A Mother’s Feast 2020


2019 was a whirlwind of blessing, tragedy, sickness, life’s breath, miscarriage, and as always, beautiful chaos.
Our learning rhythm was not even a thing. I used to feel ashamed to talk about it when we had seasons that necessitated slowness or pause in this rhythm, but I no longer do. It’s a season, that is all. And sometimes those slow or paused seasons teach us more than the ones where I have a bunch planned in.

I tried in earnest to begin it at the beginning of January, but Oliver was then just 6 weeks old and it was WAY too much for me to manage at the time.
Not because of Melody (who at 17 is quite self-sufficient), but because this was the first time with multiple scheduled learners. Leela coming in to the fold and needing constant help with readings, math, and handicraft instruction was more than I was able to do with a voracious eater.

I tried again, making a plan for September to coincide with a contemporary school year. And then we had to flee our home and do an impoverished DIY mold remediation. It sound legitimately nuts now, but amidst sanitizing as much as possible for the first two weeks, I actually did do rhythmic learning with the girls! Then the actual remediation time came and I almost never saw the kids for 3 weeks!

January started creeping up on us and I got excited that our home renovations have slowed down and I do not have a needy little Oliver any longer, just a rambunctious little Oliver! Something felt off. And one night, I realized that I hadn’t planned for MY learning rhythm. I mapped it out quickly the night before the girls were to stay back up and it was just the boost I needed.

My prayer is that I can keep this up, even if I get pregnant again, even if I’m sick, or have a mini catastrophe again (please no, Lord!).

On the page to the right, I also have mapped out to do an hour of vocational studying a day, Monday-Friday, poetry readings in the evening, and to take time to blog (not necessarily public right away) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On the back of the page I have designated days of the week to be a specific task or delight – Sunday is food prep day and Tuesday is mending, for example.

I am prayerful that this will help me be more intentional and keep my focus a lot better for my family and myself.

I haven’t plotted out terms 2 & 3 for a few areas yet, but I am waiting on them and am okay with that pause, since I’m moving forward on the now.

Do you have a Mother’s Feast mapped out for yourself? Any days with rhythm and order? I’d love to hear what you do!

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