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The Coming Bedroom Makeover


Before Daryl and I even knew each other, he purchased a home and painted the walls in every room. When we were first married, his mom often commented to me how now I could “paint all the walls nice colors,” but aside from one color, I really didn’t care… I was grateful we had a home to live in!

Aside from the gratefulness of not being a vagabond any longer, I really did like the idea of the terracotta living room being paired with a sharp black contrasting element.
Neither he nor I knew about Dressing Your Truth at the time, but now I am quite fascinated with his color choices and my desire to use black with it!¬†You can see most of it in this post. I’ll add more “before” pictures when I update, too.

All of the rooms but one are very “earthy.” Two rooms are some awful, dreary shade of red, and while I have not been fond of them, it was on the bottom of my “have to do” list. I’ve often thought, “I want to make these rooms peaceful and calm without feeling like a cave.” I just didn’t have a new color scheme in mind, so didn’t bother about it.


Then, an artist friend of mine gave me these pictures and I knew what my bedroom would look like! Everything came together in my mind, my Master Bedroom Pinterest board got cleaned up and had a few things added as my vision was honed in on.

Wanting to eliminate toxins and not add any more, I hunted for affordable paint options. This is when I came across flour paint. It’s affordable, durable, and non-toxic. It met all of my requirements, plus catered to my love of making something simple, myself.

Since I wanted light grey walls, I hunted around for coloring options that I could either obtain for free locally or at minimal cost online. I spotted this website on natural paint pigments and got excited. I have charcoal for free in my fire pit and we use calcium carbonate in the toothpaste we make and use. There wasn’t going to be waste on this front!

Something I was excited and nervous about was reupholstering a lamp shade I have had for maybe a decade. I am following the guide from Martha Stewart’s video, using fabric from a bag someone gave us.

I am making a jewelry tree, since I don’t have very much jewelry and this is cleaner than what I had been using (a lovely little jewelry box my grandparents had given me… and I passed on to Melody). I want to make it like the Shire’s celebration tree, but I am not sure how to do that exactly.

Our bureaus are getting a little makeover, too.

I am hoping we can get this done before the newest little one arrives this summer, but if not, that’s okay.
I’m so delighted in a gift from a friend that was not only so stunningly beautiful for me, but finally inspired me to hone my vision for a peaceful bedroom space for Daryl and I, and propel me to adjust other rooms as well.

Screen Time, Type 4 style




For better or worse, I am perfectly fine with using the tv as a babysitter at certain times. I used to love the tv on all day as “background noise,” though don’t anymore. I like watching a show while eating dinner. I’m cool with binge-watching on the weekends.

Except, lately, I am not, even though I am drawn to that standard American mindset. I want more for our family – I want outdoor hours not just because of Charlotte Mason, but because of healthy biomechanics/Katy Bowman. I want to stop seeing my children be zombies and want them to again want to play outside or inside, by themselves or with each other.

I have wanted to put our tv/PS3/sound bar on a pretty rolling cart and leave it in our office except for rarer occasions.
And then Daryl said just before Christmas that “things were going to be different with the tv, starting in the new year,” to the kids. We hadn’t talked about it yet.
I still was trying to resolve myself to what I had been thinking about, before I took it to Daryl, who I knew would probably be thrilled with what I wanted.
So, the children and I spent the next week and a half doing what he wanted – no tv all day until 7pm. We were still on Christmas break, so had no schooling schedule. Reading, playing games, playing outside, taking walks, drawing and coloring were done a lot.

Then, the day before New Years, Daryl was tinkering with something I needed him to do, while I was making lunch. I wanted to put Tumble Leaf on to keep Leela and Stryder away from the Honey-Do going on and away from a hot, bacon-splattering stove, and allow Melody some quiet time. Daryl said it didn’t get turned on until 7.
I had it. This wasn’t my decision at all. I wasn’t ready for it, and I let him know I didn’t like being treated like a child with no say in the matter.
Though he put up a good argument as a Type 3 naturally can, I eventually saw a look of defeat, and he said he’d drop it. We could do whatever we wanted.

Except, that’s not what I wanted. I didn’t want to “constantly watch tv,” nor did I want my husband to feel like we were not working together. I just wanted to be a part of the decision and to take ownership of something that, for me, feels REALLY big to let go of and change.

Very Type 4 of me. And very Type 3 of Daryl. ūüôā

So, here Daryl and I are, ready to basically stop watching tv. I think I am waiting now for the perfect tv cart, knowing as long as it’s out in our living room, it’s temptation. In another room, it’s a hassle to bring in and out every day.

In Which I Release a 4th Term


A Mother’s Feast has been¬†a wonderful blessing this year. I have accomplished 3 semesters of intentional learning that enriched¬†me with beauty, truth, and goodness. Which is 3 seasons more than I had been getting, after a roller-coaster life for several years.

These past 3 seasons have been truly like a bountiful feast laid out for myself, and the best part is that as Melody¬†has seen me once again reading, taking up new handicrafts, learning to draw… her love for learning has returned with new vigor. The Mother’s Feast leaves more than enough for others to delight in!

When I planned out my Mother’s Feast this year, I planned for 4 semesters. As this fourth semester was drawing closer, I found myself feeling overwhelmed rather than refreshed. I felt burnt out, but I was determined to keep going to finish the plan.

Over the summer, however, I kept being encouraged by Charlotte Mason-inspired articles, podcasts, and forum conversations. All of them pertained to rest – rest for the children in a summer vacation and refreshment for mothers. I slowly edged toward the knowledge that taking a semester of rest was not just wanted, but needed.

My summertime sanctuary...

It started with Moms are Born Persons, Too. Not difficult to realize that if I give my children months of time off to decompress and let their minds make connections in rest, because they are people, I should give myself that as well. Then I listened to the podcast, with more conviction.
Then came Summertime Lesson by Karen, and the last place setting at this year’s Mother’s Feast was set… I needed to let my mind rest and keep making connections from what I have been reading, listening to, and learning¬†with my hands.

Which at first was a struggle for my winter (Type 4) nature, but i’ve had a few¬†weeks without scheduled Mother’s Feast and can see how allowing myself scheduled freedom will offer another aspect of beauty, truth, and goodness.

Reader, have you ever chosen to give up something to encounter the state of rest? How did it effect you? Was it difficult to make the decision or was it quite easy? I’d love to hear about you!