Birth Affirmations


I have slowly been building a little birth affirmation hub since being pregnant with Leela. I collect a few new things with each pregnancy, Stryder’s and now this baby, too.


With Stryder, a friend and I were going to try our hand at henna-ing my belly, honoring the babies I have lost before Stryder (he’s my rainbow baby). She drew up a sketch of what I told her I was looking for and I as blown away! I was very near due when we planned this, and I actually gave birth to him before we could do the henna, so she blessed me with this gorgeous picture. It hangs in my birth cave along with a prayer from In His Hands birth supply.

photo (4)

This pregnancy, a family birth friend made this for me, an affirmation that has been absolutely powerful for me this time around – after learning what I have about energy, it liberates me to sink into contractions rather than tense against them. They ARE me.

I have more things that encourage me in pregnancy and labor, but these two are my absolute favorites.

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  1. Beautiful! Love to read more on your birth cave. We were joking during my labour that I was hiding in my cave. I had made one room dark and didn’t allow anyone to come in. It was my special spot.


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