The Flop


photo 1 (3)
I’ve had a makeover in mind for my bedroom for awhile now. On a limited budget and knowledge of volatile organic compounds being hazardous to health, I searched a very long time for an affordable DIY natural paint, for various places in my home. And I took a long time to slowly buy individual supplies once I knew what to do with my bedroom.

photo 2 (3)

Calcium carbonate and charcoal mix as the colorant – exactly the shade I was hoping for!

I finally found what I hoped would be our bedroom wall paint, flour paint. But, something went very wrong with this mix, despite that during later pregnancy, I stood over a stove for 45 minutes and followed the directions. I had the soothing grey that I wanted from the mix, until I added the iron sulfate. Then, at the top, was a horrid baby-poo-like green. I would mix and it would look okay for all of a moment, when the film formed on top would be the green. When I let it set to cool down, the entire top became that green. Underneath was the grey I wanted, but atop… where it dried, putrid green.

Despite this, when the paint cooled down, I wanted to see it’s coating ability. I did a nice thick and even coating and it was quite transparent – it would probably take about 10 coats to cover the pre-existing paint… nothing like the image of the barn in the link above.

photo 3 (2)

Those hunks of green only worsened as it cooled.

In an interesting twist, we are in the midst of repairing our roof. A co-worker of Daryl’s is really good at construction and offers good pricing (he owns his own business). He heard I was looking for no-VOC paint and offered to let us buy no-VOC paint through his business at his cost, for a name brand. It’s actually cheaper than making the flour paint, through him (far more if we purchased on our own). It’s not my ideal, but it’s better than toxins leaching into our home/us. I’ve already painted one closet door in a no-VOC paint, as a tester.

One flop allowed me to find a cheaper alternative that I don’t have to make myself, which at this stage in pregnancy, is a real helper.
Now, to get the room painted before this little one comes earthbound!

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