But Public School Is Religiously Neutral!


This is an older post from my older blog, with lots of interesting quotes.


Not even the people who founded it thought so; for us to be lulled into thinking this is beyond ridiculous.
To start off with, public school in America was founded by two major groups at the time: Marxists who wanted to rip children away from families (is it just me, or has this been successful so far?) and Protestants who were convinced by Marxists to fear (sin; not trusting God) Catholics because of previous dealings and then thought it was their duty to indoctrinate Catholic children into a Protestant view. The foundation of public schools was: control, indoctrination and severance from family ties, but especially parental authority (this was certainly more the Marxist’s ideal! but there none the less). Even though many of the public school teachers did not know or want to know then nor know now, this was the formation for the public school system and has been seen to fruition today.

Values clarification disguises itself well, but one of the most obvious ones is the drug “prevention” program, D.A.R.E. in which drug use is never called wrong, harmful, etc. but rather it asks the child what they think personally, and allows them to come to the final conclusion. Sadly, this is a sick sort of indoctrination all on its own. I won’t even get into the values clarification that intertwines with New Age philosophy – that’s just as rampant in the public school system.

At any rate, here is a lovely little interview with a Marxist, Leonin Trotsky, on what the Socialist (Marxist) agenda in public school has always been.

A Real Interview With a Marxist Mastermind

The following questions were asked of and answered by Soviet mastermind Leonin Trotsky in the year 1932:

Question: “Is Bolshevism deliberately destroying the family?”

Answer: “If one understands by ‘family’ a compulsory union based on marriage contract, the blessing of the church, property rights, and the single passport, then Bolshevism has destroyed this policed family from the roots up.

“If one understands by ‘family’ the unbounded domination of parents over children, and absence of legal rights for the wife, then Bolshevism has, unfortunately, not yet completely destroyed this carry over of society’s old barbarism.”

Question: “Is it true that Sovietism teaches children not to respect their parents?”

Answer: “…It is true that rapid progress in the realms of technique, ideas, or manners generally diminishes the authority of the older generation, including that of parents. When professors lecture on the Darwinian theory, the authority of those parents who believe that Eve was made from Adam’s rib can only decline.”

Look around Doug Phillips blog for more on the effects that Socialism and Communism have had on our culture, including mother hood and family structure (where I found the above article).

An interesting pamphlet to print off on why little children are NOT to be “salt and light” to others through the degenerated public school, but are rather to be trained up so that when they are older they may then be the salt and light with strength and a firm mindset is: Exodus Mandate: Salt and Light.

A brief but enlightening view into several of American public school founder’s lives and life-views, please feel free to look up other people, I have yet to find one that was not looking for public schools to start from a reason apart from something crazy:

Robert Owens

Horace Mann (I think my favorite quote of his is referring to education was that, “other reforms are remedial; education is preventative.” Yes, education outside of God is our societal salvation. It’s the Great Hope. See what it’s done? I am impressed. As a note on him, he was very much what we today would call a New Ager – believing that humans could save themselves by themselves.)

Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, who started the first formal kindergarten (her beliefs are pretty interesting…. what is real is not real… transcendental idealism).

A review of the book, The Harsh Truth About Public Schools by Bruce Shortt, has been made by Steven Yates here. It is a very good review and goes over a bit more of the history of public school than I do here. Look at this site, which shows our intelligent and extremely suitable founders did not have any public schooling. A neat blog entry at Christianity Lived Out goes over the excuses Christians use for why they don’t/can’t/shouldn’t take their children out of public school. A few of my favorites from that site (check out the link for more “great” reasons!):

“But our government school is different.”

Read the book. If you still think that the federal laws, court decisions, and teacher’s unions do not assure that your government school teaches a secular humanist world view, read the book again.

“But my child is salt and light.”

If this was being said of well grounded college students with a great Christian world view, I might agree. To expect a 8-year-old to withstand the constant spiritual battery of a government school let alone change it is mind boggling. Children must be trained before they can be sent out.


“But our pastor hasn’t said it’s a problem.”

Really, if you can’t think and reason for yourself, I feel very bad for you and worry about your spiritual well being.


“But our government school has some Christian teachers.”

Even Christian teachers are bound by the law, curricula, etc. that make getting a Christian education via government schools impossible. All they can provide is a less corrosive environment. They cannot teach Christian values such as you matter because God created us and loves us. They cannot teach that there is right and wrong and God decides what is right and wrong.


“But we went to public schools and we turned out just fine.”

I went to public schools too. I didn’t get pregnant or do drugs or get involved in the occult. I also don’t think that I reached my full spiritual potential in school despite reading the Bible daily and having Christian parents who made sure that we did at least know the Bible. And government schools get worse every year because of new court decisions, laws, etc.

At the end of the day, my primary thought has been the best thing for our country is that public schools are ended. I should also be up-front that I think Christian private schools are not a solution for Christian families, either, as we are then still not taking the teaching of our children into our own hands, as God instructed us to. However, this article was still a great find for me, indeed! What if Public Schools Were Abolished? by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Murray N. Rothbard’s Education: Free and Compulsory explains that the true origin and purpose of public education is not so much education as we think of it, but indoctrination in the civic religion. This explains why the civic elite is so suspicious of homeschooling and private schooling: it’s not fear of low test scores that is driving this, but the worry that these kids aren’t learning the values that the state considers important.


All studies have shown that average cost per pupil for public schools is twice that of private schools (here is a sample study).

This runs contrary to intuition, since people think of public schools as free and private schools as expensive. But once you consider the source of funding (tax dollars vs. market tuition or donation), the private alternative is much cheaper. In fact, the public schools cost as much as the most expensive and elite private schools in the country. The difference is that the cost of public schooling is spread out over the entire population, whereas the private school cost is borne only by the families with students who attend them.

In short, if we could abolish public schools and compulsory schooling laws, and replace it all with market-provided education, we would have better schools at half the price, and be freer too. We would also be a more just society, with only the customers of education bearing the costs.

I italicized the last sentence myself, as I have always thought it unfair and disturbing that even people without children are forced into paying for others’ children’s education.

Bruce Shortt says, and I agree,

“Even if you believe that there is nothing wrong with institutionalizing Christian children in public schools, you need to read this book because you may be wrong. Remember, you only get one chance to educate your children. There are no do-overs.”

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  1. Excellent article! Some of the links are outdated but the info is still available through Archive.org. Thanks. Off to find Shortt’s book.


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