Nutritious Movement Cert Week Is the Starting Line




Nutritious Movement

I thought that before I go on too much farther with this update, I’d give you a really great look at what philosophy and understanding Nutritious Movement is about, what I am training through, and what I will be teaching through movement classes for whole body health. Just click the below link:

Nutritious Movement Welcome Video


Moving my way through a NM Snack video with three of the kiddos.


Since last April, when I went to Chicago for a training weekend, I have had little Zoe (who is now 7 months old!) with my second intentional free-birth, have been reading a lot of Katy Bowman’s books (as well as trauma healing books for working with others – and myself, more for my vocation) and making my way through her online classes, have hosted a few rounds of book discussions for Move Your DNA in various online forums, and have had several more sessions with local community members searching for help with various issues, resolved with our sessions after a few months!

Something that came very needed for me while I was pregnant with Zoe, was a quote, reinforced throughout all of Katy Bowman’s work, is that we all have seasons and rhythms. One quote in particular, from Move Your DNA is:

“My point is, everyone – even the hunteriest of the hunters – was a gatherer first. When hunter-gatherers are children, their job is to gather. All are successful in this way first. To go forward, we must go back to figure out which movement basics we have failed to practice and which tissue adaptations we still need.”

After having my first three babies, I felt compelled to get back into my pre-pregnancy ways as quick as possible. Despite nursing a new baby, having typically-erratic hormones, and needing a lot more rest with my baby, I tried to zip around at about 6 weeks postpartum.
This time, though, I have allowed myself to be a “gatherer” for a longer season. As Zoe has moved more on her own, so have I. I have taken my seasonal inspiration from her, as much as possible. So, while I still hang, I still move, I am moving just a little bit slower, a little less intensely. And I have found nourishment in this place. This too, has been training in the philosophies and principles and movements of the Nutritious Movement Institute. (More on this in a great podcast, Natural Movement and Variability.)


Outside study session hammock-style, weird postpartum hair growth included.


I am so incredibly overwhelmed with the support I have received for my Restorative Exercise Specialist training!  I have seen provision in incredible ways:


  • Prayer


I have had people pray over me, a beautiful expression of love for me and my family. There’s something powerful and lovely in these moments, my present and my future being taken to our Father’s feet and entrusted to Him. These times of prayer have led to mental clarity for what my heart has already been whispering to me ~ to minister to the sexually wounded.


  • Time


I have had the opportunity to hone my teaching skills – this is a huge blessing for me! Having people engage with me in conversation about bodily alignment is a wonderful discussion to have and a pleasant way to spend time with the community I love.


  • Finances


Every dollar needed last year came in, exactly when it was needed. I have seen that happen this year as well. Daryl’s bonus was larger than normal this quarter (it’s usually just enough to buy desperately needed supplements for 2 months and take the kids out to Chick-fil-A once), so we were able to pay for a beautiful and cheaper-than-expected location 15 minutes away from the Sequim, WA studio where I will be certifying, the first week in May. I still have financial needs coming up, but I have learned to trust God for this. Surprises abound!


Practicing the Calf Stretch, to help unused parts of my leg get prepared for aligned walking, instead of a series of falling forward!


This is the biggest total financial need yet. Everything before this was smaller chunks, but this started out as $1650 for the certification and lodging. As I mentioned earlier, I was able to secure lodging for the week. Before that, I was able to pay the $250 deposit to hold my spot at the certification training, with $700 remaining, that needs to be fully paid by April 2.
It seems like the most affordable option to get from Sequim, WA (and back) will be a Greyhound bus. That will be around $300 for transportation needs. So, I am needing $1,000 to make it to certification week.

If you are contemplating financially supporting me to help make this dream a reality, I also want to give a glimpse of how much this can truly be a financial benefit to you, as well.

As I have offered before, for every $50 given towards my certification endeavors, I am offering an in-person or Skype alignment session with you (as well as a movement session DVD starring yours-truly), after I have gotten my certification. This may seem like a lot, but as I have been asking certified RES-CPTs what their rates are ($75-90/hour), this is truly a bargain for those of you who are able to financially support this dream!
Understanding and implementing healthy alignment can improve your mood, your breathing, your endocrine system, your mental clarity, your cardiovascular system…. the list goes on. Through simple shifts in body movement, you can offer yourself whole-body health and wellness. The $50 that can support me to certification, will also be supporting you!

I am not only offering very affordable alignment sessions upon my completion, but all of the classes I teach now, about fermentation, releasing emotions, and more, are being offered for love offerings (any donations for these classes will go directly towards my Certification Week fund).  If you are interested in these free beginner’s classes, please do let me know. If you cannot afford them, please contact me anyways!

Donations towards the rest of my certification week can be paid directly to the Nutritious Movement Institute (it’s the only way you can remain anonymous, if you would prefer that) through PayPal. You would need to make a clear note that it is for me (give them my email address, below, which is linked to my NM account!), for the May certification week. Send the donation to this PayPal address: info AT nutritiousmovement DOT com .  You can also send money via “friends and family” on paypal to my paypal account ( jj DOT foreveryoung AT gmail DOT com).

If you would like see where that current need is, I will update this specific post with pictures of my updated total in the top picture. 


I am baby-wearing Zoe here, so it’s difficult to see that my ribs are dropped (protecting my internal organs) in one picture but not the other! NM has taught me to keep my shoulders engaged and strong (left) rather than extended and weakened, up by my ears (right). This effects so much more than shoulder strength. It effects your ribs, organs, pelvis… your whole body.

If you’ve donated:

I need experience teaching! If you have donated money, please do not let the alignment session(s) go to waste for yourself, or for me. Taking time with you will benefit you and hone my teaching skills, so please do expect an email or phone call when I have graduated, to set up a time for a Nutritious Movement session with your newly-certified Restorative Exercise Specialist!

These sessions can be done in person or via Skype – distance is not a hindrance to learning how to move your body more naturally.

Starting Line

The last part of this training, where I go forward to the starting line of my vocation, is my certification week. The week is May 3-7, with me leaving a few days early to enjoy some beach time and meet some of the other students ahead of time.

I call this the starting line because what I have been doing up until this point is training. This isn’t my end goal. It’s only during this time that I have needed deeper aid to get to the starting line, so that I can begin my business and can, in turn, help other people reach for their dreams. This begins my devotion to the path of encouraging people to heal inwardly and outwardly, from various kinds of traumas and how to help ourselves prevent further traumas with healthful living.

Thank you so much for your time, prayers, and support. It means more to me than these measly but abundant words can possibly express to you.
In Christ’s unfailing love,

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