Placenta, Stem Cells and MTRR mutation


To save myself a little bit of time, I am going to mildly edit an email I sent to a friend, relating to why I am so much more excited about eating placenta in the postpartum time, than ever before. When a person tells me ingesting placenta postpartum has “no proven benefits,” (this is one of the far kinder renditions of the spiel!) I’ll happily send them the studies showing stem cell healing for countless serious health issues – which are proven more ample in placenta than in cord blood, aborted babies, or adult stem cells! Forget nutrients and hormones (that are present) – stem cells, people!!

“I have been researching more and more about my family’s genetic defects and successfully working to shut of these mutations through nutrigenomics following Amy Yasko’s protocol in order.
I have been hit with something that you may find interesting (or gross… or both!), so I thought I would share it with you even if you don’t use any of it!

Recently, a friend of mine who has a child on the autistic spectrum learned about stem cell therapy. She had been expecting another baby, and through her own researching learned of people whom were using placenta for stem cell therapy. She has been doing this for the last few weeks after her baby was born, with her 10 year old daughter on the spectrum and is watching her daughter improve drastically.
Her daughter could never make it past the letter H in the alphabet, but with only three prompts, made it through the entire alphabet last week. She is engaging with her siblings, something she has not done much before, trying to get them to do head/hand stands with her (also something she hasn’t tried to do before, apparently). This is with her placenta frozen in chunks then mixed in a smoothie. That’s it.

I’ve seen raw, frozen placenta work wonders in my postpartum time, giving me the most euphoric babymoon ever, with Leela.

As I was going through our genetic mutations, I was astonished to find in Dr Amy Yasko’s recommendations for supplementing the MTRR defect with these supplements (she recommends finding what works best, not all of them):

_ 1-3 VitaOrgan
_ 1-3 AminoAssist Capsules
_ 2-4 sprays AminoAssist Spray
_ 1 to 2 Placenta
_ 1 to 2 Royal Jelly *only if NO bee allergies*
_ 1 Adrenal Concentrate
_ Egg Protein 100% Powder

She sells placenta as a supplement on her site! I was amazed – I had not seen it before.
So, I am mentioning this to you for a couple of reasons.

First is that I vaguely recall that possibly one of your daughter’s in on the autistic spectrum? And perhaps you would find this information, if not awe-inspiring in God’s healing through our wombs in every sense, at least intrigued at the possibilities.
Second, a different article I came across mentioned genetic blood disorders and I remembered you have _______ disease (genetic blood disorder), which is exactly what I decided to send this to you about!
So, take this or leave it, think I’m crazy or whatever, but I felt compelled to share this info with you. I am not sure if you will be having more babies, but if so, it would be a free and harmless option to try for health healing. 🙂

Here are some of the links I thought you may find useful or interesting, if you want to read them: (I LOVE this, because it makes me feel sick to think of people taking precious cord blood from the baby who needs all of that in their bodies to stay healthy as an infant, and save it for a later date when they might be sick… perhaps prevented by having all their blood allowed to them at birth… cord blood is far less ample in stem cells and less versatile than placenta stem cells! No need to keep blood from the baby!)

My friend who is doing the placenta smoothies shared this link with me and told me, ‘This one made me realize that ingesting them did not prevent them from getting in the bloodstream and honing in on damaged areas of the body.’ :

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