DIY Mold Remediation


Read about some of our Mold Toxicity Symptoms in this post and our Sanitization Process in this post!

On the 13th, we hadn’t heard from the man who volunteered his time to help us. He’d told us that with 2-3 people, the house could be properly prepared with plastic and HEPA scrubber and the mold removed, in a day.
I made the decision to mask/goggle/glove up and help Daryl on the 14th, despite that he had said if I showed up that day to help him and the other man, Daryl would leave. He did not want me getting more sick. But neither of us realized it would be only him if I didn’t go! So we did the best we could. Thankfully, the mold-rated mask, hair covering things, and hill-billy shower we set up on our porch, kept me from breathing in enough mold to make me ill.

It took us THREE days to properly get the plastic up. By the end of the second day, even having one new friend come help us for a few hours, we still weren’t finished with the plastic. I was in tears and panicked. We only had until September 30 to be in our friend’s rental house, then we had no where to go. All I knew was we were not going back into our home until the mold was removed and Melody and I could both breathe in the home without symptoms.

I decided to put out a mass prayer request to as many people as I could, before the friend called us and asked to come help (and he did not have these updates!). Many people asked for updates, so I created a prayer request and progress journal, since I don’t use FB socially anymore. Many were able to read my whining, panicking, and fear – I’m sure I was a real joy for them and also sweet Daryl. They all loved on us through the panic, through prayer, financial support (there was NO way, with Daryl having lost his job, that we could even afford the materials for DIY remediation), and their time helping us remove the mold and get new insulation, flooring, and drywall put in and reestablish our home with safety AND beauty.

Getting the mold out was like an onion. You’d cut in and realize there’s another layer. It took well beyond the weekend we had anticipated! We didn’t get all of the mold out until the 3rd of October. Yikes!

Several people came and gave their time in the mold removal stage. Some came from out of town to help us for the day, others were from a new transitional living home in town that aims to serve the community. It was amazing to see those who braved the mold (with masks on) to help us no longer have mold in our home!

Then, we had a massive need for help getting sub-flooring and drywall installed, so at the very least, our home was safe for little ones to not… Fall through! Ha. Many people helped pitch in here. While we were in a hot frenzy (mostly me, less Daryl) and not as directed as if we were calm, still happened very rapidly (it did NOT feel it at the time).

By the evening of the 30th, our house mostly looked like this everywhere. The master bath had to be completely gutted of the tub and it was still exposed at that time (no drywall or subflooring), though.

Thankfully, we found out from our friend that their new tenant wouldn’t be in for a little bit longer, so we had until the 3rd. Time was still ticking!

On the 1st of October, our church family sent 15 people to help us and it was a total, amazing, beautiful frenzy that I completely couldn’t keep up with. Haha! While still anxious, I felt a lot better that night, more hopeful the house could be finished to a safe-point, before we moved back in with little children.

That kind of ends the mold remediation story, but what about the process, you might ask. I hope you did, anyway! Because the process is pretty easy, but time consuming. It’s definitely cheaper to DIY it (less than $1000, including restoration supplies) than we were quoted from a local company ($5,000+)… Who would not reinstall new drywall or subflooring at the end!

Let me start with the list of supplies for the whole shebang. You can take a look at it, here. I kept it updated as we went and gave our prayer warriors access to either purchase directly for us if they wanted (replaced all links as things were purchased) or could see our current needs to pray for.

As for the process, it was pretty much like these videos, except we didn’t have a massive crew of big burly men knocking everything out in rapid time! Haha! It was average Daryl and me (struggling from mold toxicity still), with some help every so often to revive our spirits and help us slam a lot of tasks off the list.

And, that’s about it. I’ll do some updates here and there, as I can afford to, about our health protocol for mold toxicity healing.


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