Minimalist Baby Gear



I remember when I was pregnant with Leela, a decade after Melody, looking up natural baby lists, minimalist baby lists. I wanted something different than what I had seen when I was pregnant with Melody and I felt compelled to have it all – the crib, the changing table (I laugh at this now… even non-crunchy moms end up saying that is their least-used item and they ended up changing their baby on the floor/bed/etc much easier), the wipes warmer, the diaper genie thing…

I began to realize I didn’t need that list to guide me, that I already knew the essentials and the luxuries I would appreciate. This is not a list for “anyone,” this is a list for me. Please don’t feel judged if you’re not a minimalist crunchy momma like me. 😉

Now with baby 4, the list hasn’t changed, it’s just that we have most of it already!




  • Diono carseat  (I am one of the “diligent researchers” Guggie mentions, so, this is one of MANY things I have looked at in regards to toxins) – I put this in the luxury category because having a vehicle, while feeling necessary, is not a necessity to life
  • baby legs and/or split crotch pants for EC
  • 10 cotton diapers (I love our homemade, nearly free t-shirt pocket diapers) and cotton inserts
  • 4 wool diaper covers (I use the same pattern as above, but stitch up the top)
  • Snappis or equivalent
  • small lambskin rug
  • 7 cotton shirts, not onesies
  • Moses basket – probably the bottom of my list, now
  • a few natural toys


What I don’t want taking up space in my home:

  • crib
  • playpen – we were given one and it contained toys and a blanket or two for about a month, sans Leela, when I put it in our storage and I am trying to sell it
  • stroller
  • lots of clothing, especially baby hats
  • plastic anything/flashy toys
  • many stuffed animals – these are the bane of my existence…. 😛
  • changing table
  • wipes warmer
  • diaper trash container
  • baby swing
  • high chair and/or purees

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