Moldy Brains


We had flooding in our area last year that did not enter our home from below, but the torrential rains that came with it, poured down our walls. While we knew we had a small mold issue in our hallway, we had NO idea how massive this problem really was and we also had no idea how deeply it was effecting several of us in the Baggins family.

Around 3 months later, Melody began struggling with suicidal depression. I was taking 5 hours to get our supplements and make breakfast – that was all I could do in 5 hours, nothing else.
I assumed Melody’s depression was unresolved trauma from her childhood assaults and we began a specialized therapy for her with an amazing therapist. I assumed my lethargy was still clinging from when I lost my longest-held miscarriage baby, despite that I’d had some decent months after his loss and then suddenly crashed again.

Over the late spring, I tore carpet out of our livingroom to begin paper bagging the floor. This is when we found mold behind the baseboard (the baseboard went a third of the way up the walls).

I tried to put furniture in front of it so that my littlest children couldn’t touch it.

In mid-July, Daryll was fired from his job of almost 6 years. He started helping a family friend with yard work and some light construction stuff. He started his own handyman business. Emotionally and spiritually, amazing. Financially, struggling.

None of us knew why, but for several months before September, all of the “bigger people” in the house would burp and fart the intense smell of rotten sulfuric eggs. Our poop also smelled like this.
We made plans to do a DIY mold remediation in mid-September, when the weather would be cooler, hopefully enough to work in a mobile home without the air conditioner on. Another man who was also helping our family friend, used to work in mold remediation and, along with my foggy/intense researching abilities, was helping us understand what we would need to do a professional job.

This August, though, everything shifted into high gear. It started getting worse slowly over a year, but at the end of August we had a gloriously cool Friday towards the end and decided to open up the house and get fresh air in. It felt so good! It was maybe the best and worst decision ever.

By the following Monday, both Melody and I had extremity numbness. I could barely think through a sentence, let alone get it out. Melody was more depressed than ever and I couldn’t get up and function at all. I required a lot of assistance, as I couldn’t feel things anymore. It wasn’t safe for me to cut things. I couldn’t properly hang laundry.

All of us were more agitated and upset with each other, including the littles. Our moods were all over the place over this whole summer, actually, which I chalked up to the stress of finances.
Daryll took a super blurry picture of me when I burst into tears over… I don’t even remember what, now, because with my mood being so all over the place (forget that everyone else’s was too!), we kind of all assumed I was pregnant again (I wasn’t)!

Look where I’m sitting – floor couch, right at mold without knowing it

Because I’ve dealt with B12 deficiency multiple times now, I thought that maybe when our arms went numb, that we weren’t getting enough adenosyl/hydroxy B12.

It didn’t make sense to me because we’d been muscle testing and taking everything we needed to. I also thought it was weird that we both developed B12 deficiency on the exact same day. That the next day, Tuesday, we both felt better, and then Wednesday we were both numb again. All the puzzle pieces hadn’t fallen together for me yet – can I claim Mold Brain for that time period? Ha.

On August 28 or 29, I started putting together a health protocol for mold detox, that we could do after our September DIY mold remediation. As I was reading through blogs for herbs, natural supplements, and holistic actions I could take, I started to re-read all the symptoms of mold toxicity. I realized we had most of them. Disbelief rapidly turned to horror, and then back to disbelief. (A week or so later, a friend who knows how diligent I’ve been to avoid sulfur because of gene mutations, would send me info about the link between mold toxicity and dental caries, too, something I struggle with!)

I really, desperately wanted it to be B12 deficiency. How simple – take more pills! – whereas I knew that mold toxicity required much more of an uphill battle.

By this point, Melody and I had both been muscle testing much higher for our supplements than we normally did and had run out of B12 for a day. A friend bought us a new bottle and also told us that we could move in to their rental home the entire month of September, as their new tenants weren’t moving in until October. While generous, it flew right over my head why they were offering, and I kept planning to stay there the weekend of the 14th only.

That last Thursday or Friday of August, Daryll drove him and I on some errands (I refuse to drive like that) and I was coming ‘in and out’ of myself. It was similar to when I come out of B12 fog, but different. Usually, it’s a straight upward feel to “being myself.” This time, it was like being on a roller coaster, up and down. I felt drawn to breathe in the air from the air system. When we got home, back to drudgery.

On Saturday, Melody and I took an insane amount of B12, and still wasn’t as much as I was muscle testing for. We just didn’t have enough. It did nothing. I began letting “mold toxicity” start to sink in, but I wasn’t entirely sure because how could I know for sure?

September 1, Daryll and I ran errands again. I started doing the roller coaster thing again, in and out of body. It was like something finally clicked in me and I knew it was mold. I burst into tears and said, “we have to get out of our home today, NOW.”

For now, this is the beginning of our DIY mold remediation journey – in our home and in our bodies. I continue this story in another post, Moldy Belongings.

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