Classics Challenge Book 1



I’m starting the year of Back to the Classics Challenge off with my favorite kind of book, non-fiction. I figured that mentally, this is going to be the toughest to chew on, so I best read it now rather than over the summer when I’m nursing a newborn!
As soon as I hopped in my car to get breakfast this morning, I could hardly wait to start my first challenge book.

I am opting to read and listen, using the Podcast addict app to listen to this version while I read as desired from my free Kindle book.

I’m not even through the first chapter and am totally blown away by the eloquence of thought put into this work by passed-to-glory fellow anarchist and pacifist.
Already I’ve found an aspect we will be using in our historical document overview or using excerpts as memorization (or both) with Ambleside Online, though it is from William Lloyd Garrison, given length in Tolstoy’s first chapter. It is the Declaration of Sentiments Adopted by the Peace Convention. I just cannot stop rereading it.

I was very excited for the inclusion in the challenge for a work in translation, as I knew it would be the perfect time to dig into this Christian anarchist treasure for the first time. I’m not just invigorated by it, I’ve been challenged less than a chapter in, to conform my life ever more to the call of Christ.

I can’t wait to give a full review of this whenever I finish it!

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