Lemons and Lemonade… Or Something Like That


This was a timely message that came to me today.

Recently, Daryl was wrongfully terminated from a job he has held for over half a decade.

Less than a week later, we received his final paycheck. No savings. No recourse to contest the termination (and honestly, with how shady the company was proving to be, no desire to work for a company like that anymore anyway). Just rapid, looming poverty.

And internal home issues that we planned to remediate within a month, purchasing proper protective gear and clean replacement building materials. Starting with this coming week’s paycheck. Ha!

But the reality is, outside of financial concern, God planned for this and knew it would be for His glory and our best interest in serving Him. This has spurred Daryl and I to move forward with vocations we’d be dreaming of and talking about for a year (or many years, in my case!). Things we knew He’d called us to, but we’d been complacent in or hesitant to step forward in faith to do.

Now, we can only humbly repent (turn away from the wrong thing) and prayerfully ask God to guide our steps and make us fruitful as we venture on new, challenging paths to bless our community.

Hopefully we can tell this story in the future, and tell of the beautiful things that came, despite our balking ways, and encourage others to not wait to heed God’s call!

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