CM Open House – History & Timeline


It’s humbling for me, to realize what an exciting treat each of these videos are, and how gracious these mommas and children are for allowing us to get a glimpse into their living educations!

Today, we have Subversive Gardener’s family offering us a peek into how they utilize Charlotte Mason’s methods for learning through history.

Without any further ado, here’s Subversive Gardener filling us in a bit before I share the video:
This term (term 3 of year 2 with my 9 and 7 year old) my husband is doing the history readings (An Island Story and A Child’s History of the World) with our kids. This is his first lesson. The video shows our simple timeline, called a Table of Centuries. If you’re wondering about the book he used to find the dates, it’s a book he bought in England as a kid, The Weetabix Illustrated British History Book. He had to save up cereal box coupons and money to get it :D. It’s quite a handy little reference.

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