CM Open House – Form 1 Exams


This is another often-requested video! I am very excited for this, but especially because its another one of my favorite people sharing their lives with us.

We have today, Amy and her family, giving us a peek into how they use Charlotte’s methods for exams. This is not just Form 1, it’s Year 1. So exciting! Thank you, Amy and family!

If you’d like to get to know her better, join her at her online home, Urban Pioneer Woman.

Here’s Amy, with a bit to say before I share the video:


Jessica LOVES making videos, but part way through it she got a bit bashful. We went ahead and finished videoing them, but there are some parts where she is pretty quiet. One thing I did not put in the video that I felt like I should make note of somewhere is where we deviated from the AO curriculum. For the most part we used the stock curriculum and questions; however, there are a few places in the video where you will notice we deviate. 1. We had already finished The Blue and Red Fairy books, so we are currently reading a book of Jewish fairy tales. 2. We have not started following the schedule yet for composer study, artist study, nature study, folk songs, or hymn study. 3. We are doing two foreign languages: Hebrew and American Sign Language. As it turns out, one of my kids does MUCH better with Hebrew, and one of my kids does MUCH better with ASL (Jessica)…so we have continued with both…

I did not note the fairy tale book in the video, but it is Jewish Fairy Tales by Aunt Naomi. It is a British translation of Jewish fairy tales from 1919.

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