CM Open House – Multiple Forms


Today, I’d like to introduce you to sisterjl. Her family is offering us a glimpse into their day and I am so excited – this is the most asked-for video in this series!

Without any further ado, let’s let her give you a little bit about herself. If you’d like to read her blog, hop on over to Waiting for the Valar.

I’m a wife (of almost 15 years) to my fabulous assistant pastor husband and a mother of six great kids, ages 1 to 12. We live in central Vermont, where I spend my summers hiking and gardening and my winters snowshoeing and knitting. I love to read and have deep conversations with long-time friends about pretty much everything under the sun. My kids are a lively, creative bunch who all look alike, but are very different in personalities and interests. We’ve always homeschooled, and have followed the Ambleside Online curriculum since my oldest was kindergarten age.

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  1. What a lovely family you have! So handy to see how others organise a number of kids, and how simple some things, like nature study can be, even as they grow older.
    And nice to see I’m not the only one with clothes on the couch!


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