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The Beauty of Bullet Journaling



Currently, life has me in a season in which making meals three times a day, completing our learning schedule, and having a clean home, are feats that I am happy are accomplished each day.
A schedule is really not needed at this time, as I couldn’t keep up with it!
So, my Bullet Journal currently has bare-bones necessities in it. Monthly view, monthly meal planning, gut health log, zone cleaning, and Snack Attack. And to be honest, only the meal plan gets utilized regularly!

The beauty in this is that I’m not wasting pages. I just pick the book up and start on the next blank page, when this season of life has passed and I have energy and time for a fuller schedule. There will not be wasted pre-designed planner pages that are past their dates.

So, even though I’m not using my Bullet Journal with regularity right now, it is just one more reason why I love Bullet Journaling!

No pressure. Complete flexibility.

Bullet Journal Update


The littles were about to destroy a gorgeous cover to our hardback Wind in the Willows and I couldn’t bear throwing it away, so I made it the cover to my next Bullet Journal, on the comp notebook. The horse in a field, from the back, is inside my bullet journal, at the back. The whole thing makes my heart happy!

I’ve been going at the BuJo since April – and like almost everyone else, loving it!


It’s easy to love, when you make it your own. No blank spaces unfilled if you have nothing to do that day, as with a traditional planner, if you don’t want to. Personalizing possibilities are nearly endless (see my handmade TARDIS stamp on my back pocket?).


In the original BuJo tutorial, there’s no yearly calendar spread that I can recall, but there are times I really need/want it, to keep track of birthdays and whatnot. I printed this calendar from Donna Young, free. I have my Mother’s Feast schedule marked out on the lines, but it would be ideal to mark what holiday, birthday, etc is in the week/day highlighted.


I started, very recently, keeping my Restorative Exercise Specialist training notes in my BuJo. I have been keeping them in a separate book, but I’m finding this information in the BuJo more connected for me.


Party planning had been in full swing, including some ridiculously pathetic, but encouraging drawings. (We’re huge Tumble Leaf fans, here!)

I also keep a lot of monthly tracking in my Bullet Journal. I was tracking our budget… err… attempting to… but stopped putting those papers in.

image Like my fertility tracking…

image Menu planning…

image Healthy Gut log…

image Snack Attack, using all of Katy Bowman’s Snacks, plus 7 of her Aligned & Well DVDs.

image Fly Lady focus zones, that I swap around as needed…

I still keep weekly things flowing, too.

image And keep little clips of special things…


Keep track of various things (this is how I do almost every week set-up), like moods, water intake, weather, and daily notes and to-dos…


Keep track of other things and doodle (below, is a long box to fill in what I’m grateful for each day; the blank box above generally has an inspiring quote I’ve read the week before)…

I also occasionally draw, write poetry, schedule-plan for home learning, keep a list of books I want to read, and more!





This Bullet Journal thing is helping me see health issues, keep on task most of the time, keeping off the internet more… overall a very useful tool for life!

Do you keep a Bullet Journal? If so, what do you put in it?

A Few of My Favorite Things


I am excited to participate in the July Blogging Challenge, hosted by Jennifer and Lynn, to get the blogging “mojo” flowing. Thank you so much for hosting this, ladies!

I have missed a little bit of the challenge – 10 days in fact! I see a few that I want to catch up on, so I will definitely make sure to blog through them later. 🙂 But, for today, I’m excited to tell you about some of my favorite things.

1) Time in God’s Word. There was a longer period of my life recently, where getting into God’s Word was intermittent and forced. I was broken, hurting, and running from El Roi… Who was waiting for me every step I ran. I wanted to have a genuine heart to be in communion with Him, but each time I would sit and open the Word, my life felt like a lie. While I was pregnant with Stryder, I allowed my more opened emotional state to carry me to the feet of Christ, and have been running TO Him again, since. It is my favorite thing, and I missed it despite choosing to run from it. Right now I am reading through Charles Stanley’s Seeking His Face, plus reading through various Scripture with Melody.
2) Family snuggles. For a long time, this was just Melody and I. Now, it’s a lot more family to snuggle. ❤
3) Books. Bibliophilia is strong within me. ;P
4) Knitting.
5) Bullet Journal.
6) The sound of a well-played violin or saxophone.
7) Planning parties (but *never* having them for myself, SERIOUSLY panicky to have that much attention on me). I may be considered a Pinterest mom when it comes to this… *ahem*
8) Botanical medicine.
9) Nerdy shows: Firefly, LOTR, Doctor Who, etcetera.
10) Last, but not least, Restorative Exercise. My internal organs are no longer falling out between my diastasis recti (it’s healed!), since I started implementing natural movement into my days – I am so excited about becoming a Restorative Exercise specialist! I can’t wait to write more about this favorite thing in the next few weeks!

I limited myself, to spare you, to my top 10 favorite things. I could go on a couple sets more!

What are some of your favorite things? I would love for you to share here!

Life-Giving Living in an Automated World


Sunrise Over Camas Prairie, Idaho by Charles Knowles

I think the most interesting thing about learning healthy biomechanics, while I am in my first year of Restorative Exercise Specialist training, is re-realizing how extremely separated from life-giving things we have really become in “modernized” nations. We sit in chairs all day. We are busy, busy, busy, but are barely moving, and this hurts our bodies, minds and yeah, spirits. 
I find this in most areas I study, actually, whether it’s whole body movement, birth, treatment vs. healing for ailments, food choices, schooling, politics, and more.

Even as I type this, I am separating myself from more life-giving activity (sleep), despite that writing/typing out my thoughts does help me to express inner workings, and I enjoy it (life-giving when I do it in the day time).

I began writing the above on the first of April, and this sentence is my attempt to revive my thoughts, on the last day of April. Since, I have cut down my time on social media, making a slow move from Facebook to Mewe… and finding I did not use MeWe as frequently as I thought I would. I still use it, but it’s not so all-consuming as Facebook was.
I made a deliberate choice to start “chewing the cud” from 
my time in this life, to unplug from device more and more, and make intentional relationships a priority rather than a spectatorship… which I found myself doing with Facebook.

I moved to MeWe, I started a Bullet Journal, and I began making direct contact with my friends and family – outside of Facebook. I started to hone my focus on RES work. The result, personally, was overwhelmingly refreshing. I felt free. For the first time in 4 years, I felt like I was taking part in my own life, have been regaining a sense of community, and am showing the people I love that I am invested in them… not just watching on and waiting for a status update. (I’m not denouncing this entirely – it has its place. It had just become a crutch for me and an escape from pain, after the failed trial, and I needed to step away from it entirely in my life.)

It makes me wonder – what more can I be doing to offer and seek out life-giving living, in this automated world?
Is there anything you do to seek out life-giving living, that you’d love to share with others? 

May Meal Plan 2015


I am eating Paleo (Primal) by necessity, but I try to add in some grains each week for my family (while I omit). I can not handle unfermented animal dairy, even raw, though I can tolerate fermented dairy, so I will sneak some Primal action in. Like Pizza.

Daryl had sworn by his breakfast of oatmeal for a long time, stating it was the only thing that would fill him up. I made a few Paleo breakfasts for him one week and he converted quite easily, even saying that he didn’t realize that oatmeal was actually making him sluggish within an hour and he was hungry much sooner than the Paleo-friendly breakfasts. But, when you are comparing soaked oatmeal to a bowl of cereal and milk, of course you feel better with it!
He recently said something I didn’t think he would ever say, and that was that he was okay with limiting his bread take even more, “why not?”

I cook Monday-Friday and cook enough to have leftovers all weekend. This makes our days with Daryl easier and filled with more time together doing things we enjoy.
Monday-Friday, I also rotate the breakfasts and lunches each week for one month.
For dinners, Monday is some type of chicken dish, Tuesday is beef, Wednesday is a random choice, Thursday is seafood, and Friday is Make-In foods.
We also have a lacto-fermented (cultured) food, beverage, or condiment with every single meal. (Any linked fermented recipes that mention whey, I substitute with water kefir wonderfully.)


Monday – N’OatmealCultured Berry Jam
Tuesday – Rustic Paleo Breakfast PizzaKombucha
Wednesday – Paleo Egg McMuffinscultured guacamole (all the ingredients, plus 2 tablespoons water kefir and then allowed to culture for 7 hours) cultured salsa
Thursday – Paleo Lemon Pound Cake, Cultured Berry Jam*
Friday – Paleo Cookie Crisp, coconut milk (I take a can of Thai brand coconut milk, add the same amount of water and 1/4 teaspoon dolomite – I don’t crave milk much anymore, but when I do, I plow through this pretty quickly… so it’s good on our wallet that I don’t crave milk too much) for me and raw cow’s milk for everyone else, cultured applesauce


Monday – Almond Butter  and banana on Roti, veggies, ranch dip
Tuesday – Tuna Melts on apple slices, water kefir (1 tbsp. grains, 1 tbsp. Sucanat, 1 cup water, 20ish raisins, 1/2 cleaned and dried pastured egg shell; mix up and let culture for 1-2 days)
Wednesday – Spatchcock chickenFajita-style Quessadillas (I make mine in Roti*, the family’s in Nourishing Tortillas – reduce to 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and use coconut oil – and we add in some of the spatchcocked chicken), cultured guacamole*
Thursday – Paleo Swedish Meatballs with Zoodles (100% wheat pasta for the family), kombucha
Friday – Golden Cauliflower Soupcultured ginger carrots


Friday (May 1) –  Faux Carb Pizza crust for Supreme Pizza, ranch dip*

Week 1 (May 4-8)

Monday – Chicken Bacon Alfredo (I sub with coconut milk – yep, this is a Primal recipe) with zoodles* (100% wheat pasta for family),cultured fruit chutney
Tuesday – Liver Pate (sometimes we add 8 ounces of cream cheese to it!!), Crackers, veggies, ranch dip*
Wednesday – Chicken, Yam and Chard SoupLF zuchhini
Thursday – Fish stickstater totsketchuptartar sauce
Friday – Hot dogs with ketchup* & mustardmacaroni and cheese (good alternative that doesn’t taste like mac n cheese, but is DEFINITELY a similar comfort food – Paleo Mac ‘n Cheese), Vanilla Bavarian Cream with berry sauce (we love this as leftovers!!)

Week 2 (May 11-15)

Monday – Italian Chicken Casserole, LF carrots*
Tuesday – Pastured Beef Stroganoff with cauli-rice (brown rice for family), water kefir
Wednesday – Sausage (Beeler’s breakfast), eggs (local pastured), root veggie hash (I fry this in butter and coconut oil; oven cooking takes much longer than the recipe conveys for us), cultured apple sauce
Thursday – Coconut Shrimp, salad, apple-kefir dressing (made with coconut kefir), cocktail sauce without horseradish
Friday – Jambalyafrog legs (sub. flour with arrowroot powder), Paleo “corn” breadred beans and rice (I completely omit for myself), kombucha*

Week 3 (May 18-22)

Monday – Spatchcock chicken*, sweet potato dollars, green beans, ranch dip*
Tuesday – Roast Beefpotato pancakesSpinach salad, kombucha*
Wednesday – Cocoa Spiced Rubbed Pork with Crimini Berry Sauceblue cheese potatoes (sub with coconut milk), broccoli, cultured smoothie
Thursday – Fermented SalmonSourdough pita bread, LF zucchini*, Kvasscultured garlic
Friday – Better Than Take-Out General Tso’s, water kefir*

Week 4 (May 25-29)

Monday – One-Pot Paprika Chicken, water kefir*
Tuesday – Butternut Squash Shepherd’s Pie, kombucha*
Wednesday – Salmon Chowder, LF carrots*
Thursday – Paleo Fish Tacos, fruit chutney*
Friday – Chimichangas in Roti* or nourishing tortillas*, cultured salsa, salad

* = repeated recipe

Bullet Journaling – The Beginning


Quad-ruled Composition notebook, covered in scrapbook paper

Wait, another person blogging about Bullet Journals?
Oh, yes. I am only the millionth person to blog about it. Do you know why? Because they are classically amazing!
It makes me think of how, back a decade and a half ago, all of us who were teenagers had no real care in the world about getting letters in the mail, but went crazy to get an email, but now I can go days without checking my email and get giddy to get a handwritten letter. That is what a Bullet Journal is like, only for getting stuff cared for in your life. So, yeah, I kind of have to tell everyone about it.

Budget Page 1

What makes it so special?
First, go watch a quick tutorial video on Bullet Journaling. Then, go hunt up “Bullet Journal” on Pinterest, and you will see that this is not only quick to accomplish, affordable, and motivating, but it is easily customizable for each person.
I’m excited, because my Type 4/1 will have a place to have contained chaos, including my desire to doodle and draw. There’s something about the grid that makes me feel safe to doodle – yes, I am crazy, but this is one of the things that makes it special for me.
{Sigh} Okay, what’s your history with note keeping?
I used to keep a journal in a 3-ring binder. It had prayers, devotional thoughts, a health record, fertility tracking, and a budget sometimes haphazardly thrown in. Everything was hole-punched and thrown in. But, it didn’t scream “carry me everywhere” and in the hectic day-in-day out, was neglected. I also have two GIANT “home management binders” that were less about management, and more about encouraging me to manage, with lots of truly wonderful articles. And let’s not forget my notebooks that track my herbal/business recipe experiments. And my Commonplace Journals (probably won’t stop that). And little notes to remind myself to do stuff around the house, run errands, etc. And papers to track various things every single month.
A lot of that stuff got smooshed into my little iPhone, with it’s fun gadgets.
Fast-forward to today, and almost all of those papery things are barely touched for the last 4 years, after wedding planning and back-to-back babies… I couldn’t carry it all with me.
Now, I am trying to ditch a bulk of my dependence on technology. A wonderful little community of home learners introduced me to Bullet Journaling a few days ago. I was so excited to find this within weeks of committing to find something better for me than my iPhone.

Fertility Tracking and Menu Planning

Any other inspiration?
Definitely. After I went hunting on Pinterest, I found a few things I loved from other’s Bullet Journals. I may keep them. I may not. I am definitely going to add my own things as I want or need them. But these wonderful Bullet Journalists shouldn’t be passed up.

  • Mike Rohde made a gorgeous icon library, but his bullet journal is absolutely stunning. He posts a lot of pictures of it on his Flickr account.
  • Allison Kimball gave me the inspiration to smash a lot of my tracking sheets together – her books are gorgeous
  • Victoria (aka Big City Princess) is bright and cheery, she caters to my secondary 1 nature in a big way! I was inspired by a lot of her stuff, but especially extra layouts.


Who doesn’t need to save a little time in their day?
That’s what Bullet Journaling is about. Getting stuff done, using time wisely, and keeping track of what you want to know about.
I love putting pen to paper, but to keep track of things that are important to me on a regular basis, I am cutting a few hand-written corners with my Bullet Journal. I am able to incorporate several charting methods I have used before, into one handy book, with an index to reference with!
Previously, I have put together a (click on it if you want to print any off for yourself):
Bible Reading Highlights
Health Log
Budget Tracker
Mother Culture schedule

Right now, all I am cutting corners with are my two most intensive, detailed charts:fertility chart and budget chart. I honestly just don’t want to handwrite all of that in every month. Print, cut, and paste into a Bullet Journal, and I have a little life-book in the palm of my hand – lovely!