Little Bits

Leela, while eating breakfast, “Mumma, some day, you are going to die.”
Thus begins day 3 of our scheduled learning, after a night of the littles crying most of the night from some sort of weird sickness that came on quickly around 10.
Meanwhile, Stryder is running around the house in his underwear, humming The Flash theme song and going between telling me he’s going to rescue me (as Flash) and kill me (as Zoom).
Zoe is crawling all over and showing me how she can look at me upside down, through her fingers, under a blanket. And laughing a lot.
Melody, who rocked with Zoe in her hammock, while Daryl and I took turns with Stryder and Leela through the night, got to sleep in and is now working through some subjects lounging in the living room. We are in brush-up week because the break was so long, but I am reminding her this is not “baby” work, it’s FOUNDATION work.
Today is a foundation kind of day. It’s okay if all the boxes aren’t checked off. I will let the peace of Christ reign in my heart and through my home as much as possible.
I will light a candle, burn some herbs to cleanse the air, and seek His face in quiet contemplation. I will ask my children if they want to breathe in His presence, deeply, with me.

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