Gallbladder: How to Keep It, What Can Be Done When You Didn’t Keep It


gallbladder-removal-open_thumbThe following is a smattering of information I gathered, when looking up information for someone I love, who had their gall bladder removed after a few attacks, and at the last hospital visit, found out they had the start of Type 2 diabetes. Encouraging them to go keto or Paleo for their diabetes, I knew I had to find information about that, without a gallbladder.

Some of the following shocked me, because of the links between different health issues. But it shouldn’t shock me.
This is for my future referral and you, the reader to take and use as you will. I am not an allopathic doctor and make no claim or hold any belief that I am your health authority – you are responsible for your own health and choices.

So, this was an interesting and unexpected find. At least… something to be mindful of:

‘K, so my notes. This is where I noted gallbladder is linked with celiacs disease (so… you will probably continue to have issues until the root issue is dealt with)…. but I followed some of the links in this article, and that sense of “won’t really get better until the root issue is cared for” (diet) made total sense and I found info about diabetes/high blood sugar and gallbladder stuff connecting (because… diet), which I’d never thought to connect before:
It also mentions a drug that QUICKLY dissolves gallstones (not my preference and I know it’s too late for you, but info to tuck away to share with others?), so that someone could get rid of the stones and then immediately go Paleo with high veggies and work on gut health and keep their gallbladder.
Then there’s this, about digesting fats better, but it reminded me that not only do you need bitters, but you would probably also need ox bile, if you don’t have it already:
Since I am really convinced about getting nutrients through foods as much as possible, that offer a range of variety within each food individually rather than lab-made isolated nutrients without any protective co-nutrients, this led me to find a list for you about enzymes from foods, to help you digest fats and foods better!
And there’s this about enzyme supplements to consider:

Also, that article from Bulletproof reminded me of a few articles I had pinned a long time ago. I don’t have a settled mindset on HCL, I am just presenting different bits of information about it that I have come across:

(This one could apply for people with heartburn, too.)

Random but not-so-random. Natural way to get a daily “multi-vitamin” (I do this, with the exception that I watch my green smoothies pretty closely because of kidney issues – I’m learning about foods that deal with oxalates too, so I don’t have to keep such a strict eye on my oxalate intake) : email:

I went looking for a picture I could share with the post, and ended up finding this article:

Uhmm…. diabetes, hypothyroid, gallbladder problems…. sounds familiar!

Because of all the issues connecting together and that they would all be healed or avoided by eating low-processed carbs and higher fat, I would think that Paleo or Keto and the Yasko nutrigenomic protocol would be highly valuable for a person struggling with these things.
This is how I go about it:

And, tagging along with the nutrigenomic stuff, my friend just sent me this link a few days ago. Eat the liver!

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