A Bit More Substance to Our Days


Facebook truly, is a time suck. I have used MeWe solely for over a year at a time (without using Facebook) and each time have a release of creativity, hopefulness, productivity, and a wealth of reading and researching that happens. I can use MeWe as “much” as Facebook, but it doesn’t have the same addictive algorithms, and so I don’t.
I decided to take a pregnancy break from Facebook for a few weeks.

Today, we wrapped up our first full week back to home learning rhythm, with Melody in year 9-11 in two years program through Ambleside Online and Leela in Year A of AO for Groups. I am hoping that we will finish up a full term for Melody, before the baby gets her. Leela will complete a term for sure and then, she and Melody will get a few weeks break. Melody does most everything on her own anyway, but there are some subjects I love being in on!
With a large gap in age between Melody and Leela (10 years) and then all the rest of our children very close together in age, I was delighted a few years ago to see Ambleside Online come out with a groups curriculum. As I looked at the forms, I did wonder what I would do for 10-12 grade that could basically be as streamlined for my planning abilities. I don’t have to “buffet” anything in the AO4Groups program, just alternate any resources I really want to substitute. With me being pregnant pretty much every other year, my brain needs that rest in choices! Ha.
And then, realizing quite rapidly that Melody will be aging “out” of home learning if she wants to, I started digging around AO more to see what I could do specifically for her. And there it was, the Upper Years in 5 years. Years 9-11 in two years works perfectly, followed by Year 12… it is like the completion of AO4Groups, without being that at all.

Atop completing the first week back to our learning rhythm, I also got 4 loads of laundry washed, 3 hung to dry (diapers and bathroom wipes are in the dryer because they take a bit longer than we have today, to dry on the line), removed the rest of the wool from an old mattress we were gifted 2 years and 1 mold remediation ago and washed a load of the wool and salvaged a little bit of the ticking to make into pillows after the material is mold-washed. The ticking I have ready to go for the wool mattress is already 1/3 full, enough to make a butt cushion for all the children or two adults and a small child between them. It is SO close to being finished!

We also stopped lessons for a goat milk delivery (I may try my hand at writing about the glutamate issue and goat milk having less glutamate than cow milk, some other time. I hope!) and an in-home cranio-sacral fascial therapy session in the middle of the day.
We cleaned up the living room. I aired out several down mattresses and Daryl’s and my down comforter.

Only about half of that would get done, when Facebook is in the picture.

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