Weak-willed people are difficult for me to be around. Love them, yes. Have fun with them, sure. Talk about fluffy things, absolutely.
It’s hard to have any meaningful depth with them, any action taken by their side, or real fellowship that you can trust. I know there are people who have 500+ acquaintances and enjoy that, but not many type 4’s value surface level “fluffy” things.

(I know, in turn, there are people that don’t appreciate depth, my love of it, or my fervency for victim advocacy. I really don’t care if they call me names and say I’m hate-filled towards them to be bold in speaking out for victims they created.  They can label me as people did John the baptist, “crazy,” “wild,” “too much.” I’m not going to stop speaking out for victims, the same message of calling to love and repentance, that he cried out in the wilderness.)
I read Acts 15 this morning, following along from what I’ve been slowly chewing through for the last 2 months, and was struck by verse 2:
“When Paul and Barnabas had a big argument and debate with them, the brothers appointed Paul and Barnabas with some others from among them to go up to Jerusalem to the emissaries and elders about this issue.”
(Verse 1 describes what the issue was about and all throughout the NT, this issue is made abundantly clear, but a good summary is Galatians 5:12 – the disciples were far from thinking this was personal, individualized “business” that other people should “stay out of” and did not pretend it was a matter that could or should be enforced on another.)
Argumentation and debate is *not* wrong. There are times for it. When we discuss physically maiming, assaulting, and scarring someone… this is not “foolish, ignorant controversies” as 2 Tim. 2:23 calls us away from. Romans 14:1 says not to quarrel over opinions. Defending victims of slaughter, mutilation, abuse… to repeatedly, strongly state that they should not be assaulted – this is not opinion. It is also not in vain to fight against this.

Today, I resolve to be more active, the more people I see be complacent or step back. To continue to speak truth with boldness, fervency, and passion and without judgment.

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