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written: October 14, 2014

Feeling particularly sick to my stomach
About CPS, whoever called them
With rumors, gossip, slander
(And no evidence, because there isn’t any)…
The general atmosphere of the place I live,
Chosen merely by the lottery of birth.

Neighbor against neighbor.
Whispered lies to tear families apart.
Using children as shields in a culture war that says
“It’s better safe than sorry” –
Unless, of course, we are talking about child molesters,
Arsonists, thieves, or murders…
Then it’s “better ten guilty men go free than one innocent suffer.”

It is horrific that “family” makes you an open target,
To anyone and everyone.
And the general public will say,
“Better safe than sorry,” as your loved children
Are stripped from your innocent arms,
While guilty child molesters and murderers are
Given second chances with no double jeopardy.