“Shaken Baby Syndrome”

Something is fishy to me about vaccinations on many counts, but here is one that truly unnerves me.

The fraud, myth, lie of “shaken baby syndrome,” is something which even “experts” that once helped put people in prison (whose babies had vaccinations a few days before they died of “SBS”) are now recounting their stance on:

When a human being of any age over 2-3 is found, who has been assaulted so severely that it causes them brain trauma – there are always external signs as well: bruises, cuts, etc. The reason for these external indicators, is that to physically (not medically) inflict enough force to someone to cause the internal issues, one must put a vice-like grip onto someone to hold them while shaking them with enough force, which WILL leave evidence. Now, throwing someone down a flight of stairs, of any age, has been shown to be enough force… but again, there are also always external indicators in that situation, too.
Those under 3, who have brain swelling and bleeding from the eyes, but no external indicators, have been inflicted by internal, medical issues… but not physical assaulted (aside from a pharmaceutical shill who injects them)… or, do those under 3 somehow have non-human bodily responses?
Further, the triad of symptoms needed to diagnose “S. BS” are all listed as vaccine reactions in many of the vaccine package inserts, on the CDCs VAERs site (oh, and don’t worry… you the taxpayer get to pay for that system if a child is injured or murdered from a vaccine – the manufacturer cannot be prosecuted, unlike any other drug on the market), and in the CDC Pink Book.
Have you read the vaccine package inserts before? They are a disturbingly enlightening read, from the vaccine manufacturer. I’ve found most vaccine supporters don’t read the vaccine inserts nor the CDC Pink Book, unfortunately. It is not ridiculous, nor made up. If you do a search, you will see people once convicted of “S. BS” are now being exonerated, as the “science” was failed and now honest parents, nannies, and caregivers are now being released and shown as innocent.

How many children have to die before we allow even the sliver of a possibility that vaccines, as ANY drug, can cause serious harm? Vaccines are the untouchable medication – if you say anything against them, you are a “quack.” Yet all supposedly gentle over-the-counter pain meds each have proven (and accepted) ramifications, contraindications, and side effects. Interesting that a category of drugs that do nothing to heal an issue but supposedly prevent an event you never know if it will happen or not, are legally untouchable, untouchable to talk about side effects without harassment, and yet… can and do as much or more damage than any other category of medication – because a drug manufacturer’s cover-up of their guilt can rip families apart and put innocent people in prison.

But, I’m just a quack, because I am open to the fact that any medication, including vaccinations, have side effects.

 Lord, protect these families from the true quackery of people refusing to look beyond their cognitive dissonance or financial gain, to protect our children.

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