Whole body alignment and Simplicity


I didn’t know about Dressing Your Truth a decade ago, when I read Richard Foster’s The Celebration of Discipline, but my copying of many passages on simplicity from this book could have been a clue to what “Type” I was. I was deeply convicted and challenged by this book.

One of my favorite quotes, which I’d long since forgotten exactly but paraphrased many times over the years is,

“The Christian discipline of simplicity is an inward reality that results in an outward lifestyle… Contemporary culture lacks both the inward reality and the outward lifestyle of simplicity… We really must understand that the lust for affluence in contemporary society is psychotic. It is psychotic because it has completely lost touch with reality. We crave things we neither need or enjoy… We are made to feel ashamed to wear clothes or drive cars until they are worn out.. It is time we awaken to the fact that conformity to a sick society is to be sick.”

My nature loves simplicity, stream-lined things, but it also loves things to “look clean and together.” This was at once confirming and challenging my inner nature (I love that).

Years go by and I learn about whole body alignment and again, it clicks. It challenges. It creates ideas and desires I had waiting inside and didn’t know how to formulate into thoughts.

Seeing Katy Bowman’s simplistic furnishings in her home, while offering whole body alignment and health, propelled me forward to doing things (and making plans for other things) I knew we’re needed for my family, connected in a large way to Richard Foster’s quote above…. being okay with not having what most Americans think is “normal” and “good” in a house.

So, I thought I’d give you a tour of what this looks like in our home, telling you what was changed, and what I plan to implement.

First is our livingroom. There used to be two crappy side tables, one nice side table, a comfy rocking recliner, a futon with frame, and a big comfy couch…. I have no idea how we fit it all in, but it fit. There was even enough room for me to do yogalates when I was still doing that.


Like our cardboard fireplace?

We plan on getting rid of the toxic carpeting, then painting and sealing the floor, and using the carpet that is rolled up under the pillows (to the left) right now. The pillows will eventually move out to a local thrift store (except the rolled up yoga futon, that stays for movement), when I knit up a few floor poufs. We are making two rolling crate tables for storage and dinners together, which can have a large board put across to accommodate guests.


We have a nature table, a bookshelf that deliberately has our current AO books hidden/protected, and wooden toys. It’s truly a “living” room. 🙂

For Christmas, my sister gifted the kiddos with indoor jungle gym equipment, too, so we’ll be working on putting that together before the crate tables! That’s going to go over the area where all the pillows are now.
I’m also hunting for a turquoise wooden rolling cart, to put our tv and accessories on, and keep it in our office during the day (hopefully, days at a time).

The kids room used to have yoga futons directly on the floor, but like KB, we found we needed to lift up and get air flow in our humid climate. No worries – I’d already Pinned a lovely bunk bed before and knew just where to look (Craigslist). Before Nutritious Movement motivated me, we had a regular full size mattress on a box spring on metal stand in there. image

Enter the IKEA Kura bunk bed. I got it brand new for a fraction of the price. I obviously haven’t created it like my pin, but that’s okay by me. The kids actually play under and around this thing… It’s great! It still offers a harder sleeping surface, while allowing better air flow.

Daryl’s and my bedroom used to have a HUGE king bed in it. Then I asked to have a little more floor space, so we used a queen for awhile.


Now we’re here, with a cotton futon mattress directly on the floor.


However, I have plans for our office/library that require rearranging things into other rooms such as the bookshelf I moved into my closet last night, and I knew I’d need space under our bed, so about a week or so ago, I ordered this frame (good air flow, too). I wanted this, but it was far more expensive and required a bit more time, so we’ll see how the new slat frame goes when it gets here!


I’ve only got two “alignment” things going in the bathroom. The first is the stool in front of the toilet. It’s used effectively like a Squatty Potty. The second is my need to move more, since I shifted from baking soda hair washes to water only, about 4-5 months ago. This requires regular hair scritching and preening.


This wall used to contain the bookshelf in my closet... this room is getting a Nesting Makeover.


Our library is the place where you see that alignment-wise, we often have our heads in books. 😉 I have no idea where Katy keeps her books, but mine have to stay away from little hands that like to rip… thus why I have them in a different room with a door that stays shut, or behind toys to block!


Books, science and math tools, and crafting supplies take up over a whole wall!

I love decorating, seasonally and otherwise (my bedroom is getting a makeover because of the two prints above our bed, given to me by a friend recently). While I like streamlined and minimal, I also love a home, a clean but lived-in feel.

Other than being minimal furniture for healthy alignment, my home looks like a pretty normal work-in-progress, I think. Wait… I ferment continuous brew kombucha… maybe not. 😛

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