CM Open House – Plutarch


North Laurel is an amazing momma over on the Ambleside Online forums. She’s a mom to two, one of whom is an Ambleside Online graduate (not joking how hard it is to fathom she is old enough to have a graduated child)!

She’s guest posting today, about Plutarch, something I think a lot of mom’s get nervous about. She shows us just how normal and delightful Plutarch really can be.
If you’d like to read more from her, she blogs at North Laurel’s Musings – go ahead, go read over there after you read this!


“Why do we have to read this?” I heard that many times when we would start on a Life from Plutarch. At the time, which was 6 or so years ago, my answer was very unsatisfactory, to them or me!

“We do it because it’s on the schedule.”

Worst reason ever.

But there really is a reason to study Plutarch’s Lives. I’ll not really go into it here but will definitely {and happily} direct you to other places that do go into that very thing:

I love the advice Nancy gives:


get bogged down in the planning, preparing, and presentation of Plutarch.  Just remember that this is a mind-to-mind thing.  A little scaffolding, reading, and then narrating.

For this year, since we really haven’t been great at including Plutarch in our studies thus far, I chose to start with Aemilius Paulus. I had read a translation of this life a year or so ago and personally really appreciated the character of Paulus. In this particular life, but not all of them, there is a contrasting life covered: Perseus. I think this would be absolutely wonderful to do in a group setting, as it is only my son and I covering it this year.

In this post I will let you hear how we ‘do’ Plutarch in our week.  I am most grateful to Anne White for her study guides!

A little note: this is how we go about the study. I do not know how others do it as I’ve yet to actually see or hear it. I get a frog in my throat at times, my son has allergies, and I don’t know how to pronounce every word. The previous lesson was done one week prior. If after watching you have any tips, tricks, suggestions, etc., please feel free to leave a comment. 

Without further ado, here is audio of a lesson at our house using Anne White’s Plutarch Lives study guide, learning about Aemilius Paulus with my son who is in 11th grade using AmblesideOnline’s Y10.





CM Open House Plutarch

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  1. Thank you for sharing what Plutarch might look like, Blossom. I look forward to incorporating it into our homeschool at some point – but for now I’m awfully glad we’re not there yet:).


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