Nutrigenomic Journey


I wrote this for a forum where I’d been asked by a few people to share about genetic healing.  It will probably seem long to you… but I assure you it’s shorter than my actual experience. 😉 My story can hopefully spare others from such a long journey! It all connects. 🙂
*Note* after reading through this the day after writing it, I felt incredibly convicted that I was miserly with my own temple in a way I never am with other people’s health. Frugality is  not always a virtue.

In 2002, I had my first baby at the age of 20. Before this, I was energetic and full of non-stop movement. I was up at 7-8am and jogging at 2am, many nights… {smh}
Around 2005, after gaining weight despite running 3 miles almost every day and eating one small meal most days (I wasn’t hungry until dinner most days), feeling tired ALL THE TIME, and having despression that would not leave, I asked people in the discussingNT Yahoo group if something was actually wrong with me. They led me to learn about hypothyroidism. I took my temps and they were ALWAYS low, never going over 96.8. I started taking care of myself with this understanding in mind, but no supplementation. I stopped jogging, as I saw it debilitating me for longer and longer stretches.

After awhile, I started using kelp, with mixed results. I crashed, then burned. I went back to the yahoo group, and they said I probably had adrenal issues that needed to be addressed first. I stopped kelp and started schizzandra (sp) berries, milky oats, and a few other adrenal adaptogenic botanicals.
I eventually found Stop The Thyroid Madness and had most of their “necessary” recommended tests done – everything that was suggested to me, and more, was wrong with me. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone…. all wrong.

In 2010, I went gluten free and really got focused on healing my adrenals and thyroid. Arthritis left me and I felt better overall.

Around this time, I felt a small lump in one of my breasts. I was aware of it and kept gently checking it every few weeks. It never grew larger.

Daryl and I married in the fall of 2011.  A few months before we married, I started kelp again and did well.
I conceived my second child soon after we married – finally carrying a baby to term for the first time in 9 years (I had 3 miscarriages with my ex and 1 with my husband before this). The lump in my breast disappeared. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I started raging, so at my midwife’s suggestion I stopped kelp. The rage completely subsided.

I took the STTM recommended tests again while I was pregnant, everything but the B12 and vitamin D… “why spend money on that when EVERYONE has D deficiency?”

Halfway through my pregnancy, just a few weeks after getting the test results back, I had my first severe B12 deficiency symptoms – numbness in extremities, time lapsing, muscle weakness, and constant hysterical crying (I am not a “crier,” so this was alarming to me to be unable to control it). I high-dosed methylB12 after researching what would be best, and within less than a day, I was recovering.

After I had Leela, I decided to use ThyroGold instead of kelp – it worked REALLY well, for longer than the kelp could. I used the T3C method to take it, after daytime use stalled out, to deal with my adrenal dysfunction at the same time (adrenal fatigue is when cortisol is low all day and night, dysfunction is when it is low during the day and high at night).

The lump in my breast reappeared, the same size and location. I felt confident that it was hormonal and not cancer, but I wanted to make sure. I had two thermograms 3 months apart. One of my favorite medical expenses ever – not joking. (If anyone wants information on the negatives and harm of mammograms, I can share that here, as well.) I educated myself beforehand on what normal and cancerous thermograms looked like, so as I looked at the screen, it was easy and FAST for me to see that I did not have cancer at the lump site (or anywhere, praise God). A dr confimed it a week later, but I was relieved AS I was being screened. 🙂 Another interesting thing that came of this was seeing the heat reading from my thyroid – it was DARK blue… almost black. It should have been a nice, warm shade. Lastly, the technologist who screened me (no touching me, pressing delicate tissue, chancing spreading it), gave me a pamphlet with a LOT of helpful information, including a massaging technique that can eliminate little fibrous bits as I had (it is pictured here). Within a few days of following the specific massage pattern, the lump was gone and has never come back.

I also decided to do one of the “optional” tests on the STTM recommended tests page, the 23andme genetic tests. It came back with a fun host of defects, but I was too foggy to wade through what it all meant, so it sat unused for awhile.

The B12 worked for a year by itself, when I realized I had to add folate (NEVER folic acid .  June 2016: I have now learned fuller information about folic acid vs folate, and choose folic acid with pleasant results. Read why, here. This gives me understanding about why the following happened… so I now don’t advocate for Lynch’s recommendation to add yet another supplement to counter the effects of an issue that can be avoided by using folic acid instead). I was better, but only for a few weeks. Then I raged. Ben Lynch gives good info about this. TG worked for a little while, but it too stopped working, and I was worse than ever. I started digging through my genetic results, feeling VERY overwhelmed and hopeless.

At this point, about late Nov2014, a friend in a free birth group encouraged me to not only go Paleo for my genentic issues, but to do exactly what I was feeling I needed to do… get off all of my supplements (at the end of 2014, I was on 23 “natural” supplements), and start doing a VERY simplified version of Amy Yasko’s protocol. Going off of my B12 terrified me, as I had seen myself very sick without it, but I did it Jan2015 and had excellent results. I started drinking green smoothies every day, too.

The first week with no supplements, I added a couple of tablespoons of diatomaceous earth to a large glass of water, upon waking. One solid week.

The next week, for one week, I continued the DE, and added activated charcoal in honey at night, before bed, on an emtpy stomach.

The next week, for one week, I continued the other two things, and added in matcha about 20-30 minutes after the DE.

The next week, I added a B-complex cream. I felt the most calm and peaceful I ever have in my entire life. I literally never knew serenity except those few months. They genuinely keep me going on discouraging health days!

That was all I did for 4 months. I used 1 pump instead of 2-3 as the bottle recommended, as I had raged before, when taking too much of other brands… and aside from that, I couldn’t afford to use more pumps than that. {smack my head}

I had absolute peace and calm for 3 solid months. Little and big things did not unsettle me – ever since the criminal trial, *everything* unsettled me… my mother in law, CPS, my midwife from my second birth… everything that once would have been sad and upsetting and move-through-able, had become nightmarish to me since the trial. But, during the three months following that new routine, I was serene.
Things started shifting around April. I was feeling agitated for no real reason. I had mental focus though, and that is when I dug into Yasko’s information on my own more, and learned that I should have worked on ridding my body of candida and doing a DEEP gut-healing… more than just the fermented food at every single meal.

Then, in May or June, I had a HUGE B12 crash. Worse than ever before. I looked and felt like an Alzheimer’s patient. I was scared… and for the first time, I saw fear on my husband’s face. I could not find a high enough dose of B12 this time, and I was taking a sublingual B12 as well, to help alongside the cream, in order to come out of the haze. Nothing helped… I was just getting worse. Paranoid, irrational, slow to move or think.

Then my friend came over and taught me a “hoakey” thing called muscle testing (I don’t think it’s hoakey, but I know many might). I was astounded that my body was telling me to take ELEVEN pumps of B cream, and several tabs of sublingual B12. It was higher than I’d ever taken! But, by muscle testing for each day and even each time I applied, I was out of my fog in a couple of days. My friend took 5 minutes with me and saved my life. I will never low-dose myself again, even if it’s a financial struggle.

About a month or two later, hubby and I had been noticing that my tummy which had gotten AMAZING from doing Restorative Exercise, was looking strangely postpartum again. He even took pics of it for me, it was so weird.


That very night, I had my second kidney attack and a terrible UTI. Like… urinating on myself all night long, throbbing in contraction-like pain, and getting a killer migraine… for days on end. The first bout sent me to a dr for diagnosis for the first time in a decade, about two months before, but they missed it because the UTI test came back negative… so of course I didn’t have a kidney infection. They didn’t know what was wrong with me (I was suspicious of kidney, and stopped my green smoothies… I’d recently started them back up.) Anyway, I started taking D-mannose for the UTI along with probiotics (I resisted this for a long time because I was eating so many fermented foods and it seemed a financial waste… what a theme for my life… frugality at the expense of my health) that also did double-duty on the kidney infection. I also drank a LOT of heavily lemoned water for the kidney pain (it always subsisded within 15 minutes and lasted for hours). It was all cleared up in about 6 days.

I then saw my natural health practitioner, and she said it sounded like I had candida, describing the kidney issues AND my tummy-bloat. She recommended I start taking an enzyme and within a week, my tummy was gone… and I started dropping inches. As in… my underwear went from being a little loose, to the next size down being too loose. I stopped weighing myself in July, so I don’t know the weight difference, but with clothing dropping off, I don’t much care. 😉 I am close to finishing up that bottle, and will not need any more.

Since April, I have found a new normal. There’s rarely any rage days, no depression, and there are many days of utter joy. I have added some new things from the Yasko protocol into my routine (namely, lithium orotate), but not many. I am contemplating a total halt again, to “reboot,” as I had before, so that I can follow the protocol more fully (gut healing, namely), and allow what I have seen to work so well… work its best.

About my thyroid: only working on my genetics, and no longer my thyroid… I am now, and have been since mid-January, at  a consistent 98.2 – .5!! I have clarity, stabilized mood, and can lose weight (even eating MUCH more on Paleo – protein filled breakfasts boost my hunger).

Here is a lot of very helpful information, and I am willing to answer any questions, with the caveat that I am NOT a healthcare professional, and do not give advice, but only offer up my own experiences for others knowledge-growth and spurring on to research more for themselves:

Summarized Yasko Protocol (there are some additions here, but I think they are helpful expoundings, rather than contrary. I did not use the 4R gut protocol, for example, but reading through it helped me get a much better picture of what I wanted to do for myself in gut healing than I had been already) :

Phyllis Wheeler, a lady out of MO or KS, using the Yasko protocol to heal her children of Autism signs (this is useful in many ways, but again, I did not follow all of it) :

Dr Yasko’s forums:

All of Yasko’s materials are free to download, at this below site (I recommend starting with Feel Good Nutrigenomics – it’s the very basic understanding… and then working o the Pathways books).

Also, you can enter in your genetic results and this can guide you to recommended supplements (factoring in genetic defects messing with each other, too) as well as a brief “dummy” guide to understanding what some of it means:

Methylfolate side effects (scroll down to this titled post, but all of these articles are helpful) :

23andme offers genetic testing. This is my referral link – use it or not, I still recommend it highly! They no longer are allowed to give suggestions, as can, but they test your saliva, then give you the raw data. It was well worth the $99 (If you order more tests at the same time, subsequent tests are a little cheaper) :

T3CM for NDT:

List of recommended Stop the Thyroid Madness Tests (seriously, just T3 or T4 is *NOT* adequate):

Discussing Nourishing Traditions yahoo group:

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