CM Open Homes – Memory Work


Laura invites us into her home today, to show us how she and her son use Charlotte Mason methods to memorize passages. Thank you so much, Laura!

If you want to take a rest in Laura’s cyber-home, walk on over to Windy Hill Homeschool.

Here’s Laura, to give us a little bit behind the video:
My son has been doing AmblesideOnline since first grade (year 1) and is in the middle of 5th grade (year 4) now.  This video does not show his best work, but since the purpose of this blog series is to show a real homeschool day, its perfect. 🙂  Ideally, he would not be looking at the index cards and I wouldn’t need to give many cue words.  We only have one child, which changes the dynamics of seat-work time, and we don’t have a true morning/circle-time.  However, we have usually done Bible, then memory work and poetry, at the same sitting, typically followed or preceded by math.


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