Pregnancy Bile


heartburn-1_200_200Great topic, right?

It’s a reality for a lot of mommas, whether it’s morning sickness or heartburn, or both. Very few escape the effect of bile during pregnancy to some degree.

During the beginning of my pregnancy with Leela, my midwife friend told me about Karen Hurd and beans. Apparently, soluble fiber binds to the bile that enflames “morning sickness” and then it flushes right out of your body. Since it was only a 1/4 cup of beans, a relatively affordable “supplement,” I decided to give it a try.
What I found remarkable was that it really worked – and quickly! Her suggested 20 minutes seems quite wonderful, but I had relief in 5-10 minutes, every time.

Then, when I was in the third trimester with Leela, heartburn kicked in. I was about to do a web search for natural remedies, when it struck me that heartburn is related to bile. I decided to try legumes again, but by this time I was growing tired of the thought of beans. So, I chose peanut butter. A little spoonful and heartburn was gone.

Now that I am into my third trimester with this little one, I feel pretty thankful that I hadn’t had heartburn kick in!
I finally started adjusting my night-time alignment, by transitioning away from using a pillow. After a week and a half, I had my first night of completely comfortable pillow-less sleep. No aches or pains. It was very cool. Two nights later, I awoke in the middle of the night with bile in my mouth and heartburn. Up I went again, propped onto a pillow. Drat.

Then, silly me, it hit me that there must be good sources of soluble fiber that are Paleo-friendly. Which is when I found acacia senegal. This is apparently chock full of it. After a couple of days of researching Chris Kresser’s suggestion at the end of this article, I decided to order some last night. Relying on the evidence from my own life of Amy Yasko’s protocol mantra “low and slow,” (good document here, but not Yasko’s) I am starting this the same way.

I’m hoping this works out – I can’t wait to go back to a pillow-less sleep. 🙂

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