Studied Fetal Gender Tests


So, awhile back I found out about two different gender/pregnancy “tests” that had actually been studied and found to have generally high accuracy. I thought both the placental location and the ancient Egyptian wheat/barley test was interesting. (I do note that in the information found about the grains, it’s neither debunked nor confirmed about the gender aspect.) However, when I learned of these, I’d only had two girls and was pregnant with my third.

Both Melody and Leela’s placentas were on the right side, which put me in the rarer 2ish %. With Stryder, my placenta was on the left, but I was unsure of the accuracy, and since he hadn’t been born yet, I didn’t know that he was in fact a boy. 😉

Knowing this pregnancy, that my boy had a left placenta and my girls had right, I felt more comfortable predicting gender by placental location. And thought it would be fun to try the grains as a cross-reference.

Gender doesn’t really matter to me – I just thought these would be fun. Since I won’t use ULTRAsounds (including Doppler, which is a constant frequency), these tests together are kind of exciting, along with feeling movement and tuning in to my baby throughout each day and talking with them.

I’m looking forward to our family birth, and seeing if these fun little tests were accurate for me, as placenta alone was a predictor with Stryder…

My placenta is left-lying this pregnancy.
And, here’s the grains after a few days of sprouting (I’m going to keep them going for another week, hopefully), which not only “agree” with my placental location, but if accurate, will confirm the Egyptian papyrus’ guide for gender prediction. The birth will tell me if these were accurate, after all. 🙂 I’m cool if these weren’t accurate, but I’ll be tickled if these safe, natural methods are simple cost effective things the Lord gave humanity to know if they are pregnant and/or having a boy or a girl. 🙂

*I do want to note that sprouting with urine seems to take a little longer than sprouting with water. So, if you want to try this experiment for yourself, keep that in mind!*


The Relationship Between Placental Location and Fetal Gender (Ramzi’s Method)
Ancient Egyptian grain-based pregnancy test found to be 70% accurate by archaeologists

Chris Kresser  – Natural childbirth IIb: ultrasound not as safe as commonly thought
Doppler Danger’s Ultrasound List
FDA: Avoid Fetal “Keepsake” Monitors

One more. If even the government is starting to say “hmm, there are indicators these aren’t as safe as previously thought, please don’t use unless absolutely necessary,” (and that’s unclear as to what “conditions” an ultrasound could do anything to prevent or help with once knowing about, if the technician and doctor are even accurate in its reading – I.e. lots of false positives that end up terrifying women for nothing) you may want to take notice. And perhaps look back in history to spare yourself from repeating it: SIXTY years of “safe” x-rays.

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