Adam Ruins Voting



I loved Adam’s short clips when he was going through CollegeHumor. I think he might be a playful Type 4, much like Stephen Colbert… and because he is direct and bold, his humor shines. (Where as Jimmy Fallon playing a “cutesy” Type 1 isn’t quite as funny.) I kind of envy Type 4s who have such an exacting way with humor…. stating obvious, difficult things in a way that people actually end up appreciate them in some way!

Adam Ruins Everything videos are very short – about 5ish minutes – but are packed with information and evidence pointing towards truth contrary to cultural belief. Whether he talks about engagement rings, death, video games, wine, or voting, there’s a lot to take note of.

Anyway, with voting season already upon us in various ways, as a Christian anarchist, I found these rather enlightening and humorous… and confirm the reality of my own experience with voting!

Why the Electoral College Ruins Everything

Why Rigging Elections is Completely Legal

Adam Ruins Voting – list of sources

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