The Blessings Surrounding One Small Trip


Well, my first trip to Chicago held much excitement for myself, but hardly any sight-seeing, as I was busy doing something far more interesting (to me) than seeing the sights… I was working my way through the Move Your DNA whole body movements, an amazing step (ha) towards my certification.

I did, however, get to visit with some dear friends while there, and that was a treasure!

This gets good. 🙂

I didn’t have all the funds I needed, you know, to get there. From the beginning of my NM training, I knew that we did not have the funds ourselves to do any of this, but I knew it was something I was being led to. I prayed about it, and chose to send out an email newsletter similar to this. These donations in exchange for sessions with me upon certifying have carried me through! It was how I paid for the Move Your DNA Weekend to begin with.
With a failing car and two weekends before the event finding out we would have the first night without a place to sleep, I looked into AirBNB and found a house for rent that was very reasonable… better than the motels in the area. Still no money, though! Thankfully, my parents sent us some money and I secured it the weekend before, the host saving it for me until that weekend.
It was a huge relief to know we would have a place to rest while in Chicago.

Then we finally sat down and decided it needed to be just me going. 😛
At first, our family was going to go all together, but the closer the time drew near, the reality sunk in more and more that Daryl would have to completely shift his entire sleep schedule, the younger children would not do well on such an insanely long car trip even one way much less both ways just 3 days apart, Melody’s learning schedule would be stalled for 4 days, and my once a week cooking wouldn’t get done.
(Daryl’s desire for a car rental was not seen through, but our car made it to Chicago and back.)

Just after my parent’s sent money and I paid to rent the house, a friend from Bible study came over and handed me an envelope, then left. Inside was a note telling me it was a collection from my loved ones for Nutritious Movement training, $50 in cash, and at first, that’s all I saw. I got tears in my eyes and said, “aww!!” out loud, when Melody asked me what, and I showed her the envelope. It was then I noticed something else. A check for $550!
What is incredible about this is not only the love I constantly feel from my friends, the provision from God, but the timing.
Daryl and I had set aside enough money from something special last year, to finish paying for this year of NM training, but the classes hadn’t opened up since the website move. I had been waiting a few months. Our car would break down. We’d tap into the money we had saved. The plumbing would fail. We’d tap into the money we saved. The car would break down… again. You get the picture. By the time I was handed the envelope, the money was down to about 15% of what it had been. I was frustrated and a little worried in the month before this, but had made a choice to start trusting God, that if He had a path for me, He’d ensure my way on it, even if that way was bumpy! I began praying that the money for the classes would come to me in a way that would make it difficult to spend on anything else.
The timing isn’t just in that. It’s that it came about two days before the classes finally opened up! God never ceases to amaze me with His orchestration of even the small things of life that can feel so very large to us. 🙂

Back to the trip, though.
Off I drove on my own little adventure, to end up in Chicago for an amazing 2-day learning experience of Move Your DNA. The women I met there were absolutely stunning. I met a 66-year-old woman who is getting into whole body movement for the first time in her life, who loves knitting and art journaling {squee!!}. I met a certified RES who was taking the weekend to show herself love. I met yoga instructors dissatisfied with the way they had been taught alignment prompts and realized they weren’t accurate. I met a natural momma who also washes her hair with water only. Mommas who homeschool and unschool. A momma who runs in freebirth circles. A “famous” (to me) podcast host (this is her new home name). And a super great instructor, Janine Saxe, who is also a craniosacral therapist and was able to give me information on how I can eventually become certified, too.
Moving through the “exercises” in Move Your DNA and getting hands-on feedback was wonderful.

I was able to stop in a Trader Joe’s for the first time. It wasn’t super impressive, but it wasn’t too bad, either. I was able to buy some groceries in Chicago without going broke, so that was a plus.
I also found a fantastic little place through AirBNB to stay at, just 20 minutes away from the place Move Your DNA was being held. It was $10 more than a two-bed motel room, but was a 2 bedroom house with everything needed to make my own food, pretty vital when your are a Paleo-ista by necessity (not by choice)… fast food is almost always out.

After listening to Red Letter Revolution on the way there, I had a lot to chew on over the weekend. I kept ruminating on it, in awe of the God who created us for love, beauty, truth, and goodness. I couldn’t help but ponder Charlotte Mason at the same time, how so much of the book I was listening to would resonate with her, except the act of non-violent resistance. My heart was keen on what I was disconnecing from, where I needed to hand over to God, who I needed to pour love out to.

On the ride back, I was exhausted and a bit brain-foggy. I first listened to Elevating Childcare by Janet Lansbury. It is a good book and there were some things I found myself nodding in agreement with, but others I just sat and thought, “but if you don’t use words like ‘stealing’ and ‘took,’ you are leaving little children to have no real idea of right/wrong and actual boundaries that should not be crossed.” Again, Miss Mason came to mind.
The mind-numb hit me really good and I decided to listen to some Katy Bowman podcast, because they are pretty upbeat but still meaty. Then came The Child Whisperer podcast. Everything I had listened to that weekend came to a pregnant, hormonal pinnacle. I wept. I saw much of my own mistake-making as a parent, and I confessed them before the One who knew them all along.

My trip to Chicago, and the days and weeks surrounding it, have been more of a blessing than I could have imagined. What are some surprising blessings in your life lately, dear readers?

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