Words Are Powerful and They Mean Something, Part 2


I’ve written about this a little bit before.

But my thoughts are expanding on it, and I thought I would share it here….

So, I have been thinking about this. Words matter. Like.. the term “unvaccinated” bothers me because it’s using what is not the biological normal and making that the standard and comparing the biologically normal thing to the science experiment, rather than the other way around (which is how it’s done in genuinely scientific circles, not in for-profit circles). So, I say intact immune system (“unvaccinated”) and non-intact immune system (vaccinated) to make clear the reality. I also don’t say “breast is best.” Breast is the biological norm – it doesn’t offer benefits, it offers the standard, the baseline, the normal, the average… Both in nutrient obtaining and in jaw development and other physical body needs. Anything else offers LESS than that… formulas do not offer the normal baseline, they offer health risks and harms. That’s not a judgement on people who use formula or vaccines – it’s just the reality of biology and genuine terminology that expresses our baselines.

6359396398048347211068716739_bvokexbcqaanlnnThere are “smaller” and bigger, noticeable ways that our friends of color are marginalized, targeted, treated less. I am starting to think that stating anyone is “privileged” (and I’ve been using this phrase!) is causing problems. Because how white people are generally treated and enabled is the BASELINE for how *all* humans should be treated. Anything less is detrimental to our society. It also shifts the focus incorrectly as though there’s a problem with the normal, good thing, rather than stating blatantly what is a f’d up about how people of color are treated. I think I want to begin expressing the reality of harm, rather than implying normal love is the wrong thing. What we get – less police brutality,  less suspicion from society just for being, decent housing in beautiful neighborhoods, etc… These aren’t supposed to be privileges. They are supposed to be the baseline – and that means when anyone targets another to have less than that, the good thing needn’t be expressed as the oddity… The harm should be. Our friends of color are marginalized, targeted, murdered, beaten, looked at suspiciously, rejected, and more, because we make racism a hospitable home in our culture. 😦
Dunno if that makes any sense. It’s just been churning around in my type 4 heart and mind for a few weeks.

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