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Looking Ahead to High School health, some more



I was looking over Jeanne’s site for a microscope post I may be imagining I once read, when I came across a post she’d written before or slightly after the AO Year 8 science was redone.
She listed off a bunch of great books, including one she’s mentioned on the forums before, about “our immune system.”
I’ve had this on my Amazon wishlist for awhile now, but wasn’t sure what kind of bias would be present – and there always is one when it comes to conveying how the immune system works and talking about vaccines. To say otherwise would be deceptive.
I don’t think this bias to see it from one side or another is right or wrong – it just IS. (Unless, of course, you hide information for your own profit, that’s questionable to me and outright wrong to not allow informed consent.) I don’t hide my inclination at all (not written by me, I just find much value in it) and I’m amused when others pretend they are not biased.
I digress.

Anyway, I was really glad for her short description of these books, because while I’m more than willing to have us reading books outside of my own belief system, I also want to make sure I give both sides to an issue when it comes to “science” topics that are debated, like creation/evolution, vaccinated bodies versus those with intact immune systems, etc. I enjoy reading both “sides,” even when I choose a side to stand on. 🙂
So, I am interested in Why Aren’t We Dead Yet by Idan Ben-Barak, finding another pro-injection source, and adding in a few things, not quite so CM “living” sources, and some living books.

I’m going to try to obtain vaccine packet inserts for Melody to look at that list the vaccine manufacturer’s own known list of side effects (oh, actually not totally true. It’s the list they are forced into providing by law, and omit anything not mandated to) and “ingredients,” the CDC Pink Book with the ingredients and what they actually mean, an article about Scripture and the ingredients within vaccines, Bought the movie, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Childhood Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave and Suzanne Humphrey’s Dissolving Illusions.

I’m not sure where I’ll place these yet in the context of health selections, but at least one will definitely be read alongside Ben-Barak’s book. Possibly just Scripture, and the other books will fill in later.
It’s a little more to add to the later years, but not much. It is something important to me, that my children are fully  informed about, to make their own decisions, even if they choose something different than what I have. ❤

Words are Powerful and They Mean Something


The term “unvaccinated,” its definition, and usage can feel wrong to many.

For some, like myself, it’s bypassing the scientific process and terminology.

Breastmilk vs formula is also skewed this way.

In honest science, we don’t compare the normal human body to a drug reaction, we compare a drug response to the normal human body.

With feeding an infant for example… Honest science would compare the experiment (formula) with the biological norm (breast milk). Being honest, we should state that, compared to breast milk, formula lowers IQ, reduces healthy gut flora, and increases the risk for many proven diseases later in life.

However, we are influenced to talk about this from a statistics perspective, which can take data and skew it to whichever viewpoint the company, organization, or individual wants us to “see” this from. Instead, we hear that breastfeeding “raises” the IQ, “increases” gut flora, “reduces” the risk for diseases… Which sounds lovely.

However, the reality is, it offers biologically normal/average health, intelligence, and disease resistance, while formula puts our children at risk.

So, too, does the term “unvaccinated” (meaning not vaccinated) take our biologically normal selves and imply that the vaccines are the “thing” to which we should be comparing normalcy, instead of being scientifically honest and using a term that notes vaccines are the experiment to which we are subjecting our biologically normal children.

That is why I don’t appreciate the term unvaccinated, and find it very wrong. It’s disingenuous.

All bodies simply BEGIN – then parents either choose to respect that biological normalcy, or they choose to place something inside of the human body without any existing medical reason in the individual.

When referring to whether or not my children are vaccinated, I respond that they are biologically normal, biologically whole, or biologically intact (except for my first child, whom I vaccinated until she was 3, and I recognized she is now biologically compromised because of the vaccines).

The CDC’ s Pink Book on vaccines is one huge reason I won’t vaccinate my children. Their own words clearly show immoral ingredients (aborted fetal cells), harmful ingredients (mercury and more), and admit to a host of vaccine reactions (including, but not limited to, death) that I’m not willing to inflict upon my children, especially when there is nothing wrong with their health.

Add to that the words omitted deliberately about vaccinations, now verified by whistleblower William Thompson, and there’s not much reason for me to trust this “health” organization.

Foremost, it’s my faith in God, His Truth, and His design of the human body, that prevents me from inflicting vaccines on another human being who has no current health issues. God Does Not Support Vaccines.

All of this because… words are powerful, and they really do mean something.