Weak-willed people are difficult for me to be around. Love them, yes. Have fun with them, sure. Talk about fluffy things, absolutely.
It’s hard to have any meaningful depth with them, any action taken by their side, or real fellowship that you can trust. I know there are people who have 500+ acquaintances and enjoy that, but not many type 4’s value surface level “fluffy” things.

(I know, in turn, there are people that don’t appreciate depth, my love of it, or my fervency for victim advocacy. I really don’t care if they call me names and say I’m hate-filled towards them to be bold in speaking out for victims they created.  They can label me as people did John the baptist, “crazy,” “wild,” “too much.” I’m not going to stop speaking out for victims, the same message of calling to love and repentance, that he cried out in the wilderness.)
I read Acts 15 this morning, following along from what I’ve been slowly chewing through for the last 2 months, and was struck by verse 2:
“When Paul and Barnabas had a big argument and debate with them, the brothers appointed Paul and Barnabas with some others from among them to go up to Jerusalem to the emissaries and elders about this issue.”
(Verse 1 describes what the issue was about and all throughout the NT, this issue is made abundantly clear, but a good summary is Galatians 5:12 – the disciples were far from thinking this was personal, individualized “business” that other people should “stay out of” and did not pretend it was a matter that could or should be enforced on another.)
Argumentation and debate is *not* wrong. There are times for it. When we discuss physically maiming, assaulting, and scarring someone… this is not “foolish, ignorant controversies” as 2 Tim. 2:23 calls us away from. Romans 14:1 says not to quarrel over opinions. Defending victims of slaughter, mutilation, abuse… to repeatedly, strongly state that they should not be assaulted – this is not opinion. It is also not in vain to fight against this.

Today, I resolve to be more active, the more people I see be complacent or step back. To continue to speak truth with boldness, fervency, and passion and without judgment.


Captivating Finds


Here are some of the things that have caused me to contemplate, be encouraged, and change my ways in the last few weeks. There’s no real connection between them, aside from me appreciating them. They are worth the time to read!


I really love this so much. It makes me think of a dance routine I would watch over and over, weeping, after I learned what Doctor Horrible had done.

~ I Just Don’t See It – seeing ourselves, our parenting in glory, rather than defeat

~ How a Lack of Touch is Destroying Men

Sleeping Tigers, Switched-Off Cliffs and Teaching Toddlers about Every Day Dangers – gentle parenting toolbox, no-hit method to teach kids to not run in the street, etc.

~ How to Walk Away From a Fight With Your Child – some great points to learn in any argument, except for the police suggestion.

~ When Your Politics Become Your Lord

~ Hell: A “Biblical” Staple the Bible Never Actually Mentions

~ Nice Girls Vs. Kind Women

~ Stay Listening – how to respect a child’s bodily autonomy when they don’t want to take medicine

~ What The Bible Really Says About Routine Infant Circumcision


Words Are Powerful and They Mean Something, Part 2


I’ve written about this a little bit before.

But my thoughts are expanding on it, and I thought I would share it here….

So, I have been thinking about this. Words matter. Like.. the term “unvaccinated” bothers me because it’s using what is not the biological normal and making that the standard and comparing the biologically normal thing to the science experiment, rather than the other way around (which is how it’s done in genuinely scientific circles, not in for-profit circles). So, I say intact immune system (“unvaccinated”) and non-intact immune system (vaccinated) to make clear the reality. I also don’t say “breast is best.” Breast is the biological norm – it doesn’t offer benefits, it offers the standard, the baseline, the normal, the average… Both in nutrient obtaining and in jaw development and other physical body needs. Anything else offers LESS than that… formulas do not offer the normal baseline, they offer health risks and harms. That’s not a judgement on people who use formula or vaccines – it’s just the reality of biology and genuine terminology that expresses our baselines.

6359396398048347211068716739_bvokexbcqaanlnnThere are “smaller” and bigger, noticeable ways that our friends of color are marginalized, targeted, treated less. I am starting to think that stating anyone is “privileged” (and I’ve been using this phrase!) is causing problems. Because how white people are generally treated and enabled is the BASELINE for how *all* humans should be treated. Anything less is detrimental to our society. It also shifts the focus incorrectly as though there’s a problem with the normal, good thing, rather than stating blatantly what is a f’d up about how people of color are treated. I think I want to begin expressing the reality of harm, rather than implying normal love is the wrong thing. What we get – less police brutality,  less suspicion from society just for being, decent housing in beautiful neighborhoods, etc… These aren’t supposed to be privileges. They are supposed to be the baseline – and that means when anyone targets another to have less than that, the good thing needn’t be expressed as the oddity… The harm should be. Our friends of color are marginalized, targeted, murdered, beaten, looked at suspiciously, rejected, and more, because we make racism a hospitable home in our culture. 😦
Dunno if that makes any sense. It’s just been churning around in my type 4 heart and mind for a few weeks.

Nutritious Movement Cert Week Is the Starting Line




Nutritious Movement

I thought that before I go on too much farther with this update, I’d give you a really great look at what philosophy and understanding Nutritious Movement is about, what I am training through, and what I will be teaching through movement classes for whole body health. Just click the below link:

Nutritious Movement Welcome Video


Moving my way through a NM Snack video with three of the kiddos.


Since last April, when I went to Chicago for a training weekend, I have had little Zoe (who is now 7 months old!) with my second intentional free-birth, have been reading a lot of Katy Bowman’s books (as well as trauma healing books for working with others – and myself, more for my vocation) and making my way through her online classes, have hosted a few rounds of book discussions for Move Your DNA in various online forums, and have had several more sessions with local community members searching for help with various issues, resolved with our sessions after a few months!

Something that came very needed for me while I was pregnant with Zoe, was a quote, reinforced throughout all of Katy Bowman’s work, is that we all have seasons and rhythms. One quote in particular, from Move Your DNA is:

“My point is, everyone – even the hunteriest of the hunters – was a gatherer first. When hunter-gatherers are children, their job is to gather. All are successful in this way first. To go forward, we must go back to figure out which movement basics we have failed to practice and which tissue adaptations we still need.”

After having my first three babies, I felt compelled to get back into my pre-pregnancy ways as quick as possible. Despite nursing a new baby, having typically-erratic hormones, and needing a lot more rest with my baby, I tried to zip around at about 6 weeks postpartum.
This time, though, I have allowed myself to be a “gatherer” for a longer season. As Zoe has moved more on her own, so have I. I have taken my seasonal inspiration from her, as much as possible. So, while I still hang, I still move, I am moving just a little bit slower, a little less intensely. And I have found nourishment in this place. This too, has been training in the philosophies and principles and movements of the Nutritious Movement Institute. (More on this in a great podcast, Natural Movement and Variability.)


Outside study session hammock-style, weird postpartum hair growth included.


I am so incredibly overwhelmed with the support I have received for my Restorative Exercise Specialist training!  I have seen provision in incredible ways:


  • Prayer


I have had people pray over me, a beautiful expression of love for me and my family. There’s something powerful and lovely in these moments, my present and my future being taken to our Father’s feet and entrusted to Him. These times of prayer have led to mental clarity for what my heart has already been whispering to me ~ to minister to the sexually wounded.


  • Time


I have had the opportunity to hone my teaching skills – this is a huge blessing for me! Having people engage with me in conversation about bodily alignment is a wonderful discussion to have and a pleasant way to spend time with the community I love.


  • Finances


Every dollar needed last year came in, exactly when it was needed. I have seen that happen this year as well. Daryl’s bonus was larger than normal this quarter (it’s usually just enough to buy desperately needed supplements for 2 months and take the kids out to Chick-fil-A once), so we were able to pay for a beautiful and cheaper-than-expected location 15 minutes away from the Sequim, WA studio where I will be certifying, the first week in May. I still have financial needs coming up, but I have learned to trust God for this. Surprises abound!


Practicing the Calf Stretch, to help unused parts of my leg get prepared for aligned walking, instead of a series of falling forward!


This is the biggest total financial need yet. Everything before this was smaller chunks, but this started out as $1650 for the certification and lodging. As I mentioned earlier, I was able to secure lodging for the week. Before that, I was able to pay the $250 deposit to hold my spot at the certification training, with $700 remaining, that needs to be fully paid by April 2.
It seems like the most affordable option to get from Sequim, WA (and back) will be a Greyhound bus. That will be around $300 for transportation needs. So, I am needing $1,000 to make it to certification week.

If you are contemplating financially supporting me to help make this dream a reality, I also want to give a glimpse of how much this can truly be a financial benefit to you, as well.

As I have offered before, for every $50 given towards my certification endeavors, I am offering an in-person or Skype alignment session with you (as well as a movement session DVD starring yours-truly), after I have gotten my certification. This may seem like a lot, but as I have been asking certified RES-CPTs what their rates are ($75-90/hour), this is truly a bargain for those of you who are able to financially support this dream!
Understanding and implementing healthy alignment can improve your mood, your breathing, your endocrine system, your mental clarity, your cardiovascular system…. the list goes on. Through simple shifts in body movement, you can offer yourself whole-body health and wellness. The $50 that can support me to certification, will also be supporting you!

I am not only offering very affordable alignment sessions upon my completion, but all of the classes I teach now, about fermentation, releasing emotions, and more, are being offered for love offerings (any donations for these classes will go directly towards my Certification Week fund).  If you are interested in these free beginner’s classes, please do let me know. If you cannot afford them, please contact me anyways!

Donations towards the rest of my certification week can be paid directly to the Nutritious Movement Institute (it’s the only way you can remain anonymous, if you would prefer that) through PayPal. You would need to make a clear note that it is for me (give them my email address, below, which is linked to my NM account!), for the May certification week. Send the donation to this PayPal address: info AT nutritiousmovement DOT com .  You can also send money via “friends and family” on paypal to my paypal account ( jj DOT foreveryoung AT gmail DOT com).

If you would like see where that current need is, I will update this specific post with pictures of my updated total in the top picture. 


I am baby-wearing Zoe here, so it’s difficult to see that my ribs are dropped (protecting my internal organs) in one picture but not the other! NM has taught me to keep my shoulders engaged and strong (left) rather than extended and weakened, up by my ears (right). This effects so much more than shoulder strength. It effects your ribs, organs, pelvis… your whole body.

If you’ve donated:

I need experience teaching! If you have donated money, please do not let the alignment session(s) go to waste for yourself, or for me. Taking time with you will benefit you and hone my teaching skills, so please do expect an email or phone call when I have graduated, to set up a time for a Nutritious Movement session with your newly-certified Restorative Exercise Specialist!

These sessions can be done in person or via Skype – distance is not a hindrance to learning how to move your body more naturally.

Starting Line

The last part of this training, where I go forward to the starting line of my vocation, is my certification week. The week is May 3-7, with me leaving a few days early to enjoy some beach time and meet some of the other students ahead of time.

I call this the starting line because what I have been doing up until this point is training. This isn’t my end goal. It’s only during this time that I have needed deeper aid to get to the starting line, so that I can begin my business and can, in turn, help other people reach for their dreams. This begins my devotion to the path of encouraging people to heal inwardly and outwardly, from various kinds of traumas and how to help ourselves prevent further traumas with healthful living.

Thank you so much for your time, prayers, and support. It means more to me than these measly but abundant words can possibly express to you.
In Christ’s unfailing love,

Releasing The Tie That Binds Me, Part 1


This is a work in progress. Check back later for updates if you would like!


My tongue tie has been tight as long as I could remember. I knew my frenulum was restricted even before I knew it as a frenulum or what “tongue ties” were or that it effected anything.

When I started researching why my babies hurt me when they nursed and didn’t gain well at all, I came upon tongue and lip ties. Along my researching, I found this video, and it made me wonder what my body was doing involuntarily because of my own tongue tie, or what tensions I hold without realizing because it’s so “every day:”


Awhile back, I had a friend share pictures with me of an OLD book she owns, in which tongue tie revision is noted in its own section. Revisions are not some new little fad. Take a look at page 326-327 of Dr. Chase’s Recipes, from the year 1874!! (What this means is: breastfeeding has always revealed this. Synthetic formula has masked it and led to lifelong issues for so many people!) I’ve read other articles that say revisions were taking place in the late 1600’s, too, but there was no citation for it.

Recently, that same friend had her tongue tie released and has expressed much of what the woman in that video did, and more. Migraines gone, pigeon-toe gone, her face shape has changed! She was the catalyst for me wanting to get a release, too.

Here is a pretty lengthy list of the things an adult can suffer because of a tongue tie – it’s pretty intense!
There are many stories of tongue tie releases as adults – very much worth reading! “I Wish I Wasn’t Tied” is a blog dedicated to collecting these stories.


Then another friend shared this picture with the following note attached:

“This is really incredible. An oral restriction, like a tongue tie affects your entire body.”


The comments from this were wonderful, with one of the women saying she wanted to learn to DIY tongue tie revision. I thought I might be one of very few who weren’t just “tempted,” but were actually serious and determined. Her comment spurred me on to finally start researching how I could *safely* revise my tongue tie, if I decide to DIY it after researching.
So, this post is about what I have learned and, eventually I will add the before and after.

This is NOT medical advise. This is not an encouragement for you or anyone to go and do this, either. It is informational only.

Craniosacral therapy before and after revision is really important – this releases built up tension that has been created all over the body from the oral restrictions. Having a natural provider help you is vital, as is CST self-treatment between sessions.

Kava kava is a good numbing tea that would be useful for adults (who are not pregnant or nursing), but I’d be likely utilizing an essential oil blend for pain, if anything. Babies tongue ties are not as fully developed in the fiberous aspect yet, and adults have more fibrous tissue in there. It’s the only reason I contemplate using a numbing agent.

Rethinking Tongue Ties: Anterior Vs Posterior Is Irrelevant is where I first understood that in order for the revision to be successful, you must cut back to create a diamond shape.

I do really well with seeing things in action to know what to do.

Here is a video that shows a nearly good diamond-revision, with laser. It looks like it needs to be further revised horizontally.
This video shows an excellent diamond-revision, plus fibrous tissues are quite clear. I appreciate that the revisionist went back a second time and ensured a clear diamond cut.

Within the family birth and home birth communities, it is heard of that a mom, dad, or midwife simply takes longer finger nails and snips the tongue tie. But, again, an adult tie is more fibrous, so I looked around for frenectomy tools. I found a 2-set of tenotomy scissors and a tongue director for under $15 total, on Amazon.

Scissors: Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Straight + Curved DDP

Tongue director: Grooved Director with Tongue Tie 5.5″


Stretches are pretty important. Some people have said they never did stretches on their baby and it never reattached, but most who don’t stretch find reattachment to be an issue:

Dr Ghaheri on Aftercare

Pain relief comes in a few different forms. With my babies, after they have been revised by drs, I give them Rescue Remedy for Kids for the trauma, Arnica Montana for speedy healing, and apply helichrysum essential oil (it will be copaiba essential oil from now on, now that I have that) externally around the outside of their mouths for pain relief.
I decided on these three things based on several sources (among others, these just make the information concise as to why I avoided certain things and chose others).

Revision Natural Aftercare

Copaiba: Rediscovering a Traditional Healing Plant Essence
For now, this is my little collection that I have found pertinent to possibly clipping my own tongue tie. I am still researching and looking for information to feel certain I understand both the procedure and the potential pros and cons of attempting this in my own home, on myself.

The Beast We Feed


There’s a horrible multi-headed beast living in a particular region. People all around it are terrorized by it, bemoan its aggressive ways, but continue feeding it over and over again. Sometimes people at the back feed it more and it vomits on their loved ones at the front, who in turn scream at those in the back. Sometimes the people in the front feed it more and it poops on their friends and neighbors at the back, who scream at those in the front. Sometimes it’s weight becomes uneven and crushes people on the sides, who scream at those in the front and back overfeeding the beast.

When someone steps back from the crowd and says, “what the crap? I’m feeding a beast that threatens my family, friends and neighbors every day! If we all stopped feeding it, it would die!” They are ridiculed, hated, and spit at. They are told they do not care enough about each person feeding the beast and they are letting the beast have victory by not feeding it.

It’s not only okay, but good, to refuse to take part in feeding the beast that crushes all of us. Tell me (and all that refuse to vote) to F’off. Tell me I’m not a good citizen of this place or of heaven. Tell me while your face turns red, you spout hatred for your neighbors, and bemoan that others fed the beast with you. That hateful defense of feeding a beast that enslaves you in your every day marrying, eating, procreating, building, playing, working… It only shows me more and more how my not feeding a beast, even if a measly handful, is good.

I love you, even if you take my life yourself because I stopped feeding the beast.


“Now listen to them; but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will claim as his rights.””
~ ‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭8:9‬ ‭NIV (italics my own)


Postpartum BuJo


I guess this is going to be my announcement that little Firefly was born over the summer! It was my first painless birth and my postpartum time was relaxed and refreshing. I’ll share her birth story at some point. Right now, I’m quite excited because I’m able to accomplish quite a lot now, which means… Bullet Journaling!

Here are some images from my September BuJo and what I’ve been doing in Melody’s school BuJo!

Intro to the month

Some monthly tracking

Weekly spread. I havent put my water sticker on yet, at the bottom

Fun mistake! I tried creating a grid for a whole term of AO but that looked horrendous, so i used this free printable stationary to cover it over

Oh my gosh, I am SO excited to complete this in a decade!! 😉

Melody’s weekly schedule for AO