Group B Strep


Having been a student midwife for awhile before laying it aside for various reasons, a lot of mommas know they can come to me with questions – I have a brain crammed with sites, resources, and information.
I thought I would share the standard email I send out to expectant moms when they ask me about Group B Strep – in fact, you may now be here because I have sent you to this page.
At any rate, I hope you find this information useful and can pass it on to others who may not be given all of the information about GBS by an allopathic practitioner.

First – GBS is transient. This means you can test positive for it one day, negative two days later, then positive again a few days after that – all while doing nothing differently.
Secondly, we actually all have GBS colonizing us, but “GBS” as a diagnosis during pregnancy means that’s its populated to a higher level than what drs feel comfortable with.
Thirdly, the risks, while there, are very, very, very slim. I say this knowing someone close to me who lost a baby to the very slim statistics – but I don’t live in fear or worry of those slim chances any more than I worry about being hit by a car when I cross the street. Thoughtful, but not worried.
Lastly, if you eat lacto-fermented foods regularly (even once every few days), you will basically never have an issue with GBS, as the healthy bacteria from your food/beverages will stave off an over population of GBS bacterium.

My midwife with my second birth said I had nothing to worry about with GBS because I was eating a lacto-fermented food every few days… and I now eat one with every meal.
I wouldn’t even worry myself with a test that points to a transient issue like this…

Facts about GBS:
Click where this says “The Art of Midwifery: Good Digestive Flora for GBS”:

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