CM Open House – Nature Study


Today, let’s look at what nature study can look like. I don’t have a guest poster today, I have my regular self! So, let’s go for it.

My first video was from the night before nature study. I just go over what my vision is, what I do to prepare (as much as can be), and some other random stuff.

The Night Before video

The next day, rainy and yucky, we go out and enjoy nature study. The total walk took about 20 minutes, but I cut in and out to save some downloading time.

Nature Walk Part 1 video
Nature Walk Part 2 video

Let me fill you in on things that were paused out on.
You missed out on Melody, as soon as I paused the first time, saying “ah. I farted – that there is something for nature study,” with a lovely mountain-esque twang.
You missed Stryder screaming for paints when we get inside and pulling the metal paint mix tray part way off the counter as I was trying to mix paints for Leela.
You miss Leela repeatedly saying she wants more nature walk, while I remind her tea and drawing are waiting inside for us.
You also missed where I got out of my damp clothes and put on my jammies for the night. Wait – yoga pants and a t-shirt to yoga shorts isn’t a big shift, is it.

Nature Notebooks video

How do you go about nature study, working to apply Charlotte Mason’ s principles? I’d love to hear – or see! – a glimpse at a day in my reader’s lives, too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Melody is quite observant. I’m sure she will continue to be a great model for your younger kiddos as they grown into CM’s methods in your home school.


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