Birth Cave


photo 3A little bit ago, I wrote about my birth cave, and I thought I would show you more of it.
After next weekend, it will hopefully look a bit different, though, as this weekend Daryl and I tore the carpet out of our bedroom and are planning on flour painting the walls this coming weekend. (The toxic carpet and padding came out in 30 minutes – the staples took about 1 1/2 hours!)

photo 1

Right now, this is the state of my birth cave. Melody is hopefully about to create something similar to this for me with baking soda clay. I am also adding in several beeswax candles I am making this week, into the scone on the wall and some on our salt crystal holders on the bureau.

The birth pool is also going to squeeze in here. I have been planning to set up pools in the livingroom, but realized through this pregnancy that despite wanting a water birth, I gravitate towards my bedroom (thus, birth cave). So, I took some time last week, made a spot in the room, aired up the pool, and was excited to find that it does fit. And water can easily be gotten from a nearby source and dumping is also going to be easy!

photo 2

I am so looking forward to meeting this little one – we all love them so much already!

Resources for bunting banner (I printed these on half pages, then cut a triangle from the bottom to make bunting, before I strung up on baker’s twine):

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