Postpartum Freezer Meals


Before I begin, anything that says (Second Breakfast) can be found by clicking the link “Second Breakfast” at the top of my blog, and going through the list of recipes we tried, love, and use pretty frequently.


During my last post-partum time, I had set aside 40 meals while I was pregnant, so that I did not need to cook dinners during the entire recovery and resting phase with baby. Just that alone was a balm to our time together as a family! Daryl and Melody still cooked breakfasts and lunches, but the dinners were a huge blessing for all of us. I LOVE having my family relax with me and the new baby. Prepping these now is really a selfishness on my part. {laugh}

I’d gifted our deep freezer to someone about a year ago, not thinking about needing it during a future postpartum. It wasn’t until about a month ago, in the midst of Corona deep freezer panic-hoarding by the masses, that someone gifted us a working deep freezer. I thought we were going to have to spend a couple hundred dollars! What a cool (ha) blessing! It was a fun project for Daryl to hone his handyman skills, too.

I was a little worried being so close to having the baby that we wouldn’t have enough meals put up, not only with time but with finances, but resolved to set aside as many as possible. I’d set aside 8 meals before getting the deep freezer, but couldn’t do more for lack of freezer space. Using meats gifted to us from a local ministry house and vegetables and fruits from Harvesters’ drops, I was able to set aside 25 meals for seven people in 2 weekends! Several people in the community made meals as well, and by a month after the freezer was plugged in, I have 44 freezer dinners set aside! I might do a second post to link most of the dinner recipes, if I don’t have them in Second Breakfast already.

Then began a focus on some breakfasts and possibly lunches, because we were gifted an abundance of fruits. Melody has made a BUNCH of Paleo banana bread for breakfasts (her recipe to follow in a different post), as well. Last Harvesters pick up, we were given a crate of bananas. I have cut up enough organic apples (given to us from Harvesters) to make 6 breakfasts for Apple Nut Breakfast Bowls.

Ingredient list for Kitchen Sink Breakfast

Aside from bacon, we have everything we need to set up Kitchen Sink Breakfast (grease crock, put all ingredients except scrambled eggs into bottom, then add the scrambled eggs and cook on low for 4 hours or so – thank you, Paleo Slow Cooking by Chrissy Gower! Buy that cookbook!) for 6 weeks of once-a-week breakfast. Two weeks ago, Harvester gave us a BUNCH of onions and crimini mushrooms – I immediately chopped them with my chopper device and froze them for future use. The same week, we were given 2 huge flats of over 2 dozen eggs each, which I’ll use towards this. I happened to have our own purchased excess of organic bell peppers I chopped and froze, that same day the mushrooms and onions came in. I am still trying to find 1 more freezer-meal friendly recipe to make 6 of, the other breakfasts can be scrambled eggs. I am thinking this delicious-sounding Paleo Pineapple Upside Down Cake, since Harvesters just gifted us with a BUNCH of fresh pineapple (and set leftovers in the freezer for breakfast smoothies) and we were also gifted cherries today, time to make another round of healthier maraschino cherries, perfectly timed for pineapple upside down cakes, really.

Today at Harvesters, we were given 7 three-pound bags of organic potatoes. (Also… A lot of garlic and bananas!) I will turn 6 bags of them into fermented french fries (Second Breakfast) and 1 bag into fermented tater tots (follow step for soaking from the French fries, then follow the recipe at Second Breakfast for tater tots!) to go with fish sticks and cultured tartar sauce (yep, head over to Second Breakfast and look under Condiments)… The fish is waiting to be cooked tomorrow.

I already have two weekly lunches planned for 6 weeks. Milk chicken (we use coconut milk) with raw veggies and Italian dressing, and smoked pork with barbecue sauce for pulled pork sandwiches with the French fries. I want to set up 2-3 more lunch meals for the 6 weeks, as well. Not entirely sure what those could be, yet. Likely at least one soup, because I can make a massive batch at once quite easily and divide up.

Then Melody and I will make and freeze a lot of Paleo pitas (Second Breakfast, scroll down to Breads), bread, buns (Second Breakfast), and tortillas, to have random “sandwich” lunches the rest of the time. We have quite a loaf of roast beef (around 5 lb of a deli loaf) that the ministry house gave us, plus a giant tub or two of almond or peanut butter with some fermented jams should do. And Daryl will likely love to have a lunch or two of burgers with chips.

Like my normal meal plans (see intro to Second Breakfast) the breakfasts and lunches will stay consistent for about 6 weeks, Monday-Sundays, during my postpartum time, then right around winter will shift for the season anyway. 🙂

Perhaps I am a little over-eager, but I would like to make some bulk postpartum snacks, too, like beef jerky, fermented fruit leather, and a BUNCH of trail mix with soaked and dehydrated nuts (we just mix nuts, usually almonds, organic raisins, and carob chips for Stryder or allergen-friendly chocolate chips for the rest of us). Maybe soaked lactation cookies (I used to eat these with cream cheese between two of them, before I went Paleo! Sooo good). I might have Melody and the smaller children make snacks.

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