Your Genitals… Your Humanity Gets No Respect

photo (15)

And then we have deceptive “safety” c-sections for women… the cycle of life in America, constantly killing it out.

In older birth and doctoral/political rape news… 😦
What a sick cycle we put our people in – we cut our women open either through lies and coercion for “safety” or we now do it by force…. “your body is your own, unless a dr ‘needs’ to do something.” And then we turn around and amputate our males’ penises through circumcision with no medical reason other than, “maybe someday he MIGHT have issues” and no consent from him. In fact, strapping him down to a board to prevent him flailing/escaping from the procedure….
And we expect men to defend and protect our women, and women to protect infant males. We keep harming one another through the guise of “medical necessity,” none of the time it actually being so, and we know it, deep inside of ourselves…. we have been violated, lied to, and assaulted. And then, we take our pain, our fear, our panic, and absolutely misplaced trust in an allopathic system, and we return it by handing over the other gender for the same emotional trauma of assault that we experienced. frown emoticon

We are a broken people.

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