More Journeying with Epigenetics…


After sharing my Nutrigenomic Journey here, I thought I’d give an interesting update, one which cemented for me how important shutting off mutations in order really is:

I ran out of diatomaceous earth for the first time ever, about 4-5 weeks ago. I kept taking everything else. Within a few days, I was internally jittery, like electric buzzing. I was agitated and cagey. Then I realized, “Duh, my DE isn’t shutting off my CBS mutation, so everything is now pooling up in me, dumping all my nutrients into my inflammation pathway.”
I stopped taking all other supplements and, instead of waiting for my very cheap DE to come through my co-op order a week and a half later, I overnighted an Amazon delivery. Within a few days, I was obsessive and very emotional.

As soon as it came, I immediately started up the entire protocol again. I “normalized,” was not angry or weepy, but nothing settled quite right.
Last week, I decided to reset. Just DE for one week. This week I added in my activated charcoal, and so on. I was exhausted, napping a LOT that first week, but I felt it working with my mood and connective abilities again. The one thing I’ll do differently, knowing what I know now, is making sure lithium is in place before B supplementation, to support the Bs.

So, the thing to note is order of dealing with things is very important! (Don’t run out of supplements, if at all possible.)

I feel kinda proud, because after my first post here, I felt very convicted that my “thrift” that has cost my health so very often. While I don’t like spending more money, I do like that I made a clear and deliberate choice to spend money on rushing this supplement to myself, doing what I can to honor God’s temple. Now, to keep my eye better focused on the stock of supplements so I don’t have to rush it again. đŸ™‚

Order of care is very important with genetic mutations!

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