Captivating Finds


Here are some of the things that have caused me to contemplate, be encouraged, and change my ways in the last few weeks. There’s no real connection between them, aside from me appreciating them. They are worth the time to read!


I really love this so much. It makes me think of a dance routine I would watch over and over, weeping, after I learned what Doctor Horrible had done.

~ I Just Don’t See It – seeing ourselves, our parenting in glory, rather than defeat

~ How a Lack of Touch is Destroying Men

Sleeping Tigers, Switched-Off Cliffs and Teaching Toddlers about Every Day Dangers – gentle parenting toolbox, no-hit method to teach kids to not run in the street, etc.

~ How to Walk Away From a Fight With Your Child – some great points to learn in any argument, except for the police suggestion.

~ When Your Politics Become Your Lord

~ Hell: A “Biblical” Staple the Bible Never Actually Mentions

~ Nice Girls Vs. Kind Women

~ Stay Listening – how to respect a child’s bodily autonomy when they don’t want to take medicine

~ What The Bible Really Says About Routine Infant Circumcision


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