

image There’s a very large screw holding up the ribbon/frame, and I thought it was tacky, so I printed another long-awaited Pinterest find, the song bird, to cover the screw, after gluing it to some heavier cardboard.

I feel very happy with this. Melody has gone over to the board several times in the last week that it’s been up, reading over the words and looking at her schedule (which begins next week). Daryl, Melody, and I all think it’s relaxing… which is my aim in our learning environment, inside and out.

“Education is An Atmosphere” Encouragement:

Atmosphere Begins With Me

A Beautiful Home Atmosphere

Do Not Sit Up Late: Three Practical Do Not’s

Creating a Mason Atmosphere on a Dime

Secrets From Charlotte Mason for Scheduling for Peace


The motto print (purple, blue, and green) can be saved/printed here.

G.K. Chesterton quote.

The song bird can be found here.

You can find the Family Rules here.

The squirrel coloring page can be found here.

The chalkboard bunting is from Cottage Market (I altered the “I” piece to make the colon).

I altered the Chore Chart from The Project Girl to meet my desires, as Carla did.

Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography

This is a picture on page 15 of this PDF book.

 I haven’t yet said it on this new blog, but I adore Ambleside Online, I thought I would share with you the PDF file I made of Charlotte Mason’s book, Elementary Geography, which I was able to easily format because of the wonderful work accomplished HERE.

he problems was, I want to print two pages from the book onto one side of paper, and I was not able to do that from the website directly. So, I copy and pasted the text, gave it a new font, saved and inserted all the pictures, and viola! created a PDF file for easier printing.

If anyone would like me to reformat with larger/smaller print or bigger pictures, please contact me, and it would be my pleasure to do so and make available for free here, as another PDF file.

Here is the PDF file of this gem by Charlotte Mason: Elementary Geography

AmblesideOnline Year 7 Bookmarks


Update 6/2/17 – I need to update these to reflect AO’s work, booklist, etc, but I honestly don’t have time to do that. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but these are no longer available!

Last year I made scheduled reading bookmarks for Melody’s Ambleside Online Year 6. Those little bookmarks were so very helpful for both of us! I knew I needed more for the coming year, too.

 In September, we began her Year 7 rotation. I wanted to make sure all of her Year 7 things were straightened up and ready months before this. All but three semester 1 books are here, I printed off the AO schedule, and I’ve been digging in to some mother culture books to ready my own mind and prepare for a deeper level of educating our growing young lady. 

When I was making these, I was pregnant and running out of steam, so they don’t have the same “oomph” I gave Year 6…  But, they will do the job. Melody (or your own children) can decorate at will. I may tinker with them later.

 I do hope these AO Year 7 bookmarks can help you in your school year.

If you note any inconsistencies with the Ambleside Online Year 7 schedule, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

AmblesideOnline Year 6 Bookmarks


Update 6/2/17 – I need to update these to reflect AO’s work, booklist, etc, but I honestly don’t have time to do that. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but these are no longer available!

If you hop on over to Ambleside Online’s forums, you will find that there are some gorgeous bookmarks created by Beth, for years 1-4.

However, when Melody was going into year 6, I began getting a little anxious to utilize the great idea of a scheduling bookmark to help kids (and parents)keep track of what’s supposed to be read each week. It makes things so much more streamlined than me either having to crack open my teacher book for the schedule each day, come back online to find it, or having things set up in a workbox fashion.

Between the schedules on the fridge and the bookmarks, I think this will be better than workboxes for us!

I’d love to offer the simple little bookmarks to you, as everything is with Ambleside Online, free!

Take a look at the AO Year 6 Schedule Bookmarks. These are in PDF format.

These are different from Beth’s bookmarks in a few ways. If you would like me to make any adjustments (or if I made an error), please let me know and I would be happy to do a bit of editing (adding of borders, colorful book covers, larger text, etc.):

  • I have added checkboxes next to each week’s work. That way, when Melody opens the book up the next week, she won’t have to ask me what pages or chapter(s) to read. Over and over again.
  • I went very simplistic. This was a for a couple of reasons, starting with an ignorance of my own word program (LibreOffice), but mostly to conserve my laser printer ink. Once Melody saw these, she got very excited about the possibility of decorating the bookmarks on her own. I was self-concious about how sparse these look compared to the awesome bookmarks Beth made, but Melody saying how excited she was put me right at ease!
  • I have only separated terms by a brief, one line space. I do not differentiate terms after the headings for each bookmark. Again, this was about saving my own resources, paper. If this is too clustered for you, please do let me know and I can adjust as recommendations come to me.
  • There are some “bonus” bookmarks, for Shakespeare and Plutarch. I know we will be using them, but I am not sure if others will.
  • Some of the bookmarks are very short! Since Melody will be placing these on a larger bit of supportive cardstock, these will still be decent-sized bookmarks.

 I hope you can utilize these bookmarks and any of the other free homeschooling printables I offer on my blog!